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说明:VB simple attendance system, the author: XiaoJingFeng, ha ha, do not say to go up is a system, can only say that a attendance application example, the person can record attendance names, positions and clock time information, such as the database is Access format, function is not much, is a book of science and technology for tomorrow VB own examples in the book, the purpose is to learn VB database, simple operation, the use of third party controls Mwic_32. DLL has been packaged for you in the source code, VB lovers are interested can download the source study.
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说明:Jsp to upload pictures and cutting, and can enlarge images, images can be used as the head of the user center cutting upload function, based on the picture of the jquery core cutting, it is important to note that in the document. The ready event after uploading to for the first time without access to open the image, should be not be downloaded.Can drag the picture to cut head.The size of the avatar images should be no greater than 2.5 M.
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说明:You develop apps in the context of an Angular workspace. To create a new workspace and initial starter app: Run the CLI command ng new and provide the name my-app, as shown here: content_copy ng new my-app The ng new command prompts you for information about features to include in the initial app. Accept the defaults by pressing the Enter or Return key. The Angular CLI installs the necessary Angular npm packages and other dependencies. This can take a few minutes. The CLI creates a new workspace and a simple Welcome app, ready to run. You also have the optio
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说明:A written by Delphi Internet cafe management system, the function including charging management, add price, setting time, computer management, user login, and credit card registration, based on the ACCESS database, before use, please in the system DSN name for Internet cafe management system.
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说明:Stm8 pwm development tools, c code file only.
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说明:PHP MMM financial support system source code, to thinkphp as the core, the package contains instructions:
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说明:Java mobile phone bluetooth development related code example, nokia in the mobile phone bluetooth game development framework code, code comments, but is in English, E Wen Haode download the source code.
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说明:Hundreds of VB programming interface design instance set the source code, there are nearly 200 VB form programming source code examples, if you are learning VB forms programming design, the code may be useful to you, the Gospel of beginners.It also includes the full content of the courseware, a total of chapter 9 of the code examples are inside, involving all aspects of the form design, worth downloading.
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说明:MIDI piano simulation, the kernel written by VC's got talent abroad, after the domestic expert inside added annotations, if people need VC write MIDI related software can not miss.
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说明:VC window to maximize the size of the form, that is, when users click the maximize window is not really to maximize, but within a certain range to maximize, how to set up the maximum range?The source code that shows how to implement this function, the method of running effect as shown in test shots.
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说明:前端采用Vue、Element UI。 后端采用Spring Boot、Spring Security、activiti7、Redis & Jwt。 前后端分离工作流脚手架
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说明:Gitea 的首要目标是创建一个极易安装,运行非常快速,安装和使用体验良好的自建 Git 服务
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说明:驰骋工作流引擎,表单引擎JeeSite 4.0 与Flow集成版.您可以使用jeesite的敏捷开发,又可以使用驰骋BPM流程开发平台
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