开发工具:Visual Basic
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说明:  关你没商量 版本:1.0 ============================================= 工具简介: -------------- 当今网络发达的时代,各种软件纷繁复杂。其中不乏有一些令人生厌的软件,他们在你启动一些正常软件的同时,偷偷挂接运行。每次关闭它们都是一个烦人的过程。于是我编写了这个小工具,她小巧玲珑,绿色运行,而且可以最小化到任务栏通知区,对正常系统操作没有任何影响。她可以监视内存或硬盘中指定程序的运行,及时在其运行时将其关闭,全自动后台运行,使您高枕无忧。O(∩_∩)O 使用说明: -------------- 软件使用非常简单,只需使用“浏览进程”、“浏览硬盘”或手动输入须监测的可执行程序,按下“开始监视”即可。 本工具同时具有定时关闭显示器、定时关机等功能,这些功能不仅可以单独执行,也可以在关闭指定程序后自动运行。
(Tool Description: -------------- Today s Internet age, it all kinds of complicated software. Of which there are plenty of annoying software, they start some regular software, you also secretly attached run. Close them every time is a tiresome process. So I wrote a little tool, her small size, green run, and can minimize to taskbar notification area, and has no effect on normal system operation. She can monitor the memory or hard disk to run the specified program, in time to turn it off when its operation, automatic background, so you sit back and relax. O (∩ _ ∩) O Instructions for use: -------------- Software is very simple, just use "browsing", "browse the hard disk" or manually enter the required monitoring of the executable program, press the "Start Monitoring" button. The tool also has regularly turn off the display, time off and other functions, these functions can not only separate the implementation, you can also turn off automatically after the spec)

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