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说明:  关于系统管理、编程、云计算、HPC、ML人工智能和科学计算的笔记、技术笔记和笔记本
(Notes,Tech notes and notebooks on Systems Administration, Programming, Cloud, HPC, ML AI and Scientific Computing)

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2022\MD-12GPU-benchmarks\charts\gromacs-PEP-GF.png (49181, 2023-06-02)
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2022\MD-12GPU-benchmarks\charts\namd2-f1atpase-GF.png (48280, 2023-06-02)
2022\MD-12GPU-benchmarks\charts\namd2-f1atpase-PRO.png (40859, 2023-06-02)
2022\MD-12GPU-benchmarks\charts\namd2-stmv-GF.png (46020, 2023-06-02)
2022\MD-12GPU-benchmarks\charts\namd2-stmv-PRO.png (41481, 2023-06-02)
2022\MD-12GPU-benchmarks\charts\namd3-apoa1-GF.png (49350, 2023-06-02)
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# "Notes" This README is derived from my post at [Puget Systems, 'Notes on "Notes" (new blog post format)'](***6/). This repo is the source for (static) site generation for "Notes" posts ## What I want to do... - Do more writing - Document everything - Automate everything - Share everything - Learn more things - Learn in public - Use Git/GitHub - ... Some of those are overly general. Phrases like "foo **more** bar, and foobar **everything**" don't really specify an actionable plan, but, they do at least hint at something good to do. "**Learn in public**" is intriguing, ... could be good conversation starter at a party ... for nerds. "**Use Git/GitHub**", should probably be followed with "for everything". Something that is specific and related to that list is a new blog post format that I want to try for 2020, "**Notes**". "Notes" connotes brevity and specificity. The "gist" of things. Put those out in public! ## Why? I enjoy writing especially when the result is something that is helpful to someone, ... anyone, including myself. The sentiment of "what I want to do" is document and organize what I'm working on/with and share that with the world. This also gives me an accessible reference for the things I'm learning/re-learning(for the 10th time). ## "Notes"? This is intended to be **"on-the-fly micro blogging"**. The idea is to post snippets of well formated, information, while working. And, do this in a way that is minimally disruptive to workflow. ...I was originally thinking I would try to use GitHub Gists for this using a nifty looking VS-code plugin called [GistPad]( However, I could not reconcile organizational difficulties (and at this time GistPad is very much "under development") The Notes will include, - short description - code blocks - command line sessions - screenshots, images - examples - maybe short screen-casts A single problem, idea or action per "Note". There will be a **Master Index Page** organizing listings by category for all of the notes. Categories added as they arise. Accumulating as a mix of system-administration (DevOps), programming, ML/AI, Science, and brief HowTos. The accumulated "notes" could form the basis of longer documents about the different catagories. Success with this will depend on automation! It needs to go something like; Idea/problem/inspiration --> create markdown along with snippets , commands, images etc. plus metadata --> commit, push --> trigger post/site generation, publish, notifications, tweet etc. All of that with one command. ## What could go wrong? - **If it breaks "flow" then it will not work.** - If I get too "involved" in the notes then it will be too disruptive. That means I have to resist rambling on with needless chatter, like I'm doing right now ... - It has to "spark joy"! The good feeling from putting up more frequent, helpful posts has to be self rewarding. If it becomes a tedious chore then it won't work. - Technical difficulties? Yes, there could be some of those. I haven't worked out all of the details yet. - It needs to become a habit. After I get the functional details completely worked out I'll commit to doing it for at least a month before I evaluate effectiveness. We'll see how it goes! **I will still be doing longer posts. The in depth HowTos, hardware testing, etc. will continue at [Puget Systems HPC blog](** **Happy computing! --dbk**