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# EthPillar: a one-liner setup tool and node management TUI ## :new: What is EthPillar? :smile: **Friendly Node Installer**: No node yet? Helps you installs a Ethereum node (Nimbus+Nethermind) stack in just minutes. MEVboost included. [Review the hardware requirements first.]( :floppy\_disk: **Ease of use**: No more remembering CLI commands required. Access common node operations via a simple text menu. :owl: **Fast Updates**: Quickly find and download the latest consensus/execution release. Less downtime! :tada:**Compatibility**: Behind the scenes, node commands and file structure are identical to V2 staking setups. **NOTE**: Already a running a Validator? EthPillar is compatible with [a Coincashew V2 Staking Setup.](

EthPillar Main Menu

## Option 1: Automated One-Liner Install Simply copy and paste the command into your terminal. Open source source code available here: []( ```bash /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" ``` ## Option 2: Manual Install **Install updates and packages:** ```bash sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install git curl ccze ``` **Clone the ethpillar repo and install:** ```bash mkdir -p ~/git/ethpillar git clone ~/git/ethpillar sudo ln -s ~/git/ethpillar/ /usr/local/bin/ethpillar ``` #### Run ethpillar: ```bash ethpillar ``` ## :tada:Next Steps Congrats on installing a friendly TUI for making node maintenance easier!
Additional step for new Node operators Step 1: Configure your network, port forwarding and firewall. From the main guide, [click here for detailed network configuration]( * Involves setting UFW defaults, opening SSH port, allowing consensus/execution p2p port traffic, enabling the UFW firewall, configuring port forwarding and installing fail2ban.
Additional steps for new Validators **Step 1: Setup Validator Keys** * Familarize yourself with the main guide's section on [setting up your validator keys.]( * When ready to generate your keys, go to **EthPillar > Validator Client > Generate / Import Validator Keys** **Step 2: Upload deposit\_data.json to Launchpad** * To begin staking on Ethereum as a validator, you need to submit to the Launchpad your deposit\_data.json file, which includes crucial withdrawal address details, and pay the required deposit of 32ETH per validator. **Step 3: Congrats!** * Now you're waiting in the Entry Queue []( * Check out the [next steps from the main guide]( for further knowledge. Especially the FAQ's "Wen staking rewards?"
## :joy: POAP Are you a EthPillar Enjooyer? [Support this public good by purchasing a limited edition POAP!](

Your EthPillar Enjoyoor's POAP

**Purchase link:** []( ETH accepted on Mainnet, Arbitrum, Base, Optimism. :pray: ## :telephone: Get in touch Have questions? Chat with other home stakers on [Discord]( or open PRs/issues on [Github]( ## :heart: Donations If you'd like to support this public goods project, find us on the next Gitcoin Grants. Our donation address is [0xCF83d0c22dd54475cC0C52721B0ef07d9756E8C0]( or coincashew.eth ## :ballot\_box\_with\_check: How to Update {% tabs %} {% tab title="TUI Update" %} Upon opening EthPillar, * Navigate to **System Administration > Update EthPillar** and then quit and relaunch. {% endtab %} {% tab title="Manual Update" %} From a terminal, pull the latest updates from git. ```bash cd ~/git/ethpillar git pull ``` {% endtab %} {% endtabs %}