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## *About Me* I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, for most of my life. In my early middle school years, I started to code virtual games on ROBLOX using a low-level coding language called Lua. [On my profile](!/creations "my profile title"), I made two very successful games, Outrageous Chase and [Outrageous Blades](, with a combined *376,000* hits, *177,000* unique users, and getting on the website's home page by the time I was 15 years old. I am also into video editing, graphic design, marketing, and product development. These skills complement each other within computer science, so I take pride in putting time into all of them simultaneously! Feel free to look at any projects I posted and ask me any questions!

## *Professional Certifications* ### ** Certified Solutions Architect – Associate**
> Amazon Web Services
> Certificate ID: 6E823X8DHNVQ1NWE
> *Issued July 2022 · Expires July 2025*
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## *Education*

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Miami University is a public research university in Oxford, Ohio. The university was founded in 1809, making it the second-oldest university in Ohio and the 10th-oldest public university in the United States. I attended [Miami University's College of Engineering and Computing]( on Miami's main campus. ### Courses I've Taken > Click a class to show more info about it!
Coding and Problem Solving Fundamentals - [View all of my course projects here.]( - Intro to programming course. - Explored fundamental problem-solving using low-level strategies. - Coded in Java for the entire course.
Object Oriented Programming - [View all of my course projects here.]( - This course took the knowledge from the intro course to teach more complex topics - Focused on OOP fundamentals like inheritance, polymorphism, etc. - Coded in Java for the entire course.
Data Abstractions & Data Structures - [View all of my course projects here.]( - I took this class in the Spring of 2020 in my first year at Miami University. - Learned about abstract data types and their implementation as data structures using object-oriented programming. - Use object-oriented principles in selecting and analyzing various ADT implementations. - Created sequential and linked storage representations: lists, stacks, queues, and tables. - Nonlinear data structures: trees and graphs. - Recursion, sorting, searching, and algorithm complexity.
Systems I & II - [View Systems I Work]( - [View Systems II Work]( - I took Systems I in the Fall of 2020 and Systems II in the Spring of 2021 in my second year at Miami University. - This course introduced operating systems concepts and used them as a resource manager. - The principles for the design and implementation of operating systems. - Processed scheduling and deadlock prevention. - Memory management, virtual memory, paging, segmentation, and interrupt processing. - Device management, I/O systems, and I/O processing. Concurrency and multithreading. - Virtualization and cloud services. Security and protection.
Algorithms - [View all of my course projects here.]( - I took this class in the Spring of 2021 in my second year at Miami University. - Time is money! - This class designed, analyzed, and implemented algorithms and data structures. - Dynamic programming, brute force algorithms, divide and conquer algorithms. - Greedy algorithms, graph algorithms, red-black trees, string matching, and computational geometry.
Mobile App Development - [View all of my course projects here.]( - I took this class in the Summer of 2021, entering my third year at Miami University. - Implementation of cross-platform applications for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. - Programming languages, development environments, debugging, testing, and application design. - Developed applications that: - Provide an effective graphical interface - Access internet resources - [Developed a meal tracker mobile application as a final project (click here to view)]( - Permanently store data using local databases - Access different device hardware - Display graphical elements.
Foundations of Graphics - I took this class in the Fall of 2021 in my third year at Miami University. - Introduced techniques used to create images on the computer. - Covered the algorithms and mathematical theory behind three-dimensional image generation - Emphasis on: - 3D geometry - 3D transformations - The graphics pipeline - [Created a raytracing algorithm project (click here to view)]( - Object-ordered algorithms
Database Systems - I took this class in the Fall of 2021 in my third year at Miami University. - [Created a realistic hospital database over multiple projects (click here to view)]( - Re-discussed the overview of database management, system architecture, modeling principles, and logical database design. - The relational database model, relational integrity constraints, and relational algebra. - Dove deep into relational commercial database management systems and languages. - Interactive database processing, view processing, and database application programming. - Database integrity, relational database design by normalization, and file structures for database systems.
Web Application Programming - [View all of my course projects here.]( - I took this class in the Fall of 2021 in my third year at Miami University. - [Created a full-stack web application as my final project (click here to view).]( - An introduction to the software, concepts, and methodologies necessary to design and implement web applications. - Designed and construct web applications utilizing remote servers on multiple platforms.
Comparative Programming Languages - [View all of my course projects here.]( - Learning about the foundations of programming languages and the trade-off between them. - Describe, use, and implement procedure calls and specify programming language syntax and semantics. - Describe and compare approaches to the facilities present in modern programming languages. - Apply different programming paradigms and identify basic concepts in the language translation process.
Quantum Computing in Computer Science - A new class offered at Miami taught me so much about the unknown side of computing. - Did assignments regarding superposition, linear algebra, spin, entanglement, and teleportation. - Used our knowledge in the topics above to answer questions about mathematics in particle spin, quantum entanglement, and quantum gates while comparing it to classical computing. - Dove deep into quantum algorithms that changed the idea of potential Quantum Computing, like Deutsch’s Algorithm, Simon's Algorithm, Grover's Algorithm, and Shor's Algorithm.
Mathematics In Computer Science - We used a programming language called [p5js]( - Explored different types of Computational geometry topics, like Taxi Cab, Euclidean, and Chebyshev. Using this, we also made Voronoi Diagrams. - Explored a lot about time complexities, explicitly finding the closest pair of points using divide and conquer and brute force. - Coded a lot of imagery with math like Sierpinski's triangle, Hausdorff Dimension, Koch's Curve, Cantor's Set, Fractals, Julia sets, and the Mandelbrot set. We used different approaches to code such imagery, like L-Systems and recursion with complex numbers. - Explored cryptography and how computers can securely talk to each other over the internet with RSA encryption. - Explored image processing and how applications like Photoshop and Instagram edit photos with filters. - [Created a bunch of subprojects that explored some of the main concepts in the course](
Intro Artificial Intelligence - [View all of my course projects here.]( - Learned about different types of path-finding algorithms. - Explored the history of AI and how it morphed into what it is today.
♂ Intro To Cybersecurity - Learned about different cyberattacks upon companies and current protocols and procedures to defend them. - Enrolled in the course a little after it was offered at Miami University

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