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说明:  The Fifa-Dataset-SQL-Data-Analysis project uses SQL to explore FIFA player data, analyzing performance and attributes to extract meaningful insights on player statistics, trends, and patterns in football. , stars:7, update:2024-06-09 16:37:25


# Fifa-Dataset-SQL-Data-Analysis ![ViewCount]( ## Overview This project involves analyzing a FIFA dataset using SQL. The goal is to extract meaningful insights from the dataset through various SQL queries. ## Files in the Repository - **Fifa_sql_project.pdf**: A detailed report of the project, including the SQL queries used and the insights gained. - ****: This file, which contains information about the project. - **fifa_sql_project.sql**: The SQL script containing all the queries used in the analysis. - **goal_data.csv**: A CSV file containing the FIFA dataset used in the project. ## Project Details ### Dataset The dataset used in this project is stored in the `goal_data.csv` file. It contains various attributes of FIFA players and their performance statistics. ### SQL Queries The SQL queries used to analyze the dataset are stored in the `fifa_sql_project.sql` file. These queries cover various aspects of the dataset, including: - Player performance statistics - Team statistics - Comparisons between different players and teams - Aggregated statistics for specific attributes ### Analysis Report The detailed analysis report is provided in the `Fifa_sql_project.pdf` file. This report includes: - An introduction to the project - A description of the dataset - The SQL queries used for the analysis - Insights and conclusions drawn from the analysis ## How to Use 1. **Clone the Repository**: Clone this repository to your local machine using the command: ```sh git clone ``` 2. **Set Up the Database**: Use a SQL database management system (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL) to set up the database. Import the `goal_data.csv` file into your database. 3. **Run the SQL Script**: Execute the `fifa_sql_project.sql` script in your SQL database management system to run the queries. 4. **Analyze the Results**: Review the `Fifa_sql_project.pdf` file to understand the insights and conclusions drawn from the analysis. ## License This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for details. ## Contact For any inquiries or issues, please contact [drahulsingh](