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说明:  本书第二部分讲述的是在Wi n 3 2平台上的Wi n s o c k编程。对于众多的基层网络协议, Wi n s o c k是访问它们的首选接口。而且在每个Wi n 3 2平台上,Wi n s o c k都以不同的形式存在着。 Wi n s o c k是网络编程接口,而不是协议。它从U n i x平台的B e r k e l e y(B S D)套接字方案借鉴了 许多东西,后者能访问多种网络协议。在Wi n 3 2环境中,Wi n s o c k接口最终成为一个真正的 “与协议无关”接口,尤其是在Winsock 2发布之后。
(book on the second part of the Wi n 3 2 on the platform's Wi n o c k programming. To many of the grass-roots network protocol, Wi n s o c k is to visit their preferred interface. But in each Wi n 3 2 platform, Wi n o c k's in different forms exist. Wi n s o c k network programming interface, rather than agreement. From U n i x platform B e r k e l e y (S B D) socket program draws many things, The latter would be able to visit a variety of network protocols. In Wi n 3 2 environment, Wi n o c k s interface will eventually become a real "agreement has nothing to do with the" interface, especially in the Winsock 2 was released.)