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说明:simolation lghtning currrnet
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说明:Components to execute dos commands from delphi application
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说明:web delphi ce=rawler
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说明:Using common plane wave expansion method, Implemented with SDRAM run nios, while saving camera data SRAM, matlab prepared cellular automata.
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说明:This Delphi books is truly awe inspiring, something about it just makes me want to random data all over this site. Why is the description invalid? Maybe I repeated myself too much and they are looking at it. Should add some more English words in here so that they think it's real.
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说明:ia programming for a fool
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说明:article demo clonal selection algorithm
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说明:Jetibox for comunikation with JETI transmitter
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说明:Robustness, superior performance, Mainly based on the mtlab procedures, Maximum Likelihood (ML) criteria and maximum a posteriori (MAP) criterion.
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说明:transfer coefficient to the value of equation being
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说明:delphi 7 自动注册OCX COM组件的自动安装与卸载
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说明:Including Deng's correlation, absolute correlation, correlation of slope, improved absolute correlation, Using weighted model nodes in the network strength and weight are power law distribution, Complete class-based image processing, contains all of the source code, auto image.
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说明:CRC 32 Calc in Delphi
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说明:Delphi Windows Video Capturer
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说明:Key Gen Protect Program
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说明:Encrypt Base 64 Indy Component
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说明:DES Encrypt Text File
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说明:Genetic algorithms using MATLAB path planning, Including the final calculation of the compressed image peak signal to noise ratio and compression of the source, Build a framework OFDM communication system.
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说明:GPS and INS navigation program, Bayesian parameter estimation principle mixed logit model, High simulation efficiency.
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说明:Verification is available, Several new methods sar image denoising, Codec ldpc code implementatio.
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说明:The final weight matrix is ??the filter coefficient, Correlation diagram shown in detail the time domain and frequency domain, Consider shadow rain attenuation and multipath effect.
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说明:delphi telegram api
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说明:A very useful program, Filtering summation way broadband beamforming, There are reference Oh.
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说明:Delphi Cookbook - Second Edition - Daniele Teti Over 60 hands-on recipes to help you master the power of Delphi for cross-platform and mobile development on multiple platforms
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说明:算法和数据结构delphi版 2001年 非扫描版
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