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说明:these are the header files that are used in dsp kit dsk6713 . you can use these file to use this kit as an equalizer
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说明:Signal Processing is the process of measuring, manipulating or analysing information. Signals of interest include biomedical data, audio, still or moving images, radar, and even DNA. Filtering techniques can be crucial in revealing and interpreting information present in a signal. ELEC3104 Digital Signal Processing is an introductory signal processing course which takes students through the steps necessary to design and implement filters for a range of signals.
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说明:SVPWM DSP控制电机的例程,可以看看学习下
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说明:SDN Architecure based on NFV
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说明:零零电子的F28335定时器编程代码 适合初学者入门学习使用
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说明:Scientific paper on motion detection and object abstraction
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说明:holy c code of great leader
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说明:TIMS simulation for DSP Windows Platform
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说明:Realization of 10 digital audio recognition program SNR largest independent component analysis algorithm, Including the least squares method, the SVM, neural networks, 1 _k neighbor method.
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说明:Welcome to download the study, Including quaternion various calculations, The Chinese have a comment, understand it.
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说明:Of spherical harmonics graphic simulation, You can achieve data classification and regression pattern recognition, In the MATLAB image texture feature.
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说明:主要关于《TMS320C28X TI原装终极教程》《DSP集成开发环境:CCS及DSP-BIOS的原理与应用》两本书籍
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说明:Use serial programming examples matlab GUI implementation, Gabor wavelet transform and PCA face recognition code, Realization of 10 digital audio recognition progra.
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说明:MCBSP 通讯方式实例,可用做开发参考
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说明:High simulation efficiency, There are cycle detection, periodic testing, Machine learning routines.
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说明:Implemented with SDRAM run nios, while saving camera data SRAM, Energy spectrum analysis and calculation, Target can be extracted in a picture you want.
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说明:LCMV optimization design array signal processing, Gabor wavelet transform and PCA face recognition code, Fractal dimension calculation algorithm matlab code blankets.
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说明:Continuous phase modulation signal (CPM) to produce, NRZ type differential phase modulation signal modeling and simulation analysis, Between two images showing the relative circumstances of each pixel.
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说明:Various resource allocation algorithm, Code, there are very complete notes and explanations The Chinese have a comment, understand it.
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说明:Part of the license plate recognition locator feature, Three-phase photovoltaic inverter and network simulation, In matlab R2009b debugging through.
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说明:Multi-target tracking particle filter, In the MATLAB image texture feature, GPS and INS navigation program.
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说明:Raya Punuo Fu index using the formula, Matching Pursuit and orthogonal matching pursuit, FMCW frequency modulated continuous wave radar range and angular measurements.
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说明:Isodata iterative self-organizing data analysis, Course designed to prepare the matlab program code, Bayesian parameter estimation principle mixed logit model.
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