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说明:the ability to do any work is called energy
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说明:Voltage sources in a pilyphasic circuits using simulink
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说明:Archivo de prueba y como tal es una prueba por lo que se maneja como una prueba tal cual.
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说明:Grid connected inverter technique for synchronization of grid to dc source.
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说明:spwm techniques of inverter circuit
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说明:sensorless vector control of IM
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说明:parameter estimation of three phase induction motor
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说明:vector control of three phase induction motor
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说明:field oriented control of induction motor
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说明:sfunction for quadcopter
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说明:final program for Block Library
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说明:simulation of PC quadcopter
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说明:simulation of dynamics of AC quadcoter
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说明:quadcoter dynamics in simulink
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说明:another method for hinfinity and backstepping test in simulink
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说明:test for slector block in simulink
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说明:test of hinfinity and backstepping in simulink
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说明:test for backstepping in simulink
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说明:simulate the nonlinear h-infinity controller for the tracking problem
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说明:The rapid and accurate assessment of burn injuries is a very challenging task in burn surgery. To illustrate the potential of millimeter-wave systems for burn diagnosis, the current paper at first shows a coaxial probe based ex-vivo measurement of the effective relative permittivity of skin depending on the degree of burn and also in-vivo measurements of the relative permittivity change caused by small skin irritation (i.e., increased or decreased blood perfusion, edema formation) in the frequency range 0.1 to 50 GHz. Based on the presented relation between skin condition, frequency, permittivity and loss, a MIMO-SAR imaging system operating at 75 GHz
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说明:utomated and accurate classification of blood vessels into arteries and veins may help the ophthalmologist to find the retinal disorders. In this paper, we present a novel method for automated detection of hypertensive retinopathy. The proposed system classifies the vessel into arteries and veins using different machine learning techniques and then detects hypertensive retinopathy by computing arteriolar to Venular ratio. The proposed system is tested on one publicly available database and one locally gathered database. The quantitative results show the validity of proposed system
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