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说明:Another ftp program in VB
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说明:test script for vision
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说明:cc derhgui vjturhubf duifhjkdfjbdf hddf
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说明:ftpclient for use it with embedded system
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说明:Simple FTP client developed in C#
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说明:this my first description, i have if tor
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说明:FTP Class for Visual Basic 6.0
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说明:windows ftp licent to download
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说明:Connect the FTP server to get the file on the server
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说明:Accidentally shutting down, restarting or logging off your computer is a real pain in the neck. It tends to happen if you are installing new programs or working on a network where some wiseguy administrator thinks it's a funny joke. Prevent unexpected shutdowns - and the loss of your work - by installing ShutdownGuard, a small, free and - most importantly - efficient - anti-shutdown app. ShutdownGuard has no user interface. Once installed, a little lock icon will appear in your taskbar. Click on it once and it will open, meaning that your computer can be shut down etc. at will. Click again, and the icon will change to a closed lock. If your computer attempts to shut down, it will now ask you for confirmation before doing anything. Prevent irritating unexpected shutdowns with ShutdownGuard.
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说明:Update IP Version 1.6 If you want to setup your own personal Web or FTP server, but your ISP allocates a new IP address everytime you connect, then this is the utility for you! UpdateIP automatically updates your web pages with your current IP address, so you don't have to change them manually. And visitors of you website always have your latest IP address. Just create an HTML template (with a link to your server) and UpdateIP will implant your current IP address and upload the file to your website. You can configure multiple HTML pages and upload them to different servers. UpdateIP can be configured to run only once at the computer startup or continuously scan for changes of your IP address.
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说明:use proto det main 555
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说明:Download via FTP e download via HTTP
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说明:very easy example ftp how upload file
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说明:FTP client for uploading and downloading of files. downloaded at topwiz dot com. Great site credit goes to topwiz. T.Y.
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说明:FTP客户端简单编写, 【设计要求】: 1)了解 FTP 协议的工作原理。( RFC765 , RFC2228, RFC2640, RFC2773 ) 2)主要是基于 TCP/IP 的 Winsock 编程,用 Visual C++6.0 实现一个基于 FTP 协议的 FTP 下载工具(客户端、实现工具可以自选)。
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说明:FlashFXP是一个功能强大的 FXP/FTP 软件,融合了一些其他优秀 FTP 软件的优点,如像 CuteFTP 一样可以比较文件夹,支持彩色文字显示;像 BpFTP 支持多文件夹选择文件,能够缓存文件夹;像 LeapFTP 一样的外观界面,甚至设计思路也差相仿佛。支持文件夹(带子文件夹)的文件传送、删除;支持上传、下载及第三方文件续传;可以跳过指定的文件类型,只传送需要的文件;可以自定义不同文件类型的显示颜色;可以缓存远端文件夹列表,支持FTP代理及 Socks 3&4;具有避免空闲功能,防止被站点踢出;FlashFXP还可以显示或隐藏“隐藏”属性的文件、文件夹;支持每个站点使用被动模式等。
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