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说明:program automatic door with passworld C++ pic full
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说明:conversion A/D pic 16f877a C++ proteus
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说明:Suitable for use in PHP to build online galleries, albums, for photo browsing and display. Drag the picture to move anywhere. Click zoom to get one and the next to play! Using the directory direct reading method, without too many settings, you can read the pictures in the specified directory without manually adding the path and file name of the picture. The kernel uses the fancybox diagram to browse the plug-in, simple and beautiful, with CSS3 to achieve the perfect browsing experience. Installation instructions: this source no database, so no installation, pay attention to the relevant variables in demo.php, the main place has given notes, according to notes, you can quickly deploy to your PHP development projects.
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香菜你最爱 在 2017-09-13 09:49:03 上传
说明:Piwigo is a PHP open source picture management system, Piwigo with a very simple installation interface and management panel, Piwigo, it has a powerful function to publish and manage your pictures
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说明:HTML5+php picture upload function to achieve free cutting pictures without refresh cutting and upload function, realize the function similar to the QQ screenshot, mouse circle screenshot screenshot area, time display area information, choose a good screen area, click "Upload" button, can be cut from the image upload to the server
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说明:UberGallery, a simple, easy to use photo album, developed using the PHP language, does not require databases. UberGallery's design is based on ultra simple management, neat and professional in appearance. It does not require database and management control. Add items to your briefcase and upload photos as simple, and you can pay for each picture collection of information on the document, briefcase things are run through a simple PHP document, you can use HTML and CSS style sheets to easily customize the PHP document
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说明:1. upload all the files in the file directory to the server 2. set directory properties (Windows Server ignores this step) The following directories need to read and write permission (0777) ./attach ./data containing subdirectories 3. perform the installation script (domain name) /install.php -- no need to set up direct access to the web site Please visit http://, your domain name / installation directory, /install.php in your browser 4. for security purposes, please delete the install.php file after the installation is complete
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说明:Bing daily wallpaper capture is a picture capture tool developed by php. The software allows you to grab Microsoft Bing's daily wallpaper, and store it in cyberspace. Support only pictures within the last 15 days
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说明:Pic32 microchip code for 24 bit adc
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说明:Libreria lcd_cxx.asm, para PIC16F84. Controla el uso de LCD 16x2.
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说明:This is a source code for digital data logger using PIC micro-controller
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说明:hi mi you can by soon thank you god god
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说明:PIC Compiler Tutorial Lenguage
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Robin_hoo 在 2017-07-16 12:26:25 上传
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说明:PIC disassembler for PIC microchip controllers.
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说明:PIC Application note from microchip AN851.
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说明:Pic programmer code for PIC.
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说明:This I2C library contains the following functionalities: - master/slave communication - timeout in case of bus failure - self recovery after timeout - possibility to write one of 32 bytes slave registers In the archive you can find the hardware schematic, some photos of the working platform, the required libraries and an working example. In the example the master MCU writes 2 bytes to the slave MCU which then sums them together. Then the MCU read the result and print it on the LCD. In case of I2C failure, either a TIMEOUT or FAILURE message will be printed on the LCD depending of which line was break. The MCU uses for both master and slave was PIC16F887. It use internal clock at 8Mhz so no cristal is required.
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说明:NWRD Nixie 辉光管时钟程序,适用于pic16f872
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说明:PIC basic starter codes
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说明:PIC16F876 滚动码收码解码C程序,可实现固定码与|滚动码两种接收方式
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说明:用PIC单片机开发的UPS不间断电源程序 可在MPLAB上编译通过, 带详细注解,是很好的例程
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说明:stg araer awrawe er qer qer qer qer qereqrrqer qe rqerqereqrq eqreqqr qr q
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说明:美芯 dsPIC33官方 永磁同步电机控制程序,实现PMSM电机正弦驱动,含理论说明和调试笔记。
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