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说明:project files for xapp524
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说明:it is a hard work about synchronisation of supply and it is helpful to know
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说明:GB/T 20234-1/2/3 电动汽车交流/直流充电接口
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说明:GB T 31525 电动车辆充电设施标志
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说明:paper useful underwater ieee journal
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说明:project titles for btech ece
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说明:Electrical schematics for water filtration/bottling plant
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说明:driving a blink led by avr in c in codevision avr
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说明:5460 设计电能表,附带源程序, CS5460可用于单相2线或3线功率/电能测量中应用
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说明:this code is about rtc
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说明:this code is about adc
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说明:this code is about external
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说明:this code is about rs232
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说明:this code is about light led
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说明:详细介绍了Xilinx DDR3 IP核的使用方法和注意事项
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说明:In this paper, simulation and practical implementation of direct power control is presented for a PWM Rectifier application. The proposed DPC control has several advantages, including the grid current very close to sinusoidal waveforms (TDH <1.2%), and good regulation of DC-bus voltage is achieved using the PI controller. The simulation and the experimental results obtained in this study, demonstrate the effectiveness of the direct power control algorithm to eliminate the harmonic currents, ameliorate the active power quality and minimize the reactive energy effect which allowed us to affirm the strength of the proposed strategy.
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说明:This thesis is a part of the research carried out on a double stage grid connected photovoltaic system, associated with a shunt active power filter. In the first stage, the photovoltaic generator is connected to a boost DC-DC converter, acting through two MPPT algorithms, based on fuzzy logic and sliding mode control, to track permanently the optimum point, and injecting so the extracted amount to the grid. In the second stage, a two-level voltage source inverter is introduced, to fulfill two main roles: Ensuring the injection into the grid of the extracted power, and acting as an active filter to eliminate the effect of undesirable harmonics, caused by the non-linear load. In this context, various techniques, inspired from the direct power control have been implemented to improve the energy quality of the system
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说明:CV2880 HDMI2AV REV9293
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说明:PID controller for pmdc in matlab simulation model
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