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说明:车辆模型预测控制方式 其中一种基于几何模型的控制方法
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说明:Libs from the N-gage OS, extracted from software installations.
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说明:Apps para smart watchs
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说明:armlinux3.14 4.16系统下载。linux deb
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说明:Symbian C++开发教程,这是一个可以供您学习的教程
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说明:reducing call dropping
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说明:l'application qui sera du cote serveur, prendra le numero et faire une concordance des informations pour changer un etat que le client fera une verification de at
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说明:Special example of how to make a chair
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说明:particle swarm optimiation
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说明:You can get a very accurate amplitude, frequency, phase estimation, Matlab wavelet analysis on complex, Time series data analysis Mellin transform tool.
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说明:ya no se que subir aqui !
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说明:Digital image processing
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说明:Symbian s60v2 Symbian v7.0 hello world example source code c++ vc++ .net
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说明:ICA (Principal Component Analysis) algorithm and procedures, Using MATLAB compressed sensing, Including quaternion various calculations.
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说明:This is a test program for Symbian s60 6.0/6.1. It s used to test if an Executive call (svc/swi) instruction return after being called. It s purpose is to know the underlaying ways the operating system works. It s should be possible to compile it for s60 generation 3 and 5. But I haven t tested due to a lack of device.
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说明:使用symbian 创建一个定时器主要应用的是活动对象。
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说明:QConsole is an utility to login in Symbian devices and perform certain operations in a more easy and fast way than the standard GUI. Running applications (especially gdbstub) with parameters was especially what drove with to write QConsole. It is a Symbian executable (exe) that listen to the next available RFCOMM channel and serves only one connection at a time. The QConsole client is available for Linux and Windows.
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说明:symbian book for Symbian_IMEI-API_vulnerability.pdf
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说明:RS600 Radeon X1250 X1270 integrated GPU.
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说明:symbian application compatible with symbian to read TAGS using NFC technology
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说明:python code that can edit operamini server on symbian and some features
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说明:voip audio sample for symbian s60 3rd gen using voipaudiosrv library
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说明:sample code for earphone switch technique for symbian s60 3rd gen
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说明:Symbian how to manipulate default video audio players
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说明:ACS800 多传动系统,acs600和acs800系统应用程序7.x固件手册补充手册7.1
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