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说明:Rubin auf Schienen, latest version, definitely worth trying!
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说明:Shoes is a tiny toolkit for coding windowing apps in Ruby. We are a tiny community, which is generally disregarded and rightfully so. No one likes windowing apps and no one likes small, portable, and pretty fast libraries. In fact, I think I have just talked myself out of my own software project.
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说明:ruby performance optimization Why Ruby Is Slow, and How to Fix It
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说明:RubyNotesForProfessionals ebook
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说明:驱动LCD1602字符屏. 用户可以修改宏来选择时钟频率. 显示效果为: LCD显示时间. 使用Timer0的16位自动重装来产生1ms节拍,程序运行于这个节拍下, 用户修改MCU主时钟频率时,自动定时于1ms.
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说明:Lua ruby diet master code or something
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说明:An excellent implementation of the Ruby programming language
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