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说明:Accidentally shutting down, restarting or logging off your computer is a real pain in the neck. It tends to happen if you are installing new programs or working on a network where some wiseguy administrator thinks it's a funny joke. Prevent unexpected shutdowns - and the loss of your work - by installing ShutdownGuard, a small, free and - most importantly - efficient - anti-shutdown app. ShutdownGuard has no user interface. Once installed, a little lock icon will appear in your taskbar. Click on it once and it will open, meaning that your computer can be shut down etc. at will. Click again, and the icon will change to a closed lock. If your computer attempts to shut down, it will now ask you for confirmation before doing anything. Prevent irritating unexpected shutdowns with ShutdownGuard.
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说明:Update IP Version 1.6 If you want to setup your own personal Web or FTP server, but your ISP allocates a new IP address everytime you connect, then this is the utility for you! UpdateIP automatically updates your web pages with your current IP address, so you don't have to change them manually. And visitors of you website always have your latest IP address. Just create an HTML template (with a link to your server) and UpdateIP will implant your current IP address and upload the file to your website. You can configure multiple HTML pages and upload them to different servers. UpdateIP can be configured to run only once at the computer startup or continuously scan for changes of your IP address.
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说明:Baby FTP Server Version 1.24 I've received a number of email messages asking how to create a basic FTP server, without a fancy UI or lots of features. This Baby FTP server has only the most necessary features and is yet powerful enough to be a basis for a more complex server. Features: - Supports most RFC959 FTP commands - Supports PASV and non-PASV mode - Only allows anonymous connections - Multi threaded - Real time server log - Configure home directory (same for all connections) - Set permissions for download/upload/rename/delete/create directory
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说明:vfp 中上ftp操作的类,纯用vfp编写
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说明:FTP client for uploading and downloading of files. downloaded at topwiz dot com. Great site credit goes to topwiz. T.Y.
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说明:FTP's server, using C++ to implement the FTP server, the MFC based console interface
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说明:ftp server 能再pc机上,塔尖一个简单的FTP服务器。
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说明:c# socket编程实例一 FTPserver源码,非常经典的源码。
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说明:遍历磁盘文件,经目录名称存为txt 并上传到指定的ftp 服务器中,严禁用于盗取用户磁盘文件信息,造成的后果,本人不承担。
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说明:dskmkldmf fngkfdnklg fgdfbg
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说明:一些tftp实现源程序 一些tftp实现源程序
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说明:设计和实现FTP服务器,主要是遵从FTP协议标准实现FTP服务器 允许现有标准的FTP客户端与它互连互通 支持上传和下载文件。
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说明:tftp test maybe work or not, but what i want is just a file in this website,plz
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说明:利用文件HASH 检查程序更新。分2个程序,1个是FTP服务器上的文件列表生成程序。另一个是客户端的文件列表生成 以及与FTP对比的程序。先在FTP服务器上生成列表,然后运行UPDATE.EXE即可在客户机上自动更新文件了。
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说明:在线修改ServU密码,密码修改成功后,在注意在ServU中设置Allow user to change password。不然,修改之后密码和新密码都无法正常登录FTP。
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说明:1、基于标准ftp协议实现的客户端 2、能将指定目录下的所有文件上传到服务器上,上传完成后删除
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