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说明:Delphi MDI文本编辑器风格的OLE自动化服务器
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说明:  MTParse是一种能够实现在动态运行时进行复杂数学表达式灵活运算的C++开源库。MTParser优雅简洁,提供LIB、COM组件、源代码三种引入方式,是用典型的C++风格编写的解析器,它引入多种设计模式,使用C++类接口继承的方式供扩展表达式句法操作符及函数,因而可扩展性和可维护性都很强,而且它的最大特点是支持动态运行时插件扩展,从而实现发布后无需编译宿主程序只需替换插件即可实现表达式函数功能更新。另外,它还提供了支持Unicode和ANSI两种版本的LIB库,同时在32位和64位程序中也能正常运行。
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说明:Implements a server using ATL, exposing STL collections, controlled by compiler COM support in an MFC App
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说明:text of activex this is only for twest
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说明:ACR 122U 开发SDK, 详细开发文档,驱动程序,API接口,示例程序
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说明:t is used for communication between computer serial port and European 2408 instrument serial port, reading and writing parameters and setting temperature
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说明:This activex librairy contain some frequently used object like: - formated textbox - numeric textbox - styled frame - toggle button - horizontal separator line with effect
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说明:COM技术内幕,微软组件对象模型,Dale Rogerson著,杨秀章译,江英审
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说明:COM对象开发手册,利用COM API来编写COM对象
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说明:C++COM编程,利用COM API来编写COM对象
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说明:asp vbs script demo simple
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说明:unit commitment optimization
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说明:unit commitment the dynamic program
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说明:active X button for visual basic 6.0
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说明:对象与接口 COM应用模型及COM库 类厂对象 VC++调用COM组件的方法 使用MFC开发COM组件 使用ATL开发COM组件 扩展:com组件和一般dll的区别
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说明:An example of working with an ActiveX component. This component is not necessary to register, because the project is automatically registered when building the project ActiveXTest.html - page for testing the ActiveX element, run only Internet Explorer. If the content fails, you need to change the security settings of IE and enable all ActiveX support checkboxes.
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necheyhin_a_v 在 2019-07-29 15:14:10 上传
说明:OleViewDotNet is a .NET 4 application to provide a tool which merges the classic SDK tools OleView and Test Container into one application. It allows you to find COM objects through a number of different views (e.g. by CLSID, by ProgID, by server executable), enumerate interfaces on the object and then create an instance and invoke methods. It also has a basic container to attack ActiveX objects to so you can see the display output while manipulating the data.
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说明:COM demo里面有关于COM组件工程的实例
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说明:CST_App for CST Studio <-> MATLAB Interfacing
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说明:[Android_ComAssistant] Android串口开发与调试,支持文本和hex显示。 [Android_Com_Assistant] Android串口开发工具,便于在android平台串口相关应用的开发与调试。 [JSON_Formatter] safari浏览器显示格式化json插件 [ComAssistantV1.2] Android下的串口调试工具,可以发送监视串口数据,重写过串口类,比普通版本新增了串口校
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说明:Component ActiveX. Vector diagrams for electrical networks.
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说明:The basic idea of the control as presented in all three of these examples is to demonstrate the basics in as simple a package as possible. As such, all I do is go through and make a useable control that is simply a button with reduced functionality. It has: 2 Events Click (to demonstrate a simple event) MouseDown (to demonstrate an event that contains parameters) 1 Property (to deonstrate how properties work for reading and writing)
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说明:DSOFramer.ocx 1.3版本。读写word控件
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说明:Library to use SAP AND super use sap whit vb studio
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