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说明:WPF datagrid 自定义图形按钮 分页
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说明:使用MFC框架在Visual Studio 6.0环境下编写一个简易的计算器,能实现简单的加、减、乘、除四则运算,并加入特定的一些效果,如使计算器的颜色在红色,绿色和蓝色之间轮流变换等。完成诸如计算器对话框的创建、控件编辑、界面设计、关键功能的实现等工作。
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说明:A Python program that scans RAM. RAM scrapers are a branch of malware that is used mainly to extract credit card info PoS(Point of Sale) machines. This code demonstrates the most used technique to scrape RAM. This exact technique was used in the Target credit card heist by BlackPOS.
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说明:checking my program for controling temperatur with seven segmen display information
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说明:如何改变对话框中控件的颜色 对于新手学习对话框非常有帮助
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说明:This code is designed for synonym detection in words dictionary. Easy to use code.
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说明:This is c# user control. It allow for color transactions. It is interactive, user can export the log into word file. In addition to direct logger, the log can be submitted any location in the code through events.
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说明:An electric railway system uses a single-phase source that is supplied through a Scott transformer a three-phase transmission system
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说明:CStatic扩展:支持字体、字号、加粗、斜体、下划线设置 支持静态光标和动态光标;支持超链接形式显示;支持文本 闪烁和背景闪烁,支持闪烁间隔设置 在vs2010上可以运行
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说明:The controllability and observability play an important role in the design of control ... The importance of modern control theory lies in its ability to do the perfect design ... Observer design has been discussed because of the need for inaccessible
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说明:Owner Draw Static Control
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说明: Net Limitation Software
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说明:This paper presents the sensorless direct torque control (DTC) technique for five-phase interior permanent magnet (IPM) motors. By using the introduced technique fast torque response with low ripple in the stator flux and torque of the five-phase interior permanent magnet motor can be achieved. Having thirty-two space voltage vectors provides great flexibility in selecting the inverter switching states. Therefore, the stator flux and torque can be more precisely adjusted. Position information and speed are being estimated based on the position of the stator flux linkages. The mathematical model of the fivephase interior permanent magnet motor is first derived. Later, the speed sensorless direct torque control method of the fivephase IPM is introduced. A five phase interior permanent magnet motor and five leg IGBT based inverter were designed and fabricated in the laboratory. The control method is implemented on a TMS320C32 digital signal processor board.
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说明:Source program designed to conduct telephone directory. Use non-visual class, written by the author. The class is based on the use of object-oriented programming
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说明:Static utility methods pertaining to byte primitives, that are not already found in either Byte or Arrays.
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说明:test Public Statics Source Code for Andriod.
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