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imagecompression.rar - Image compression using Matlab,2019-12-31 05:46:27,下载1次
rgbtohsi.zip - Copyright (c) 2007, Madhu S. Nair All rights reserved,2016-06-04 18:02:33,下载1次
Color-Image-Compression-Using-2-Dimensional-Princ - Color Image Compression Using 2-Dimensional Principal Component Analysis (2DPCA),2016-06-04 18:00:06,下载1次
A-Survey-on-Image-Encryption-and-Decryption-using - A Survey on Image Encryption and Decryption using Blowfish & Watermarking,2016-06-04 17:49:06,下载1次
Digital_Image_Processing_Matlab.rar - Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB® Second Edition Rafael C. Gonzalez University of Tennessee Richard E. Woods MedData Interactive Steven L. Eddins The MathWorks, Inc.,2016-01-11 08:10:23,下载3次
collection_of_VQ_algorithms.rar - A collection of Vector Quantization Algorithms very good collection for comparison,2016-01-11 07:59:31,下载2次
collection_of_Audio_Watermarking_Papers.rar - A collection of Audio Watermarking Papers for researchers a good source ,2016-01-11 07:53:08,下载2次
AUDIO-WATERMARKING-USING-TRANSFORMATION-TECHNIQUE - a thesis in audio watermarking using transformation tecniques very important,2016-01-03 01:29:21,下载2次
A-DWT-HAAR-based-audio-watermarking-algorithm.rar - Audio watermarking is the process of adding the information into audio files in such a way that the hidden information can be used to recognize the owner of the file as well as the quality of the audio signal will not be hampered. Many algorithms for audio watermarking have been proposed and have been used. In this paper, an improved DWT-HAAR based audio watermarking will be introduced.,2015-08-28 10:58:20,下载3次
novelimageencryption2012.rar - DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF A NOVEL DIGITAL IMAGE ENCRYPTION SCHEME,2012-06-13 22:02:27,下载1次
Audiosignalprocessingthesis.rar - A very important thesis in Audio Signal Processing,2012-06-07 08:17:25,下载3次
collectionofaudiowatermarkingpapers.rar - collection of audio watermarking papers may help you,2010-11-19 23:51:55,下载6次
water_echo.rar - Program that implements echo watermarking. The basic idea is to embed a watermark by adding an echo to the original sample.,2009-04-28 01:51:53,下载24次
24-03-01.rar - A Novel Audio Watermarking Algorithm for Copyright Protection of Digital Audio Abstract Digital watermark technology is now drawing attention as a new method of protecting digital content from unauthorized copying. This paper presents a novel audio watermarking algorithm to protect against unauthorized copying of digital audio. The proposed watermarking scheme includes a psychoacoustic model of MPEG audio coding to ensure that the watermarking does not affect the quality of the original sound. After embedding the watermark, our scheme extracts copyright information without access to the original signal by using a whitening procedure for linear prediction filtering before correlation. Experimental results show that our watermarking scheme is robust against common signal processing attacks and it introduces no audible distortion after watermark insertion.,2009-04-28 01:47:16,下载26次
ieeespm00-evaluation.rar - Watermarking schemes evaluation Abstract鈥擠igital watermarking has been presented as a solution to copy protection of multimedia objects and dozens of schemes and algorithms have been proposed. Two main problems seriously darken the future of this technology though. Firstly, the large number of attacks and weaknesses which appear as fast as new algorithms are proposed, emphasizes the limits of this technology and in particu-lar the fact that it may not match users expectations. Secondly, the requirements, tools and methodologies to assess the current technologies are almost non-existent. The lack of benchmarking of current algorithms is bla-tant. This confuses rights holders as well as software and hardware manufacturers and prevents them from using the solution appropriate to their needs. Indeed basing long-lived protection schemes on badly tested watermarking technology does not make sense. ,2009-03-27 17:21:42,下载2次
echo5.rar - Increasing Payload of Echo Hiding Scheme Using Dual Backward and Forward Delay Kernels,2009-03-27 15:01:58,下载18次

svdwm1.zip - 基于svd的音频水印,加噪、滤波检验鲁棒性
final_audio_watermarking.rar - project about audio watermarking
Audio-Watermarking-using-FFT-master.zip - audio watermark algorythm
preprop_implementation.zip - matlab captcha crack
decaptcha-master.zip - A CAPTCHA Breaker using k-Nearest Neighbor Classifiers, Support Vector Machines, and Neural Networks.
nagalakshmi.rar - Improving Quality of Fingerprint Images
triveni.rar - Visual Cryptography for Color Images
Coloured-Visual-Cryptography-master.zip - Colored visual criptography in matlab
Visual_Cryptography.rar - visual cryptography., secret sharing
Visual_Cryptography.zip - Tamper proofing question paper using visual cryptography
india.rar - 数字图像在现代生活中的应用日益广泛,在一些领域中 须关注其安全问题,例如,军事、医疗和商业图片通常需 进行保密传送。目前最佳的保密手段是采用加密算法。但 于图像的数据量通常较大,因此图像加密时间较长。研究 提出了各种图像加密技术,利用图像的各种性质进行加密 而提高加密速度[1]。现有图像加密技术可以分为空域图像 密技术、变换域图像加密技术和压缩编码图像加密技术。 文研究的图像加密算法属于空域图像加密技术。在文献[2] 出的自适应图像加密算法的基础上,本文给出一种改进的
HillCipher_LinearAlgebra_Project.rar - implementation of Hill cipher algorithm in matlab
shuzishuiyindeng.zip - 基于LSB图像隐藏系统的设计与实现,LSB算法代码,信息隐藏攻击算法,DCT域的隐藏以及数字水印。
Thesis_MohamedElnourani_8311075017.rar - COGNITIVE RADIO AND GAME THEORY: OVERVIEW AND SIMULATION-Thesis
Cognitive-Radio-Simulation.rar - This file contain the Simulation of a Cognitive Radio System by Using Matlab Software.Also This file containing a guide file to explain how the code is work.
Cognitive-Radio.zip - Cognitive Radio false alarm
imcompress.zip - 基于奇异值分解(SVD)的图像压缩算法matlab实现
FELICS-compression-algorithm.rar - 标准的FELICS无损图像压缩算法,计算出了改算法的压缩比和运行时间。
Color-Image-JPEG-Compression.rar - 彩色图像的压缩与解压的程序,网上关于图像压缩的程序基本上是黑白图像的压缩,我参考别人黑白图像压缩的源码改写出了彩色图像的压缩与解压的程序,里面包括色域的转换、DCT变换等
Image-compression-for-color-images.rar - image compression technique using colour images