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jamvm-1.5.4.rar - JAVA虚拟机最新源码,....................,2011-04-29 09:34:24,下载22次
numstr.zip - 数据进制转换源码,很简单的代码,供参考,2007-08-26 23:29:03,下载4次
bcmenu3036.zip - 直画菜单,可以插入图标等,很不错的源码,2007-08-26 23:26:43,下载7次
bcdialogmenu3036.zip - 个性化菜单,在对话框中制作菜单,挺好的!,2007-08-26 23:24:59,下载20次
CYPRESS_Memtest.rar - This directory contains the memtest 8051 firmware for the Anchor Chips EZ-USB chip. The purpose of this software is to test the different memory segments in the Ez-Usb chip. This example will output the string "good" on the 7 segment LED if the mem test passes, or it will output the first address where the memtest fails. ,2006-02-06 09:51:48,下载6次
CYPRESS_A3load.rar - a3load is 8051 firmware that can be used for uploading or downloading to EZ-USB RAM (internal or external). It implements the vendor specific command bRequest = 0xA3. The address to download/upload to/from is specified in the wValue field of the SETUP packet and the length of the transfer in the wLength field. The actual upload/download data is transferred during the DATA stage of the SETUP transfer. This firmware will function on all EZ-USB chips (EZ-USB, EZ-USB FX, FX2, FX2LP, FX1). ,2006-02-06 09:50:21,下载19次
CYPRESS_Bulkloop.rar - CYPRESS USB bulk transfer speed test source code,2006-02-06 09:47:09,下载22次
CYPRESS_Monitor.rar - cypress usb mcu monitor software source code,2006-02-06 09:44:58,下载13次
CYPRESS_Lib.rar - cyusb 库文件源码 开发CYPRESS USB FIRMWARE 不可缺少的工具,2006-02-06 09:42:17,下载151次
cy68013a.rar - cy68013a USB2.0 highspeed mass storage source code,2006-02-06 09:36:55,下载313次
soundmodem.rar - linux下的软件FSK解码程序,2005-01-28 00:37:55,下载85次