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Foundation.HTML5.with.CSS3.2012.rar - This book will show you how to create your own documents so you can share them on the Web. You’ll become intimately familiar with the rules and constructs of HyperText Markup Language (HTML), the computer language on which the Web is built. It’s a simple language, and the basic rules are easy to pick up and put to use. HTML is a tool, and once you know how to use it, you’re limited only by your imagination. Like any other language, HTML has changed and evolved over time. New features are added, existing features are redefined, and outdated features are removed. The latest iteration of HTML is HTML5— ostensibly the fifth version of the language—and it’s quite an evolutionary leap indeed. HTML5 incorporates a wide range of new features and introduces new types of functionality far beyond the humble text document.include Source code,2012-11-20 10:29:25,下载6次
HTML5andJavaScriptWebApps.rar - The way we write web apps is changing—and it will always change. This book attempts to capture a snapshot in time of the HTML5 revolution and covers topics from beginner to advanced. Maybe you’re a novice who’s just starting to learn web application development, or maybe you’re an expert fine-tuning your existing stack. Either way, HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps will give you a baseline for building advanced client-side web applications. If you’re a developer aiming to write lightning-fast, HTML5-driven applications, as well as to understand how the server interacts with today’s newer client-side concepts and technologies, then this book is for you.include source code,2012-11-15 13:54:56,下载4次
CSharp2010AllinOneForDummies.rar - The C# programming language is a powerful and, at some nine years old, relatively mature descendant of the earlier C, C++, and Java languages. Programming with C# is lots of fun, as you’re about to find out in this book. Microsoft created C# as a major part of its .NET initiative. The company turned over the specifications for the C# language to the ECMA (pronounced “ek-ma”) international standards committee in the summer of 2000 so that any company can, in theory, come up with its own version of C# written to run on any operating system, on any machine larger than a calculator.include source code,2012-11-15 10:36:06,下载2次
LearningAdobeEdgeAnimate2012.rar - Adobe Edge Animate is an all new tool from Adobe which seeks to enable the authoring of motion and interactive experiences through HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in a manner consistent with Creative Suite applications. Edge Animate is able to create such experiences at this time, due to advancements in browser technology and the need for a consistent, cross-platform solution which is able to function across desktop and mobile operating systems.include code,2012-11-15 10:19:02,下载5次
AkkaEssentials2012.rar - Akka Essentials is meant as a guide for architects, solution providers, consultants, engineers, and anyone planning to design and implement a distributed, concurrent application based on Akka. It will refer to easy-to-explain concept examples, as they are likely to be the best teaching aids. It will explain the logic, code, and configurations needed to build a successful, distributed, concurrent application, as well as the reason behind those decisions.include code,2012-11-15 10:14:01,下载9次
Java7ConcurrencyCookbook2012.rar - When you work with a computer, you can do several things at once. You can hear music while you edit a document in a word processor and read your e-mail. This can be done because your operating system allows the concurrency of tasks. Concurrent programming is about the elements and mechanisms a platform offers to have multiple tasks or programs running at once and communicate with each other to exchange data or to synchronize with each other. Java is a concurrent platform and offers a lot of classes to execute concurrent tasks inside a Java program. With each version, Java increases the functionalities offered to programmers to facilitate the development of concurrent programs.include code,2012-11-15 10:11:50,下载3次
PhoneGapMobileDev2012.rar - PhoneGap aims at removing these complications and the worry of having to develop platform-specific applications using the supported native language for each operating system by letting developers build cross-platform applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, existing web technologies that are familiar to most if not all of us. This drastically opens the gateway to creating natively installed mobile applications to all web developers and designers, empowering them to use the language skills they already have to develop something specifically for mobile platforms.include source code,2012-11-14 20:56:30,下载8次 - is a bible for android of book. Please Enjoy Reading. Include all book sample code in the ebook.,2011-10-14 18:04:46,下载6次 - This is a iOS Book. It s a Bible. include the book All sample Code.,2011-10-14 17:56:04,下载10次
Flash.Builder.4.and.Flex.4.Bible.rar - New Flash.Builder.4.and.Flex.4.Bible ebook include all book samples source code.,2011-10-14 09:52:39,下载6次
Androidwith-Adobe-AIR.rar - Android with Adobe AIR Development ebook include the book all source code.,2011-10-14 09:46:28,下载11次
Android-with-ActionScript.rar - Android-with-ActionScript development ebook include all sample source code.Good! ,2011-10-14 09:41:33,下载12次
AndroidTabletDevelopment.rar - Android 3.0 TabletDevelopment with android include ebook source code,2011-10-14 09:36:08,下载7次
Professional-Team-Foundation-Server.rar - Professional Team Foundation Server include source code,2011-01-25 08:55:56,下载2次
Team_Foundation_Server.rar - Team Foundation Server in Action include source code,2011-01-25 08:53:12,下载1次
Pro-NET-4-Parallel-Programming-in-CSharp.rar - Pro NET 4 Parallel Programming in C#,2011-01-25 08:49:29,下载3次
Apress_Pro_WPF_in_VB_2010.rar - In order to run a WPF 4 application, your computer must have Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP with Service Pack 2. You also need the .NET Framework 4. In order to create a WPF 4 application (and open the sample projects included with this book), you need Visual Studio 2010, which includes the .NET Framework 4. There’s one other option. Instead of using any version of Visual Studio, you can use Expression Blend—a graphically oriented design tool—to build and test WPF applications. Overall, Expression Blend is intended for graphic designers who spend their time creating serious eye candy, while Visual Studio is ideal for code-heavy application programmers. This book assumes you’re using Visual Studio. If you’d like to learn more about Expression Blend, you can consult one of many dedicated books on the subject. (Incidentally, to create applications with WPF 4 you need Expression Blend 4, which is in beta at the time of this writing.) include Source code,2010-11-24 08:50:19,下载11次 - Working as an architect and consultant, I have noticed a severe dearth in the .NET community when it comes to the finer points of using design patterns to build data access layers. The Java camp has followed the patterns = reuse mantra for a long time, but the .NET side of the house is just starting to move in that direction. After scouring the Internet and bookstores, I have been shocked at how few books address using object-relational mapping patterns with .NET. The idea for this book has been in the back of my mind for a while, but I was always hesitant because of the deficiency in the native Microsoft tools. Now, with the Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) suite and the ADO.NET Entity Framework (EF), the object-relational mapping pattern can finally be realized in the .NET space. Although there are numerous books about LINQ, this book goes further and ties together the use of ORM design patterns with LINQ and Visual Studio. include source code.,2010-09-17 08:36:26,下载2次 - The case study in this book is presented in three phases of development. The first phase focuses on getting the site up and running as quickly as possible, and at a low cost. Although not yet full-featured, at the conclusion of this phase your site will have a fully functional, searchable product catalog, and will be capable of accepting PayPal payments, enabling you to begin generating revenue immediately.(include source code),2010-09-17 08:26:22,下载3次
Apress_-_Pro_ASP.NET_in_C_Sharp_Includes_Silverlig - In this book, you’ll learn everything you need to master ASP.NET 3.5. If you’ve programmed with a previous version of ASP.NET, you can focus on new features such as LINQ (Chapter 13), ASP.NET AJAX (Chapter 32), and Silverlight (Chapter 33). If you’ve never programmed with ASP.NET, you’ll find that this book provides a well-paced tour that leads you through all the fundamentals, along with a backstage pass that lets you see how the ASP.NET internals really work. The only requirement for this book is that you have a solid understanding of the C# language and the basics of .NET. If you’re a seasoned Java or C++ developer but you’re new to C#, you may find it easier to start with a book about .NET fundamentals, such as Pro C# 2008 and the .NET 3.5 Platform, by Andrew Troelsen. include source code,2010-09-13 16:02:08,下载34次
Peachpit.Press.JavaScript.and.Ajax.for.the.Web.6th - Need to learn JavaScript fast? This best-selling reference s visual format and step-by-step, task-based instructions will have you up and running with JavaScript in no time. In this completely updated edition of our best-selling guide to JavaScript, leading Web and computing experts Tom Negrino and Dori Smith use crystal-clear instructions and friendly prose to introduce you to all of today s JavaScript essentials. Along the way, you ll find extensive coverage of Ajax and XML techniques, current browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox), and more. Visual QuickStart Guide--the quick and easy way to learn! include source code,2010-09-13 14:06:41,下载2次 - In this book, Adam and Joel focus on providing a beyond-the-basics drill down of the inner workings and extensibility of the ASP.NET AJAX framework by covering the programming patterns established by the script framework, the architecture, and the techniques to create AJAX-enabled server controls. They also cover advanced but still relevant topics such as localization and error handling. By providing a conceptual guide to understanding and extending the framework, this book is sure to serve any application or component developer who is looking to unlock the true potential of ASP.NET AJAX.include the book Source Code.,2010-08-26 08:44:04,下载1次
The.Definitive.Guide.To.The.Microsoft.Enterprise.L - This book will provide the knowledge you need to get started and get comfortable with the Microsoft Enterprise Library application blocks. I will go over the design of each application block, how it is used, and how it can be customized. Throughout the chapters, you will find code samples for each application block that will be useful in getting a jump-start in your own applications.include source code,2010-08-16 15:09:48,下载1次
Sams.ASP.NET.MVC.Framework.Unleashed.rar - ASP.NET MVC also enables you to expose intuitive URLs to the world. Exposing intuitive URLs is important for getting your website indexed by search engines. If you care about Search Engine Optimization, you will be happy with ASP.NET MVC. The ASP.NET MVC framework enables you to build web applications that are easier to maintain and extend over time. The Model View Controller pattern encourages a clear separation of concerns. The framework encourages good software design patterns. include source code,2010-08-12 16:49:51,下载3次
Sams.IronRuby.Unleashed.rar - C#, C++, and Perl iron designer,2010-08-12 15:28:52,下载1次 - As the reader of this book, you are our most important critic and commentator. We value your opinion and want to know what we’re doing right, what we could do better, what areas you’d like to see us publish in, and any other words of wisdom you’re willing to pass our way. You can email or write me directly to let me know what you did or didn’t like about this book—as well as what we can do to make our books stronger. Please note that I cannot help you with technical problems related to the topic of this book, and that due to the high volume of mail I receive, I might not be able to reply to every message. When you write, please be sure to include this book’s title and author, as well as your name and phone or email address. I will carefully review your comments and share them with the author and editors who worked on the book.include source code,2010-08-05 15:47:32,下载2次
Sams.LINQ.Unleashed.for.C.Sharp.Jul.2008.rar - The following typographic conventions are used in this book: Code lines, commands, statements, variables, and text you see onscreen appear in a monospace typeface. Occasionally in listings bold is used to draw attention to the snippet of code being discussed. Placeholders in syntax descriptions appear in an italic monospace typeface. You replace the placeholder with the actual filename, parameter, or whatever element it represents. Italics highlight technical terms when they’re being defined. A code-continuation icon is used before a line of code that is really a continuation of the preceding line. Sometimes a line of code is too long to fit as a single line on the page. If you see ➥ before a line of code, remember that it’s part of the line immediately above it. The book also contains Notes, Tips, and Cautions to help you spot important or useful information more quickly.include Source Code,2010-08-02 15:01:03,下载1次
MicrosoftSilverlight3.rar - As an example, I was recently contacted by a client in North Carolina who uses a large custom application to manage all facets of their business. Their application is divided into several modules and was created using a development technology from the 1980s. Beginning with a selected module, I began redesigning the application to be based on SQL Server 2008, LINQ, C#, WCF services, and Silverlight 3.(include Source Code),2010-06-11 08:42:46,下载17次
Apress.Beginning.Web.Development.Silverlight.And.A - If you are new to ASP.NET, these six chapters will condense everything you need to know to get up and running with the framework. By the end of them, you’ll have learned the technology, the tools, and the servers, and gained the know-how to deploy a multipletier web service–based application to the enterprise server technology from Microsoft. Even if you are experienced with ASP.NET, this is a nice refresher!(Include Scouce),2010-06-10 10:48:43,下载1次
Apress.Windows.Azure.Platform.rar - As an introduction to our discussion of cloud services, let’s consider a situation that’s typical in today’s medium to large enterprises. Assume a business unit has an immediate need to deploy and maintain an analytics application that it has built internally. The application will provide the business users with valuable business insight that will make the company much more competitive in the marketplace. The business unit has the budget but not the time to implement the solution, and this deployment needs to happen in the next three months.incoude Source Code,2010-06-02 09:47:41,下载2次
Pro_JavaScript_Design_Patterns.rar - This book is divided into two parts. Part 1 covers the basics of object-oriented JavaScript. The chapters are intended to be read sequentially. Each chapter builds on the one before it and assumes that you have read all preceding chapters. It is a good idea to read these chapters all the way through because the chapters in Part 2 use the techniques described in Part 1, in some cases without further explanations. Part 2 covers specific design patterns and their practical applications in JavaScript. Each chapter can be read in whatever order you like. Some chapters reference other chapters, either in Part 1 or Part 2, but we always give the chapter number where more information can be found.(Include Source Code),2010-05-31 11:09:50,下载3次
WPFControlDevelopmentUnleashed.rar - Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) code or markup, we want to make sure that you know why WPF applications work the way they do and that you know how the myriad moving parts in a WPF application interact with each other to produce what the end user experiences and manipulates. Knowing the WPF design philosophy will make your future WPF applications more reliable, more robust, and have far better user experiences because you will be less likely to build a glass house in a hurricane-prone neighborhood.(include Source Code),2010-05-18 08:36:42,下载11次
FoundationExpressionBlendBuildingApplicationsinWPF - Welcome to Foundation Expression Blend 2: Building Applications in WPF and Silverlight! I am very excited about this book, as I love Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight, and I have a passion for teaching them both.(include Source code),2010-05-12 12:27:26,下载8次 - ASP.NET AJAX Programmer’s Reference with ASP.NET 2.0 or ASP.NET 3.5 . The ASP.NET AJAX framework consists of two frameworks: the ASP.NET AJAX client-side framework and the ASP.NET AJAX server-side framework.(Source CODE),2010-04-30 15:21:45,下载1次
ASP.NET_Ajax_in_24_Hours.rar - The solution to building applications with fast, user-friendly, and responsive user interfaces is here. Yes! Ajax is in. Ajax is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML—a technology that can reduce web page postbacks significantly and yield better response times for your web applications. Using Ajax, the hits to the web server are reduced—thus, you have fewer page refreshes. Moreover, you can use Ajax to ensure that a specific portion of the page is refreshed and not the entire page content.(Source Code),2010-04-27 15:22:07,下载1次
ProfessionalIIS7andASPNETIntegratedProgramming.rar - This book provides in-depth coverage of all the major systems that make up the IIS 7 and ASP.NET integrated infrastructure, as follows: ❑ IIS 7 and ASP.NET integrated request processing pipeline ❑ IIS 7 and ASP.NET integrated configuration system and its associated declarative schema extension markup language ❑ IIS 7 and ASP.NET integrated imperative management system ❑ IIS 7 and ASP.NET integrated graphical management system ❑ IIS 7 and ASP.NET integrated providers model ❑ IIS 7 and ASP.NET integrated tracing and diagnostics ❑ ASP.NET and Windows Communication Foundation integration in IIS 7 include Source Code,2010-04-06 15:13:50,下载5次
Apress_Pro_Silverlight_for_the_Enterprise2009.rar - What you’ll learn Advanced design concepts to develop loosely coupled web–based applications using Silverlight 2 The role of Silverlight library assembly How to use dynamic Silverlight user controls to build your user interface at runtime How to externalize your data source definitions LINQ integration WCF/Web services integration Secured same–domain/cross–domain deployment The ABCs of developing mobile applications using Silverlight, including coverage of the common pitfalls and traps you may encounter Practical advice on how to adopt the Silverlight development platform in you’re your organization ,2010-03-11 22:56:00,下载16次 - Why is Ajax important? What makes a set of technologies that were invented a decade ago suddenly relevant? Don’t we have easier ways to write rich applications? And aren’t some of those already cross-platform? Wasn’t the deployment problem solved long ago, making web applications less and less relevant? Those are legitimate questions—yet all the planets seem to have aligned for Ajax right now. ,2010-03-10 11:16:20,下载3次
Ajax_Design_Patterns.rar - Ajax, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, exploded onto the scene in the spring of 2005 and remains the hottest story among web developers. With its rich combination of technologies, Ajax provides a strong foundation for creating interactive web applications with XML or JSON-based web services by using JavaScript in the browser to process the web server response.,2010-03-07 10:21:48,下载4次
ADO.NET_Step_by_Step.rar - Learn to use the ADO.NET model to expand on data-bound Windows and Web Forms, as well as how XML and ADO.NET intermingle,2010-03-07 10:18:24,下载6次
CreatingFlashWidgetWithFlashCS4AndActionscript3.0. - Creating Flash Widgets With Flash CS4-And Actionscript 3.0-Source Code,2010-03-05 16:32:03,下载9次
jQuery.UI.1.6.rar - jQuery.UI.1.6 Designer,2010-03-05 12:32:08,下载3次
CaptureWeb.rar - 静态网页截取存成图檔类似snapshot,可调整截取SIZE,C#源码,2010-03-05 08:58:08,下载5次