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GNCtoolboxVers3.3.zip - MSS GNC is a Matlab toolbox for guidance, navigation and control.
Control-of-ships-and-underwater.rar - 控制领域非常棒的书,搞控制的必须学习。针对Design for Underactuated and Nonlinear Marine Systems,Khac Duc Do • Jie Pan这两个人必须知道!
dyn-of-marine-sands.rar - 一本关于流体力学的经典巨作。是学习流体力学的人必备的读物。
Antenna-Handbook-Us-Navy.zip - eBook Antenna Handbok Of all the variables affecting single-channel radio communications, the one factor that an operator has the most control over is the antenna. With the right antenna, an operator can change a marginal net into a reliable net. Marine Corps Reference Publication Antenna Handbook, gives operators the knowledge to properly select and employ antennas to provide the strongest possible signal at the receiving station of the circuit.
Coordinated-Control-Marine-Craft.rar - 挪威科技大学博士论文,海洋工程控制论的创始者FOSSEN指导的博士论文。
BOOK_Marine-Robot-Autonomy.rar - 关于自主水下航行器(AUV)的书籍,国外大牛合集,比较新
gnc_mfiles.rar - mallab codes for marine guidance and control
Description-of-MSS-Vessel-Models.rar - An overview of the marine systems simulator MSS_a Simulink toolbox for marine control systems
0863414508-Unmanned-Marine1.zip - Advances in Unmanned Marine Vehicles Edited by G.N. Roberts and R. Sutton
marine-control-systems.rar - MSS_a Simulink toolbox for marine control systems
gnc.rar - 潜艇仿真工具箱,由T.I.Fossen开发,用于实现船只的导航与控制!
fossen_stateflow_control.zip - 基于matlab/simulink开发的FOSSEN四自由度舰艇的航向航速控制程序,基于STATEFLOW实现,源创代码
MSS_models.rar - MSS vessel models PDF from Thor I. Fossen June 19, 2008
Precision-Motion-Control(book).rar - Tan Kok Kiong • Lee Tong Heng • Huang Sunan Precision Motion Control Design and Implementation Second Edition
DTFC-SVM-Motion-Sensorless-Control-of-a.rar - DTFC-SVM Motion-Sensorless Control of a PM-Assisted Reluctance Synchronous Machine as Starter-Alternator for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
2011_Ajinextek_NewProducts_kor.zip - Motion control / Digital IO / Analog IO Module Catalog
State-space-model-5.rar - Learning Dynamic Humanoid Motion using Predictive Control in Low Dimensional Subspaces
Super Twisting Sliding Mode.rar - Super-Twisting Sliding Mode in Motion control Systems
5291912.rar - Super Twisting Sliding in Motion control
MotionControlofFourWheel.zip - Motion Control of Four-Wheel Independently Actuated Electric Ground Vehicles considering Tire Force Saturations