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2nd paper.rar - Considering the initial objectives of implementing and validating a baseband processor for FBMC transmission it can be said that these objectives were fulfilled as a functional version of a system of this kind was developed and studied, with its results being presented and compared to those of other implementations. In order to produce this implementation a thorough study had to be performed regarding the FBMC waveform and its existing architecture proposals. Through this study it was possible to compare this waveform with OFDM, the other main 5G candidate waveform.,2018-05-11 06:36:30,下载7次
NOMA.rar - Noma reports for 5G systems,2018-01-20 05:04:20,下载30次
NOMA Presentation1.rar - Non orthogonal multiple access scheme, comparison between wave form candidates in 5G communiaction sysytems,2017-11-15 01:27:10,下载13次
presentation 5G.rar - perfect presentation explained the fbmc modulations,2017-09-15 23:07:39,下载16次 - The SC-2075 is a desktop signal conditioner that you can connect directly to National Instruments E Series or 1200 Series devices. The SC-2075 has the following features: • Binding posts – Three for ±15 V outputs – Two for 0 to 5 V outputs – Two for measuring analog signals or DC voltages • BNC connectors – Two for analog inputs – Two for analog outputs – One for triggering • Spring terminals – Eleven for analog inputs – Seven for analog controls – Seven for counter controls – Two for TTL-level power and ground signals – Eight for digital input/output (DIO) signals,2017-01-11 03:41:02,下载2次
5G_FBMC_BER.rar - systemvue for FBMC BER,2016-07-28 18:51:03,下载124次
[Jamal_T._Manassah]_Electronics_and_Circuit_Analy - MATLAB is a numeric computation software for engineering and scientific calculations. MATLAB is increasingly being used by students, researchers, practicing engineers and technicians. The causes of MATLAB popularity are legion. Among them are its iterative mode of operation, built-in functions, simple programming, rich set of graphing facilities, possibilities for writing additional functions, and its extensive toolboxes. The goals of writing this book are (1) to provide the reader with simple, easy, hands-on introduction to MATLAB (2) to demonstrate the use of MATLAB for solving electronics problems (3) to show the various ways MATLAB can be used to solve circuit analysis problems and (4) to show the flexibility of MATLAB for solving general engineering and scientific problems.,2016-06-16 07:09:22,下载1次
An-overview-of-massive-mimo-(Benefits-and.rar - massive mimo and gain types,2016-03-08 22:08:41,下载41次
178217138X_Simulin.rar - simulink fe genral engineering,2015-11-14 06:12:27,下载1次 - OFDM block diagram for encoder,2015-11-14 05:58:18,下载3次 - SIMULINK MATLAB BOOK,2015-10-22 02:19:35,下载3次

GaTspInMatlab.rar - TSP 程序 ,有Matlab GUI界面,完常直观,很有学习价值。
Cuckoo-Optimization-Algorithm-(COA).zip - matlab格式的布谷鸟搜索算法(cuckoo search)程序
Cuckoo-Optimization-Algorithm.rar - 布谷鸟极值优化法,可以优化各种模型参数和函数参数,提升精度
cuckoo_search_new2013-(1).rar - Cuckoo search optimization algorithm matlab coding
MMSE.rar - 通信系统中会设计到信号检测这一步,本次上传的是信号检测MMSE算法, - MIMO 大规模MIMO 和六个detector 去检测 性能好坏BER - MIMO 大规模 MIMO 编码 qpsk 检测器 6个 ber snr ZF MMSE SIC OSIC
zf_mmse_non.rar - 无线通信方面,关于MMSE与ZF检测方法的性能比较。
95771039LMS_Equalizer.rar - 在ofdm系统中采用MMSE(最小均方误差)均衡的源代码
mmse(by3).rar - mmse改进的算法,关于语音增强的更进一步的算法 - FIR 底通和带通滤波器和IIR 底通和带通滤波器,基于分段非线性权重值的Pso算法,包括四元数的各种计算。
NC-FBMCOQAM_Matlab-master.rar - NC FBMC code for papr reduction of the signal for 5G systems - NRZ Encoder With the opening up of white spaces, efficient use of the fragmented spectrum - TV white space in particular - has become an extremely important focus of research. Apart from efficient spectrum usage, special care needs to be taken to maintain low out-of-band radiation to avoid harmful interference to incumbent services like TV signals and wireless microphones. For this reason, a flexible digital radio with multicarrier modulation scheme is the only solution. In this paper, we show the performance of two innovative multicarrier systems, Filter Bank Multi Carrier (FBMC) and Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing (GFDM). A simple interference cancellation technique called serial inter-carrier interference cancellation scheme has been used to improve performance of the GFDM system. Channel equalization techniques have been implemented for FBMC.
zx.rar - 写出了FBMC在不同信道下(高斯信道,和多径衰落信道)的BER
ACO-OFDM.rar - ACO-OFDM sdakldjas seuekdsjakdnskd - 《MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communications with MATLAB》电子书和matlab源代码 - 这是《MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communications with MATLAB》书中的源程序,这本书是关于MIMO-OFDM的新书,非常有用啊.备注:转载于 - TP lab4 system generator
lab2.rar - lab 2:Getting Started with Xilinx System Generator - QPSK using system generator