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start_and_loading.rar - matlab model for direct current machine model. start and no load test on this file are ready for simulation.....,2015-08-01 16:38:30,下载5次
sm12542515698.rar - SM modelling by using matlab software. state space equation stablished for modelling. useful for electrical engineers...,2015-08-01 16:36:01,下载5次
new-matlab-project.rar - safar shaghtala has generated this code for electromagnetic modelling.,2014-09-06 22:31:15,下载2次
Buck_PWM.rar - buck pwm dc-dc chopper for many usage.,2014-02-07 21:48:15,下载8次
choperboost.rar - matlab based chpper design. boost chopper with PWM,2014-02-07 21:45:31,下载5次
windfarm.rar - full modelling of wind farm in pscad emtdc for every one,2013-11-20 04:55:08,下载17次
New-folder.rar - Loaf Frequency control in power system inter connected,2013-06-21 16:50:53,下载6次
PSCAD_EMTDC_windfarm_v42.rar - PSCAD simulation of wind farm with double fed induction generator...................,2013-06-01 01:50:41,下载27次
CPF.rar - CPF for wscc 9 bus power system. power system dynamic and stability.,2013-05-07 00:44:39,下载71次
power_flow_1.rar - newton rafson power flow source code.,2013-05-07 00:42:22,下载3次
S2.rar - transformer simulation file,2013-03-02 05:22:57,下载9次
boost1.rar - invetre 3phase by jahed,2011-05-27 20:50:13,下载3次

PSCAD5.rar - ieee 30 bus,ieee 39 bus,ieee 118 bus,statcom,induction generator
FACTS-PLACEMENT.rar - FACTS Placement In Distribution Networks Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
FACTS-Placement.rar - thise program use for facts device location in power system
harmonic.rar - 电力系统谐波潮流计算程序,根据各个节点谐波电力发射值采用解耦算法计算各个节点谐波电压
ORPD.zip - 基于粒子群算法的无功优化MATLAB源代码,IEEE30节点,希望对大家有帮助
Code-FLC-ANFIS-GA-PSO.rar - We describe in this paper a new hybrid approach for mathematical function optimization combining Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Genetic Algorithms (GAs) using Fuzzy Logic for parameter adaptation and integrate the results. The new evolutionary method combines the advantages of the fuzzy logic to give us an improved FPSO+FGA hybrid method. Fuzzy Logic is used to combine the results of the PSO and GA in the best way possible.
bu_reactive_power_optimization.rar - 配电网无功优化算法,补上了对应的论文文献。
RECONFG.rar - This paper presents a new method to solve the network reconfiguration problem in the presence of distributed generation (DG) with an objective of minimizing real power loss and improving voltage profile in distribution system. A meta heuristic Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) is used to simultaneously reconfigure and identify the optimal locations for installation of DG units in a distribution network. Sensitivity analysis is used to identify optimal locations for installation of DG units. Different scenarios of DG placement and reconfiguration of network are considered to study the performance of the proposed method. The constraints of voltage and branch current carrying capacity are included in the uation of the objective function. The method has been tested on 33-bus and 69-bus radial distribution systems at three different load levels to demonstrate the performance and effectiveness of the proposed method. The results obtained are encouraging.
Reliability--of-Wind-Farm-bess-.rar - 对含储能和风电的电力系统进行了可靠性评估,利用序贯蒙特卡洛法,把风储系统接入IEEE-RBTS系统来仿真,探讨了风电场、储能系统、储能容量和储能最大充放电功率对系统可靠性的具体影响。
protection.zip - 大型企业继电保护,带有发电机保护,母线保护,包括纵差保护和速断保护。
jidianbaohu.zip - 本代码主要是关于微机继电保护的三相短路、单相短路的距离保护,非常的珍贵,把它上传上面工分享
distance-relay-protection.zip - 电力系统中配电网络的距离保护模型,可用于分布式电源并入后的保护方案
distance-relay--distribution.zip - 包含分布式电源的配电网的距离保护模型,可以直接使用
distribution-network-.zip - 分布式电源接入配电网的不确定性分析基于matlab
relay-protection.zip - 继电保护模型,可可以直接运行,包含分布式电源
Over-Current-Relay-Co-ordination.rar - When a fault occurs in any portion of the power system network, the primary relay must act first. But to be on the safer side a Back-Up relay to the Primary relay is also provided with a proper discrimination time in their operation. Discrimination time is provided so as to allow the primary relay to act first. In case if it fails, then the back-up relay acts. This is done so as to isolate the healthy portion the faulty portion. Time of operation is basically determined by the following relay settings: 1. Plug Setting Multiplier (PSM), and, 2. Time Dial Setting (TDS) So for a given fault current we have a desired
PV.rar - PSCAD光伏仿真模型PV_Grid_System_,包含光伏模块文件以及MPPT模块文件,以及f文件。
DSTATCOM.rar - There are two cases in this file, one with rfault and other with sudden load addition. DSTATCOM has compensated voltage sag in both cases
dstatcom-dvr.zip - there are 5 files in zip folder. @dvr-improving voltage during faults. @final24pulse- reducing harmonics in hvdc system by incresing no of pulses load side. dstatcomhystersys-efficinet power transmission by increasing line current. dststcomwithclf-reducing harmonics in load current....