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start_and_loading.rar - matlab model for direct current machine model. start and no load test on this file are ready for simulation.....,2015-08-01 16:38:30,下载5次
sm12542515698.rar - SM modelling by using matlab software. state space equation stablished for modelling. useful for electrical engineers...,2015-08-01 16:36:01,下载4次
new-matlab-project.rar - safar shaghtala has generated this code for electromagnetic modelling.,2014-09-06 22:31:15,下载2次
Buck_PWM.rar - buck pwm dc-dc chopper for many usage.,2014-02-07 21:48:15,下载7次
choperboost.rar - matlab based chpper design. boost chopper with PWM,2014-02-07 21:45:31,下载5次
windfarm.rar - full modelling of wind farm in pscad emtdc for every one,2013-11-20 04:55:08,下载15次
New-folder.rar - Loaf Frequency control in power system inter connected,2013-06-21 16:50:53,下载5次
PSCAD_EMTDC_windfarm_v42.rar - PSCAD simulation of wind farm with double fed induction generator...................,2013-06-01 01:50:41,下载25次
CPF.rar - CPF for wscc 9 bus power system. power system dynamic and stability.,2013-05-07 00:44:39,下载66次
power_flow_1.rar - newton rafson power flow source code.,2013-05-07 00:42:22,下载2次
S2.rar - transformer simulation file,2013-03-02 05:22:57,下载9次
boost1.rar - invetre 3phase by jahed,2011-05-27 20:50:13,下载3次

6_MultDGPlacOptimizationImperiCompAlgo.rar - Multiple DG Placement optimization in 33-bus and 69-bus distribution power systems in 2 different bus using Imperialistic Competition algorithm
2_DGPlacemDataEnvelAnal.rar - DG placement in a 33-bus distribution power system using data envelopment analysis technique considering voltage profile, reliability, power loss and cost.
qiantuihuidaiheyichuansuanf.rar - matlab上实现的前推回代算法,结合遗传算法,有效的电网系统无功功率的优化问题,采用的模型是22节点的电力系统模型。
youhuadiaodu.rar - 本程序为基于粒子群的IEEE 118 节点的电力系统优化调度程序
PVarray_Grid_IncCondReg_det5.zip - L型分布式光伏集群并网逆变器控制模块,通过电压和无功控制,实现就地消纳。
PV.rar - 三相并网逆变器,有电压环和电流环双环控制,电流环参考值有功率控制
PQ.rar - 三相并网逆变器,有电压环和电流环双环控制,电流环参考值有功率控制
grid-conected-pv-sum.rar - 08年到11年的光伏并网逆变的ieee文献以及光伏的仿真
IEEE34bus.zip - this is a project with PSCAD software .
Radial Distribution.rar - Radial Distribution system with multiple Distribution Generator (DG)
psofb.zip - optimal dg allocation using pso forward backward
feeder-reconfiguration-for-DN.rar - 通过MATLAB实现含分布式电源的配电网重构,可考虑多种类型负荷模式
IEEE33DG.rar - IEEE33节点含DG遗传算法,简单实用,适合初学者学习,可用于配电网重构
load_flow_and_harmonic_flow.zip - Line Matrix is line impedance matrix. load_power Matrix is P+jQ matrix of the loads. source matrix is the complex value of the harmonic sources and they considered as a harmonic current source for each harmonic frequency.
t_tide_v1.1.zip - 潮流分析,调和分析,包括帮助文件和一些一个简单的例子,实用性较高
harmonic-loadflow.rar - this file is about harmonic load flow in power distribution system, it calculates power loss and voltage magnitude of some harmonic at all buses of network.
svc-57-bus.zip - placement of svc in 57 bus IEEE system
svc-30-bus.zip - placement of svc in IEEE 30 bus system
MOPSO_30 Bus.rar - this is a very good matlab code for SFCL's placement using multi objective algorithm (MOPSO) in IEEE_30 BUS
TCSC-in-30-bus.zip - placement of TCSC in 30 bus IEEE system