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OPERA .zip - OPERA Optimal Routing Metric for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks -OPERA.pdf,2018-01-09,下载1次 - adaptive routing protocol with Energy Efficiency and Event Clustering for WSN,2018-01-09,下载1次 - Dense_Subgraph_Extraction_with_Application_CD,2018-01-09,下载1次
DC - Control of Improved Full-Bridge Three-Level DCDC Converter for Wind Turbines in a DC Grid,2017-11-26,下载3次
Trading - Trading Structure for Randomness in Wireless Opportunistic Routing,2017-11-26,下载1次 - Clustering Model of P2P CDN_Based_on_The_Prediction_of_User_Requirements,2017-11-13,下载1次 - OPNet Adhoc book very nice,2017-07-15,下载4次 - Does the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol work well in multihop wireless ad hoc networks_,2017-07-15,下载2次 - Privacy preserving data mining of sequential pattern sfor network traffic data,2017-07-15,下载1次
Effects-of-large-dynamic-loads-on-power-system-st - Effects of large dynamic loads on power system stability,2016-12-11,下载1次
Evolutionary-Features-and-Parameter-Optimization- - Evolutionary Features and Parameter Optimization of Spiking Neural Networks for Unsupervised Learning ,2016-12-11,下载2次
The-Use-of-Artificial-Neural-Network-for-Predicti - The Use of Artificial Neural Network for Prediction of Dissolution Kinetics,2016-12-11,下载1次 - Optimal Power Flow in Microgrids,2016-12-11,下载3次
Proposed-Network-Coding-Solution-for-Multimedia-S - 2013_Proposed Network Coding Solution for Multimedia Streaming over Wireless Networks,2016-10-27,下载1次
Automatic-Classification-of-ECG-signal-for-Identi - Automatic Classification of ECG signal for Identifying Arrhythmia ,2016-04-25,下载1次
A-novel-segmentation-algorithm-for-clustered-slen - A novel segmentation algorithm for clustered slender-particles,2016-02-03,下载1次 - induction motor - motor elghayi - simpich 2,2016-02-03,下载2次
An-integrated-approach-for-optimal-placement-and- - An integrated approach for optimal placement and tuning of power,2016-02-03,下载1次 - Modeling of a high performance Mach–Zehnder interferometer all optical switch ,2016-02-03,下载2次 - WSN genetic, clustering, pdf,2015-11-18,下载2次
Community-Detection-in-Weighted-Networks-Algorith - Community Detection in Weighted Networks Algorithms and Applications, file pdf , books, article,2015-11-18,下载1次
Operating-system-security-by-integrity-checking-a - Operating system security by integrity checking article, pdf,2015-11-18,下载1次
Applying-Data-Mining-Techniques-to-Intrusion-Dete - data mining IDS pdf article,2015-11-18,下载1次 - speaker identification by genetic algorithm,2015-09-07,下载1次
OBJECT-RECOGNITION-USING-PARTICLE-SWARM-OPTIMIZAT - A Packet Delay Analysis for Cellular Digital Packet Data,2015-09-07,下载1次
A-Packet-Delay-Analysis-for-Cellular-Digital-Pack - A Packet Delay Analysis for Cellular Digital Packet Data,2015-09-07,下载1次 - ECG user manual pdf in MATLAB environment ,2015-07-29,下载1次 - bee colony algorithm BCA,2015-07-29,下载1次
Single-Carrier-and-Multicarrier-Transceivers-Base - Single-Carrier and MT Based on Discrete Cosine Transform Type-IV,2015-07-29,下载1次 - EEG Seizure Analysis Using Fractal,2015-04-11,下载1次
Classification-of-ictal-and-seizure-free-EEG-sign - Classification of ictal and seizure-free EEG signals using fractionallinear prediction,2015-04-11,下载3次 - Chaotic populations in genetic algorithms,2015-04-11,下载1次 - chaotic keril her optimization,2015-04-11,下载3次 - An Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm ,2015-04-11,下载3次
Active-Segment-Selection-Method-in-EEG-Classifica - Active Segment Selection Method in EEG Classification Using Fractal Features,2015-04-11,下载1次
Migrating_Spin_Glass-Based_Distributed_Portfolio_ - Migrating Spin Glass Based Distributed Portfolio Selection,2015-03-26,下载1次
IMAODV-A-Reliable-and-Multicast-AODV-Protocol-for - IMAODV A Reliable and Multicast AODV Protocol for MANET ,2015-03-26,下载2次
An-automated-method-for-estimating-reliability-of - An automated method for estimating reliability of grid systems,2015-02-26,下载1次
Water-Resources-Allocation-Using-Solution-Concept - Water Resources Allocation Using Solution Concepts of Fuzzy Cooperative Games Fuzzy Least Core and Fuzzy Weak Least Core,2015-02-26,下载1次
An_argumentation-oriented_multi-agent_system_for_ - An argumentation oriented multi agent system for automating the freight,2015-02-26,下载1次 - chaotic population in genetic algorithm,2015-02-10,下载1次 - IOStack ptimization for Smartphones,2015-02-10,下载3次
Improving-on-line-handwritten-recognition-in-inte - Improving on-line handwritten recognition in interactive machine translation,2015-01-23,下载1次
A-fuzzy-multi-objective-programming-for-optimizat - A fuzzy multi-objective programming for optimization,2015-01-23,下载3次
On-frame-and-orientation-localization-for-relativ - On frame and orientation localization for relative sensing networks,2015-01-23,下载5次
Systematic-biases-in-early-ERP-and-ERF-components - Systematic biases in early ERP and ERF components as a result of high-pass filtering ,2015-01-06,下载1次 - firefly algorithm with chaos in matlab,2015-01-06,下载20次
Adaptive-fuzzy-terminal-sliding-mode-control-for- - Adaptive fuzzy terminal sliding mode control for a class of MIMO uncertain nonlinear systems ,2014-12-19,下载10次
Skin-cancer-extraction-with-optimum-fuzzy-thresho - Skin cancer extraction in matlab article,2014-12-19,下载4次 - opnet practice book! so good for beginner!,2014-10-31,下载2次 - Combining Ontology Development Methodologies and Semantic Web Platforms for E-government Domain Ontology Development,2014-10-31,下载1次
Smith-Prediction-Monitor-AGC-System-Based-on-fuzz - Smith Prediction Monitor AGC System Based on fuzzy self tuned PID,2014-10-31,下载2次
PID-controller-design-of-nonlinear-systems-using- - PID controller design of nonlinear systems using an improved,2014-10-31,下载2次
Hierarchically-Clustered-P2P-Video-Streaming-Desi - Hierarchically Clustered P2P Video Streaming Design, implementation, and evaluation,2014-10-10,下载2次
Clustering-wireless-ad-hoc-networks-with-weakly-c - Clustering wireless ad hoc networks with weakly connected dominating,2014-10-10,下载2次
An-adaptive-learning-scheme-for-load-balancing-wi - An adaptive learning scheme for load balancing with zone partition,2014-10-10,下载1次 - image Q A based on s-cielab model,2014-09-10,下载1次
Hyperspectral-Data-Compression-Rational-for-Spect - A New Approach to Hyperspectral Data Compression Using Rational Function Approximation for Spectral Response Curve Fitting ,2014-09-10,下载1次
Joint-QoS-multicast-routing-and-channel-assignmen - Joint QoS multicast routing and channel assignment in multiradio multichannel,2014-09-10,下载4次
A-joint-selfish-routing-and-channel-assignment-ga - A joint selfish routing and channel assignment game in wireless mesh networks,2014-09-10,下载7次
Fingerprint-Recognition-Based-on-Adaptive-Neuro-F - Fingerprint Recognition Based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System,2014-09-10,下载2次 - Modeling and Simulation of a Vertical Wind,2014-09-10,下载2次
Assuring-QoS-Differentiation-and-Load-Balancing-o - Assuring QoS Differentiation and Load Balancing on Web Servers Clusters,2014-09-10,下载1次
Rotational-Linear-Discriminant-Analysis-Using-Bay - Rotational Linear Discriminant Analysis Using Bayes Rule for Dimensionality Reduction,2014-08-20,下载4次 - Human Face Detection Using Genetic Algorithm - pdf file,2014-08-20,下载4次
10.1016-j.eswa.2012.03.056.rar - A novel semantic web browser for user centric information retrieval: PERSON,2014-08-20,下载3次 - FUZZY DECISION MODEL FOR A SMART GRID,2014-06-21,下载4次 - Fuzzy Control in Power Electronics Converters for Smart Power Systems,2014-06-21,下载2次 - Three robust features extraction approaches for facial gender classification,2014-06-21,下载1次
Data-Mining-in-Social-Media-for-Stock-Market-Pred - Data Mining in Social Media for Stock Market Prediction,2014-06-03,下载2次
Text-detection-in-images-using-sparse-representat - Text detection in images using sparse representation with discriminative dictionaries,2014-06-03,下载3次
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im_quantization_9.rar - this s the program for image quantization.
VQ.rar - Compression and decompression VQ=vector quantization for image.
ids.rar - Intrusion Detection and Attack Classification Using Feed-Forward Neural Network
seg.rar - 对植物图像进行图像分割,区域标记,区域提取 - GMR returns the gyromagnetic ratio and other NMR properties for various nuclei as well as the electron. Besides the function format, the command format will work as well, e.g. "gmr Na23 hzpt 3.0
Edge-directed-interpolation.rar - image super resolution using edge interpolation
ScSR.rar - 基于稀疏的图像超分辨率 Yang Jianchao于2010年发表的,含程序
ScSR.rar - Jianchao Yang的经典图像超分辨率程序
GenericSRv1.1.rar - Fast Direct Super-Resolution by Simple Functions Chih-Yuan Yang Project: Generic Single-Image Super-Resolution
Expl.rar - cognitive radio network detection
Alamoudi.rar - cognitive radio in cooperative network - it is robot simulator
Watermarking-using-3-level-SWT.rar - Image water marking using Stationary Wavelet Transform with 3-level decomposition. The problem with DWT is lack of shift-invarience and poor spatial resolution of the resultant image. These were reduced with SWT, at the cost of memory requirements
wavelet-watermarking.rar - 使用小波变换实现的水印算法,对研究小波变换和水印技术非常有用! - 四旋翼飞行仿真器俯仰角的模糊PID控制器的设计,建立微型四旋翼无人机系统动力学数学模型和电机模型, 在系统模型的基础上设计模糊PID 控制器。通过Matlab/Simulink 仿真对所设计的模糊PID 控制器的有效性进行验证。 - 图像频域滤波,用matlab实现了在图像频域中通过Butterworth陷波器消除周期性噪声干扰信号。
Image-Enhancement.rar - 交换两幅图像的相位谱,利用频域滤波消除周期噪声!
LSL_c2.rar - 二阶格型滤波器可以较好的对信号进行噪声滤波,提高信噪比,误差较小,收敛速度较RSL快 - 实时滤波器,具有精美界面,可以开发自己的应用功能。 - 包含了巴特沃斯滤波器的处理,属于数字信号处理的一部分