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lbp.rar - LBP returns the local binary pattern image or LBP histogram of an image.
Demo_By_SUN.rar - 分水岭算法的演示程序 分水岭算法的演示程序
Watershed_Algorithm.rar - Watershed algorithm.图像分割的分水岭算法的源程序。
Watershed_Algorithm.rar - 对图像进行的分水岭分割算法,java语言类 - 图象处理的分水岭算法
tuxiangfenge.rar - emgu环境下的分水岭算法实现,可以研究研究 - C#算法,通过使用分水岭算法实现图形边界查找
source-code.rar - gaussian noise algorithm, rayleigh noise algorithm, adaptive noise removal filtering algorithm, watershed algorithm, good algorithm - Watershed Algorithm(分水岭算法),顾名思义,就是根据分水岭的构成来考虑图像的分割。现实中我们可以或者说可以想象有山有湖的景象,那么那一定是水绕山,山围水的情形。
超像素slic六边形分割.rar - 实现超像素六边形图像分割,能直接实例实现,使用语言为C#
face-expression.rar - Facial Emotion Recognisation Using Baysian Classification
FaceandEyesDetectionUsingOpenCV.rar - Face and Eyes Detection Using OpenCV. Introduction This article is an extension of an article that I posted on CodeProject earlier. This project demonstrates how to perform human face and eye detection using OpenCV in .NET. The detection is performed using Haar Cascades that I acquired from two different sources
FaceRecPro.rar - face detection using emgucv and find the cursor - 验证码实现的包! 里面有帮助和实例! 好好看看就知道了!
75p.rar - just shit of rc6. im confused becasue thesis. so im looking for it
EncryptionRC6_2.rar - encryptinf filse and folders to rc6
RC6_WinForm.rar - 对称加解密算法RC6的C#实现__源码: 本程序完善了朱明海先生在《电脑编程技巧与维护》2008年第8期<对称加解密算法RC6的C#实现>解密程序,其源码直接可进行曲128位-192位-256位加密解密,请放心使用! 本程序在C#_winForm下通过测试!
RC6_CSharp.rar - 用Csharp实现RC6加密算法的详细描述,并提供核心代码 - results than conventional LBP based schemes. Several observations can be made for CLBP. First, LBP is a special case of CLBP by using only CLBP_S. Second, we will show that the sign component preserves more image local structural information than the magnitude component. This explains why the simple LBP (i.e. CLBP_S) operator works much better than CLBP_M for texture classification. Third, the proposed CLBP_S, CLBP_M and CLBP_C code maps have
ImageFeatureExtraction.rar - 人脸图像特征提取:基于局域二值模式(LBP),对图像中的人脸纹理特征进行提取。