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UML.rar - cancellation algorithm, thus ensuring the manipulated channels of each multicast group as well as the unicast group are orthogonal to each other, resulting in no interference from the theoretical point of view.,2019-12-26 16:54:26,下载0次
SYSTEM TESTING.rar - communication of data over a MIMO-NOMA channel serves different users at different power levels, including allocating transmission power unequally to the different data streams, thus causing inter-user interference. To completely remove inter-cell interference,,2019-12-26 16:52:47,下载1次
Requirement specification.rar - the NOMA user superimposes into the signal of multicast group users. Simulation results justify that our proposed scheme can significantly improve the network throughput in many scenarios with the mutual coupling channel model.,2019-12-26 16:41:32,下载0次
BIBLIOGRAPHY.rar - NOMA group users should receive multicast signal well. We assume the path loss the theorem states that the SINR achieved is relevant to both massive channel ttenuation and total number of users in the macro cell instead of to the user grouping scheme.,2019-12-26 16:36:48,下载0次
Case Study.rar - Considering the perfect CSI scenario (for simplicity), using the mathematical form of max-min fairness (MMF) to solve the multicast problem is feasible,2019-12-26 16:35:16,下载0次
Synopsis.rar - The received signal of NOMA group employs the SIC to remove the interference. The proposed joint system can provide highspeed transmission for unicast users, while employing multicast services to multicast users at the same time, increasing the spectrum efficiency of the system rapidly,2019-12-26 16:33:39,下载0次
LITURATURE SURVEY.rar - To completely remove inter-cell interference, SIC is applied by the receivers at the user side. The technology can separate these data streams for corresponding users The interference cancellation technology is of importance for hybrid unicast/multicast service system performance,2019-12-26 16:24:13,下载0次
INPUT DESIGN.rar - users with poorer channel conditions get more transmission power. Typically, the cell-edge users should improve crucial to perform the null-space method based interference cancellation algorithm, thus ensuring the manipulated channels of each multicast group,2019-12-26 16:22:51,下载0次
Feasibility Analysis.rar - the performance gap between MIMO-NOMA and MIMO-OMA, user pairing is applied to NOMA, users with poorer channel conditions,2019-12-26 16:19:40,下载4次
6 basepaper.rar - The received signal of NOMA group employs the SIC to remove the interference. The proposed joint system can provide highspeed transmission for unicast users, while employing multicast services to multicast,2019-12-26 14:35:18,下载1次
5 basepaper.rar - NOMA technology in massive MIMO system, which balances greenness and reliability in wireless communications. We employ null-space based interference cancellationto distinguish unicast and multicast precoding processes. The unicast group,2019-12-26 14:33:21,下载2次
N9BD09.rar - Vienna rectifier was first proposed in 1997 and used in power supply systems for communication applications [6]. This rectifier is a perfect choice for using in a WECS due to its numerous advantages over the other known topologies. Its input power factor is near to unity and has input currents with low harmonic distortion.,2018-10-27 14:14:57,下载7次
N9BD08.rar - The first one consists of an uncontrolled diode rectifier followed by a dc-dc converter [4], which has some major drawbacks. Using diode rectifier will result in high Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) values for generator currents and high ripples in the torque waveform as well. It is also impossible to independently control d- and q-axis currents by this configuration. The second configuration uses a controllable rectifier and does not have the above mentioned problems of the first configuration,2018-10-27 14:06:16,下载2次
N9BD07.rar - using fuzzy logic theory in a way that its performance has been enhanced in terms of accuracy and speed. This modified algorithm enables the system to continuously extract the maximum energy from the wind by generating an appropriate rotor speed reference. Vienna rectifier is used as the generator-side converter due to its noticeable,2018-10-27 14:04:38,下载7次
N9BD06.rar - System (WECS) to the load or the utility grid. Control of this interface, which consists of generator- and gridside converters, is a very important and demanding task. The main purpose of controlling the generator,2018-10-27 14:02:53,下载4次
N9BD05.rar - the sharp increase of energy consumption in data centers. Therefore, energy cost, environmental concerns, and energy wastage due to idle or underutilized resources mandate energy efficiency as one of the crucial challenges today Over the recent past, with the rapid development of big data and cloud computing, data centers are increasing massively in number and size,2018-10-27 13:55:13,下载0次
N9BD04.rar - decomposition, high-order singular value decomposition (HOSVD), and tensor train (TT) decomposition. Such complex computation needs very powerful computing resources, resulting in the overload of data centers. Meanwhile, with the tremendously rapid increase of data volumes, the power supply of data centers need to be synchronously expanded. The high computational requirements,2018-10-27 13:54:19,下载0次
N9BD03.rar - a multidimensional generalization of matrix, provides a natural and compact representation for big data and has been adopted in diverse branches of data analysis . Meanwhile, it is very helpful to discover significant hidden structures and values of huge data by means of tensor analysis approaches, such as tensor decompositions, tensor networks, high-dimensional clusterings,2018-10-27 13:53:16,下载0次
N9BD02.rar - data mining, relationship discovery, and trend prediction. Big data analysis has extensively applied in diverse areas, such as government, economy, agriculture, transport, and military, to name a few . Generally speaking, big data are so massive and com-plex that it is difficult,2018-10-27 13:51:15,下载0次
N9BD01.rar - OVER the last decade, big data has gained special attention from both academia and research community.With the massive increase of data in various fields, big data generally consists of multi-source, heterogeneous, dynamic datasets, and possesses some specific,2018-10-27 13:49:57,下载0次
CONCLUSION.rar - object classification using recognized scene text in natural images. While the state-of-the-art relies on visual cues only, this paper is the first work which proposes to combine textual and visual cues. Another novelty is the textual cue extraction. Unlike the state-of-the-art text detection methods, we focus more on the background instead of text regions. Once text regions are detected, they are further processed by two methods to perform text recognition,2018-04-12 19:07:08,下载1次
SOFTWARE DESCRIPTION DOTNET.rar - Electrolyte capacitors are one of the leading causes of failures in power electronic converters (after connector failures). In addition, in solar applications where the input ripples can significantly reduce the performance of the maximum power point tracking scheme, a ripple canceling methodology,2018-04-12 18:17:23,下载1次
LITURATURE SURVEY.rar - offering lower ripples and smaller size, ripple canceling topologies eliminate the need for large electrolyte capacitors. Electrolyte capacitors are one of the leading causes of failures in power electronic converters (after connector failures). In addition, in solar applications,2018-04-12 18:07:58,下载1次
base paper.rar - Various types of materials and formats can be used as a carrier like magazines, wooden tablets, image, text or an audio/video file. Images due to their increasing use on the internet and having high redundancy bits are the most popular cover objects for steganography.,2018-02-27 09:06:37,下载4次
PROPOSED SYSTEM.rar - technique using MATLAB and FPGA, in which image is concealed within another image and evaluation of image parameters of the output image. Keywords:- Steganography, Image steganography, 2/3 LSB steganography, image parameters,2018-02-27 09:01:28,下载3次
ADVANTAGE.rar - Among the different kinds of steganography image steganography is mostly preferred and popular. There are various ways to perform image steganography like in transform domain and in image domain. It can be further extended to embed secret data in the least n-bits to increase the capacity of the secret information n/8 the size of the cover image but it causes distortion in the image as the value of n increases,2018-02-27 08:58:48,下载5次
EXISTING SYSTEM.rar - An illustrative of inserting secret data steps in host image and also modeling of stego image. In the first step, after preparing the host image, secret image and the corresponding chromosome, pixel bits are achieved using the genes of chromosome. Besides, the secret image is also converted to the secret bits sequences based on corresponding genes,2018-02-27 08:57:45,下载1次
BIG06.rar - Including a header file is equal to copying the content of the header file but we do not do it because it will be error-prone and it is not a good idea to copy the content of a header file in the source files, especially if we have multiple source files in a program. A simple practice in C or C++ programs is that we keep all the constants, macros, system wide global variables, and function prototypes in the header files and include that header file wherever it is required.,2017-01-30 11:23:23,下载1次
BIG05.rar - A header file is a file with extension .h which contains C function declarations and macro definitions to be shared between several source files. There are two types of header files: the files that the programmer writes and the files that comes with your compiler. You request to use a header file in your program by including it with the C preprocessing directive #include, like you have seen inclusion of stdio.h header file, which comes along with your compiler.,2017-01-30 11:21:28,下载1次
BIG04.rar - For most of the examples given in this tutorial you will find Try it option, so just make use of this option to your C programs at the spot and enjoy your learning. Try following example using Try it option available at the top right corner of the below sample code box,2017-01-30 11:19:52,下载1次
BIG02-PAKA.rar - This tutorial is designed for software programmers with a need to understand the C programming language starting scratch. This tutorial will give you enough understanding on C programming language where you can take yourself to higher level of expertise.,2017-01-30 11:14:27,下载1次
BIG01.rar - C is a general-purpose, procedural, imperative computer programming language developed in 1972 by Dennis M. Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories to develop the UNIX operating system. C is the most widely used computer language. It keeps fluctuating at number one scale of popularity along with Java programming language, which is also equally popular and most widely used among modern software programmers.,2017-01-30 11:13:09,下载1次
Software-Environment-MATLAB.rar - • Conversion a low-level assembler-style language, called Intermediate Language (IL), into code native to the platform being d on. • Memory management, notably including garbage collection. • Checking and enforcing security restrictions on the running code. ,2017-01-09 15:12:24,下载0次
SOFTWARE-DESCRIPTION-DOTNET.rar - Microsoft .NET is a set of Microsoft software technologies for rapidly building and integrating XML Web services, Microsoft Windows-based applications, and Web solutions. The .NET Framework is a language-neutral platform for writing programs that can easily and securely interoperate. There’s no language barrier with .NET: there are numerous languages available to the developer including Managed C++, C#, Visual Basic and Java Script,2017-01-09 15:09:53,下载0次
Interactive-Image-Segmentation.rar - thus missing some parts of foreground objects and assigning wrong labels to background regions. Constrained spectral clustering method to iteratively incorporate user’s feedbacks for interactive image segmentation into an affinity matrix. They selected pair wise queries in an active learning strategy for users to accelerate learning feedbacks,2016-10-09 21:59:14,下载2次
Instance-Aware-Hashing.rar - may contain objects of multiple categories, are widely involved in many image retri systems. However, in most existing hashing methods for images, the semantic similarities are defined at image level, and each image is represented by one piece of hash code. This setting may be suboptimal for multi-label image retri ,2016-10-09 21:58:22,下载1次
Input-Based-Dynamic.rar - MPEG encoders that optimizes power consumption with the goal of maintaining a particular Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR) threshold for any video. Toward this end, we design reconfigurable adder/subtractor blocks (RABs), which have the ability to modulate their degree of approximation, and subsequently integrate these blocks in the motion estimation and discrete cosine transform modules of the MPEG encoder,2016-10-09 21:57:21,下载1次
Challenges-in-Data-Crowdsourcing.rar - This is because IP addresses are location-dependent and change with host mobility and VM migration. Network configurations and policies, such as access control policies, specified by IP addresses require frequent updates that impose a large administrative burden. As an example, Google’s globally distributed scales up to millions of machines across hundreds of data centers [10] that are interconnected in layer 3. Using a scalable layer-2 networking technology, management complexity and cost of such huge networks could be significantly reduced.,2016-10-09 21:56:03,下载1次
SYSTEM-TESTING.rar - What is Face Swap Live? Face Swap Live lets you switch faces with a friend or a photo in real-time. Record videos or photos of yourself swapping faces with ,2016-03-12 16:40:34,下载1次
SYSTEM-STUDY.rar - What is Face Swap Live? Face Swap Live lets you switch faces with a friend or a photo in real-time. Record videos or photos of yourself swapping faces with ,2016-03-12 16:39:17,下载1次
Software-Requirement-Ns2.rar - What is Face Swap Live? Face Swap Live lets you switch faces with a friend or a photo in real-time. Record videos or photos of yourself swapping faces with ,2016-03-12 16:38:37,下载1次
3253245345.rar - applications such as the scenario given above, it is required to protect the multimedia data’s privacy in the watermark detection process. Performing privacy preserving storage and secure watermark detection simultaneously is possible by using the existing secure watermark detection technologies such as zero-knowledge proof protocols,2015-03-25 00:05:12,下载1次
3256345345.rar - However, most of the existing secure watermark detection works assume the watermarked copy are publicly available and focus on the security of the watermark pattern, while the privacy of the target media on which watermark detection is performed has received little attention. But for some applications such as the scenario given above,2015-03-25 00:03:57,下载1次
234534545.rar - Traditional secure watermark detection techniques are designed to convince a verifier whether or not a watermark is embedded without disclosing the watermark pattern so that an untrusted verifier cannot remove the watermark the watermark protected copy,2015-03-25 00:01:50,下载1次
252345345.rar - Another benefit of storing the encrypted multimedia data and facilitating encrypted domain watermark detection in the cloud is that those encrypted data can be reused if the image data holder (or the cloud) needs to work with other watermark owners later for secure watermark detection.,2015-03-25 00:00:23,下载1次
346635636.rar - keeping those self-collected multimedia data private. The watermark pattern owner wants to keep their watermark patterns private during the watermark detection as well. A legal cloud offering storage services may also desire to participate in watermark detection initiated by the users, or initiate watermark detection itself without the involvement of the users, to check if the uploaded multimedia data is copyright protected.,2015-03-24 23:58:48,下载1次
23423434.rar - Privacy is a critical issue when the data owners outsource data storage or processing to a third party computing service, such as the cloud. In this paper, we identify a cloud computing application scenario that requires simultaneously performing secure watermark detection and privacy preserving multimedia data storage.,2015-03-24 23:57:27,下载1次
DGSADFDSF.rar - Xuetong java6 source code, a very good learning materials for Java,2014-11-17 19:40:40,下载2次
ASDFDSFDF.rar - Your can not download because your download points open-source Web data extraction tool. It can collect the specified Web page and extracts these pages useful data.,2014-11-17 17:58:25,下载1次
23453454.rar - Web-Harvest is a Java open-source Web data extraction tool. It can collect the specified Web page and extracts these pages useful data. Web-Harvest is mainly used as XSLT, XQuery, regular expressions,,2014-11-17 17:56:23,下载1次
Module-Description.rar - THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS AS IS AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COPYRIGHT OWNER OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS OR BUSINESS,2014-11-17 17:40:30,下载1次 - Finally, probability analysis, based on the chosen database, is performed and judgment whether the person is recognized is pronounced. Two different modeling techniques can be suggested for purposes of person identification or verification. The approach based on Hidden Markov Speaker Models (HMMs) with the mixtures of Gaussian distribution is text-dependent one. For this technology a speaker is described by a set of HMMs, constructing the set of speech groups spoken by that person. The speech groups may be phonemes or words [7]. The text-independent technology is rested upon Gaussian Mixture Speaker Models. For this technology each speaker is defined by only one model describing all utterances of that person. Identification in the range of both approaches is executed by evaluation of maximum a posteriori probability [7].,2013-12-14 14:24:24,下载5次
WORKINSDF-BOOKS-WODSE.rar - A communal refuse pit is simply a pit dug near the community compound and filled with general refuse. The pit should not be located close to a water source, because toxic chemicals could leach into the water. The disposal site itself should be fenced off to prevent access by scavenging animals. At the end of the day, new waste should be covered with a layer of clean soil 0.1 metre deep. When the pit is full, the waste should be covered with a final layer of soil to prevent flies from breeding.,2013-11-08 15:52:25,下载1次
WORKINSDF-BOOKS---Copy.rar - Certain wastes are preferably managed at a community level. Some household items do not decompose and can cause injury if not properly disposed of. For example, neither glass nor plastics can be used in composting, and plastic gives off poisonous fumes when burned. Bones and metal items do decompose, but the process is very slow batteries contain toxic chemicals. Bones, metal objects and broken glass can also be thrown into a latrine pit, but only if the pit is not going to be reused.,2013-11-08 15:50:29,下载1次
WORKINSDF-BOOKS.rar - Fruit and vegetable waste, animal dung and even leaves from trees can break down to form a valuable soil conditioner and fertilizer (compost). Household vegetable waste, for example, can be composted in a suitable container. After a few months the contents can be removed and used as fertilizer,2013-11-08 15:48:22,下载1次
ORGGINAL-BOOKS.rar - entail sorting and recycling waste, which is discussed in more detail below and illustrated in Figure 6.1. Solid wastes should be sorted for recycling, and For burying or burning. Recycling includes composting organic wastes, and reusing plastic and glass products as well as construction debris. It can offer both cost-saving and economic opportunities for communities.,2013-11-08 15:46:14,下载1次
RRY-BOOK.rar - Key strategies for improving solid waste management and disposal are to minimize the waste generated by households, and to recycle waste whenever possible. To minimize waste, it is important that both the households and the community at large make a conscious decision to reduce the amount of waste they produce and actively participate in recycling.,2013-11-08 15:44:30,下载1次
BOOK-SAMPLE.rar - If waste is not properly disposed of, animals can bring it close to the home and children can come into contact with disease vectors and pathogens. To be effective, solid waste disposal programmes require action at both household and community levels—if only a few households dispose of waste properly, the village environment may remain dirty and contaminated.,2013-11-08 15:42:57,下载1次
8.rar - To keep the household and village environment clean and to reduce health risks, solid waste (refuse) should be disposed of properly. Untreated refuse is unsightly and smelly and degrades both the quality of the environment and the quality of life in the community. It also provides a breeding ground for disease vectors, such as mosquitoes, flies and rats.,2013-11-08 15:41:44,下载0次
Testing.rar - The errors are caused by labels being used within code blocks. Replace the double colons by REM statements and these samples will all run without a glitch. Better still, don t use comments within code blocks at all, but place them just before the code blocks instead:,2013-05-20 16:11:49,下载3次
final.rar - it is valid and won t generate an error message in any DOS or Windows version. Labels, on the other hand, whether valid or not, should always start at the first non-whitespace character in a command line.,2013-05-20 16:07:35,下载2次 - This same trick works in CMD.EXE (the command processor in Windows NT 4 and later) as well (not sure about OS/2 though)... ...but with some restrictions! REM is a true command that may be used anywhere within a command line. Though I doubt there is much use for a command like:,2013-05-20 16:05:49,下载1次 - This method has the disadvantage that your batch file may "accidently" really use the label to jump to. As Marc Stern points out in one of his MS-DOS batch files Tips & Tricks, this can be solved by using a double colon ( :: ) as the first characters of the comment line. That way, the label is invalid but still treated as a label, and skipped (i.e. the next line is read immediately by COMMAND.COM, without the need to reopen the batch file). This may speed up reading large blocks of comment lines from slow (floppy) drives.,2013-05-20 16:04:30,下载1次
OpenSitemapGenerator_060_Setup-(1).rar - A workaround I have seen many times (back in the old days, when I was young, and dinosaurs roamed the Earth and harddisks were 20MB) is to convert the comment line to a label by starting the line with a colon ( : ). COMMAND.COM skips labels it doesn t have to jump to.,2013-05-20 16:03:41,下载1次
Dump20130510.rar - As you probably know, COMMAND.COM reads a batch file, executes one command line, reads the batch file again, executes the next command line, etcetera. This means each comment line causes one extra reread of the batch file no problem when read from harddisk, but it may slow down batch file execution from slow floppy or network drives.,2013-05-20 16:01:00,下载2次
class.xml.sitemap.generator.php.tar.gz - Regardless of the programming or scripting language used, it is always a good idea to insert comments in scripts, explaining what the next lines or block of code is trying to accomplish, how and/or why. Comments in batch files are usually placed in lines starting with REM (REMarks). If you have many lines REMed out, this may slow down COMMAND.COM s processing of the batch file.,2013-05-20 15:59:16,下载2次 - pop demo pop extender used to ajax ,2013-05-20 14:33:08,下载3次
sss.rar - eciprocate (third-person singular simple present reciprocates, present participle reciprocating, simple past and past participle reciprocated,2013-04-01 09:02:43,下载2次
pricing-tables.rar - A reciprocating engine, also often known as a piston engine, is a heat engine that uses one or more reciprocating pistons to convert pressure into a rotating ...,2013-04-01 08:58:22,下载3次
laptop-details.rar - Reciprocation may refer to: Reciprocating motion, a type of oscillatory motion, as in the action of a reciprocating saw Reciprocation in geometry, an operation ,2013-04-01 08:56:21,下载0次
Module-NW13.rar - We have designed and implemented the Google File System, a scalable distributed fi le system for large distributed data-intensive applications. It provides fault tolerance while running on inexpensive commodity hardware,2013-02-04 14:25:54,下载4次
PWNW12.rar - project document file Analysis of Instantaneous Power Distributions for Non-Regenerative and Regenerative Relaying Signals,2013-02-04 14:22:42,下载7次
solar.rar - Java Swing , to calculate the no . of panels required to kilo watts,2012-12-29 13:23:16,下载1次
Face-identification.rar - Face Identification in C# .Net Image comparsion,2012-12-10 21:51:19,下载2次
Application-project-titles.rar - Total Application project list,2012-12-10 21:43:04,下载2次 - TextBox Validation in dot net csharp,2012-10-10 17:56:37,下载5次
Detecting-a-Firewall.rar - To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method, we evaluated it by comparing it and the smoothing method based on classical Haar wavelet transform (HWT) [3].,2012-10-09 17:35:58,下载2次 - Smoothing based on the second-generation wavelets is more effective than classical wavelets-based methods because it employs data-dependent wavelet functions and does not require predefined explicit base functions.,2012-10-09 16:34:23,下载2次
05611550.rar - certificate book used to .net, java, csharp and others ,2012-07-21 18:25:51,下载0次
05590258.rar - this is a csharp book is domaini s .net,2012-07-21 18:00:32,下载2次
05560677.rar - it is very usefull ti java E-Book by ________,2012-07-21 17:50:42,下载2次
06215056.rar - E book using Visual C++,2012-07-21 17:41:30,下载2次
WindowsFormsApplication1.rar - hospital project in data entry,2012-05-17 13:17:05,下载4次
WindowsFormsApplication25.rar - calculation in texbox VAT process,2012-05-17 13:14:38,下载5次
WindowsFormsApplication32.rar - combobox search & display texbox and thebn fetch datagrid view,2012-05-17 13:07:52,下载4次
karthik.rar - log in form for visual studio,2012-05-17 13:00:55,下载3次
SuperMarketPrint.rar - datagridview print in dot matrix,2012-05-17 12:56:46,下载5次

pvmpptpwmboost.rar - 微电网系统中的光伏发电直流部分,主要包括PV、MPPT算法、PWM模块,以及相应的参数设置。仿真验证MPPT有效。
Main2.rar - A switching regulator is a circuit that uses a power switch, an inductor, and a diode to transfer energy from input to output. The basic components of the switching circuit can be rearranged to form a step-down (buck)converter, a step-up (boost) converter, or an inverter (flyback). - matlab语音信号分析时域频域,加窗,降噪滤波,端点检测,时域特征和频域特征提取 - detection of pitch frequency of speech sample using high time liftering
SyntheticTumor-master.rar - 用python语言,对脑瘤动态的进行分割,配准等操作
smartmodels-master.rar - 在python运行环境下进行脑瘤分割操作的小模型 - brain tumor segmentation simple project
IDVR.rar - This paper presents a dual voltage source inverter (DVSI) scheme to enhance the power quality and reliability of the microgrid system. The proposed scheme is comprised of two inverters, which enables the microgrid to exchange power generated by the distributed energy resources (DERs) and also to compensate the local unbalanced and nonlinear load. The control algorithms are developed based on instantaneous symmetrical component theory (ISCT) to operate DVSI in grid sharing and grid injecting modes. The proposed scheme has increased reliability, lower bandwidth requirement of the main inverter, lower cost due to reduction in filter size, and better utilization of microgrid power while using reduced dc-link voltage rating for the main inverter. These features make the DVSI scheme a promising option for microgrid supplying sensitive loads. The topology and control algorithm are validated through extensive simulation and experimental results. - 自己编写的,利用模糊数学方法计算船舶碰撞危险度得matlab程序
riskcloudfuzzy.rar - This paper suggests an approach for providing the dynamic federations of clouds. The approach is based on risk assessment technology and implements cloud federations without consideration of identity federations. Here, for solving this problem, first of all, important factors which are capable of seriously influencing the information security level of clouds are selected and then hierarchical risk assessment architecture is proposed based on these factors. Then, cloud provider’s risk priority vectors are formed by applying the AHP methodology and fuzzy logic excerpt type risk uation is carried out based on this vector.
Variable-Fuzzy.rar - 可变模糊识别。利用可变模糊理论方法,对风险进行识别,并可以对风险因素进行重要性排序。 - fuzzy logic sotlution to project staffing and project funding to risk calculator - 本程序针对信号检测与估计中极大极小化准则的仿真,画出贝叶斯风险曲线、极大极小化风险等,帮助大家更好理解极大极小化准则。
MessagesTableModel.rar - MessageDialog显示发送e-mail邮件的对话框。使用SMTP协议发送E-mail的步骤是这样的: (1)客户端连接某个E-mail服务器。 (2)客户端向该服务器发送一个E-mail。 (3) 客户端关闭到服务器的连接。 使用SMTP发送E-mail的工作非常简单,客户端软件建立到SMTP服务器的一个连接,接着向该服务器发送邮件,最后关闭连接。然后SMTP服务器获得邮件,并将其转发给相应的接收Email的邮件服务器。
java_socket.rar - 用java语言结合TCP/IP协议编写的简单聊天室代码,望大家提出宝贵建议
risk_simulation.rar - Risk estimation for wireless networks - 经典的ELM算法,适合做小样本回归预测,亲测有用,亲测有效 - Upscaling permeabilities by renormalization algorithm (King, 1989)
Super-resolution.rar - 实现联合字典训练的超分辨率重建算法,通过分别训练高分辨率字典和低分辨率字典
model33.rar - In recent years, the application of photovoltaic system has been increasingly popular, especially in remote areas, where power is not available or is too expensive to install. However, the PV generator’s cost is relatively high and has nonlinear dependent-irradiation volt-ampere characteristics which make it difficult to control if we need to obtain maximum power. In this paper, the operation of a PV system which comprises a PV generator, a buck converter and a DC motor-pump is thoroughly examined. The buck converter controls the solar array operating point in order to track maximum power point (MPP) by using a non linear control strategy based on feedback linearization. This technique is shown to be able to obtain a linear control of the PV system and can dramatically increase its dynamical performance