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RADAR_PULSE_COMPRESSION_MultipleType.rar - Source code for MULTIPLE RADAR PULSE COMPRESSION: barker, frank, costas, polyphase(P1--> P4), polytime (T1--> T4), Linear Frequency Modulation (LFM). CHECKED & WORKED for me,2018-01-05 10:47:15,下载14次
GDOPTDOA_FOR_TRACKING.rar - This code used to determine EXACTLY position of radar in 3 DIMENSION with only 4 SENSORS. This code can be also implemented on FPGA with high accuracy. EASY IMPLEMENTATION, without matrix computation, can be implemented for PARALLEL TRACKING more than 200 targets at the same time. This code contains also GDOP computation for TDOA 3D.,2018-01-05 10:17:11,下载8次
Time Frequency Toolbox.rar - Matlab source code for all of time frequency distribution: choi-Williams, short time fourier transform, Wigner Ville, Hilbert,.... Clear explain in english. All source code have been tested and WORKED!!!!!,2017-10-13 10:41:22,下载4次
Generalized-Correlation-System.rar - index: Generalized correlation, GCC, TDOA, PHAT Hassab Boucher, Eckart, Cross Correlation, Hannan Thompson, ROTH, SCOT, Convert Geographical position into Descartes, source localization hyperbole 3 sensors. Contain a lot of algorithms to determine TDOA of source (Cross-correlation, GCC PHAT, GCC SCOT, GCC Eckart Hassab Boucher, Hannan Thompson, GCC ROTH), algorithm convert geographical to Descartes and a simple solution to determine source position ,2016-09-13 09:59:27,下载25次
sourceLocation_BSS_MS_CHAN_FENG_SI_algorithm.rar - This code describes algorithms for Time Delay Estimation (TDE), TDOA (time delay of arrival) between BSS and MS. Algorithm: FANG, SI, CHAN, SX, Taylor serie, Least Square, FWLS were detailed. TESTED and WORKED !!! Cramer-Rao bound for each algorithm also was presented. Hope it help you in your work !!! ,2016-07-19 12:35:22,下载17次
MELP-1200-2400.rar - fixed point source codes implemented for both MELP 1200 bps and MELP 2400 bps (Mixed-excitation linear prediction). These both codes are implemented in DSP fixed-point.Work and easily understood!,2015-01-15 11:57:48,下载50次
softbit-BPSK-QPSK-PSK8-QAM16-QAM64.rar - This matlab code describes soft demapper (soft bit) for different modulation types: BPSK, QPSK, PSK 8, QAM 16, QAM 64, which are considered for turbo encoding/decoding. And simulation results are also presented.,2014-12-05 12:58:14,下载75次
Channel_estimation.rar - Channel estimation for OFDM system with LS & MMSE algorithm, with interpolate. Clear explaining & understanding !,2013-08-16 17:53:02,下载26次
OFDM_Channel_estimation_perfecto.rar - Different algorithm for channel estimation in OFDM system or PSK system: using Hilbert algorithm, LPF (Low Pass Filter), LMMSE, Zero forcing (ZF), rls,... and another result. Clear explaining & understanding ,2013-08-16 17:51:10,下载31次
Turbo-Coding.rar - This book is very useful for channel coding and turbo coding (turbo code). It s used for my PhD thesis,2012-08-21 16:06:03,下载2次
cml-1.95.zip - The Iterative Solutions Coded Modulation Library is free software you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This code includes a lot of different codes : UMTS, LTE, Wimax CTC, capacity, Srandom, puncturing, DVBRCS,DVBS2S,CDMA2000,...,2011-06-28 11:57:46,下载20次
These_D_Gnaedig.rar - This file provides some architectures and how to optimize a high throughput turbo code architecture,2012-06-04 11:39:50,下载2次

LTE_SNR_estimator.zip - LTE系统中SINR是个重要的参数,该程序就是强调如何在系统中进行SINR的评估
eesm.rar - Effective SINR mapping concept, so that the SINR at the receiver is enhanced by at least 3db
EESM-a-Antenna-Gain-in-LTE.rar - EESM and antenna gain in LTE
LTE_common_EESM.zip - LTE中有效信噪比映射EESM算法程序,是不同子载波中的信噪比的拟合过程中的核心算法
Gen_Synchronization_Signal.zip - LTE 基于R8 的主同步PSS和辅助同步SSS信号产生程序
PSS_detect.rar - LTE中主同步信号PSS的检测,包括PSS信号的生成
LTE-Synchronous-Signal.rar - LTE中主(辅)同步信号生成,包括PSS和SSS,生成信号位于频域
openlte_v00-01.rar - lte 主同步信号生成代码,简单易学,很有价值
SSS-detection-method.rar - 在3GPP系统中,初始小区搜索包含两步,这两步要用到主同步信号和辅同步信号。这篇文章介绍了一种辅同步信号检测的方法。
PSS_detect.rar - PSS码的检测算法。完成TDD-lTE的PSS检测算法的matlab仿真。
corr_on.rar - LTE主同步信号PSS在时域上的相关仿真,matla实现
PSS_corr.zip - LTE TDD 同步序列PSS,SSS序列的生成,以及其滑动互相关检测的matlab代码。易参考~
MMSE.zip - 适用于LTE标准下的最大似然估计的ML粗同步检测方法,适用于LTE标准FDD模式,普通帧结构类型
LTE_channel_estimator.rar - 上传信道估计代码,实现LTE的信道估计器,新手上传,不吝赐教
LTEnew.rar - 是一个根据最新LTE标准写的一个链路实现程序和信道估计程序,所用信道是标准信道,不好信道编码
lte.rar - ofdm synchronization and offset estimation
TD-LTE.rar - 实现了TD-LTE系统上下行结合的程序,包括信道估计、导频插入等,最后衡量系统性能是衡量系统的误码率。
PDSCH.rar - LTE中PDSCH的链路级仿真过程源代码分析,包括信道编码,预编码,OFDM调制
lte.rar - LTE在TDD模式下,不同插值方法的信道估计
mmse.zip - mmse mimo ofdm lte estimation lte