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kaidands.rar - Billing master standard real estate ERP solution containing PC + end enterprise WeChat + fast supply collection. Page concise, real-time data updates, one click operation management. The transmission is faster and more stable; the data exchange program that supports the mobile terminal is better to enhance your user experience. Community information / block information / housing information / picture information real-time updates, timely feedback housing rental situation. New intelligent definition, housing classification standards, uniform rules, uniform standards, so that resource optimization automation.,2017-09-14,下载1次
bagecms.zip - BageCms is a multi-functional open source web content management system based on php5+mysql5. Using the high-performance PHP5 web application development framework YII construction, with simple operation, stability, security, efficiency, cross platform and so on. Using MVC design patterns, template customization convenient and flexible, built-in small hanging tools, to facilitate the production of various functions and effects, BageCms can be used for enterprise site, personal blog, information portal, picture station and other types of sites.,2017-09-14,下载1次
phpmyfaq-RC4.zip - PhpMyFAQ is a multi lingual, open source FAQ (question and answer) system developed with PHP technology, similar to Baidu knows, support MySQL/SQLite and other databases. PhpMyFAQ has content management capabilities, picture management, support for multi-user, user groups, news systems, user tracking, language modules, and support for the Microsoft Active Directry active directory.,2017-09-14,下载1次

orbital-elements.rar - 卫星轨道参数正反算,根据卫星的位置和速度,求取实时卫星轨道的两行根数,即6个开普勒根数。卫星星历计算以及卫星轨道参数计算
guidao.zip - 只需要有轨道的位置矢量和速度矢量,就可以计算轨道六根数