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Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL - The main goals of the book are (1) to teach students the fundamental concepts in classical manual digital design and (2) illustrate clearly the way in which digital circuits aredesignedtoday,usingCADtools. Eventhoughmoderndesignersnolongerusemanual techniques, except in rare circumstances, our motivation for teaching such techniques is to give students an intuitive feeling for how digital circuits operate.,2020-04-17 03:01:01,下载1次 - The OPC UA Bundle SDK .NET Standard offers a fast and easy access to the OPC UA Client & Server technology. Develop OPC compliant UA Clients and Servers with C#/VB.NET targeting the .NET Standard. The download includes examples for .NET 4.6.2, .NET 4.7.2 and for .NET Standard 2.0.,2020-04-17 02:04:18,下载1次
combustion.rar - Research and Development document related to heat transfer in combustion/gasification systems. ,2012-10-29 18:51:11,下载2次

MODBUSVC.rar - modbus RTU 测试程序. 可以读取modbus RTU协议的设备等.
Modbus-test.rar - 本人改写的modbusRTU测试程序,实现了1,2,3,4号读数据命令,以及5号命令,通过验证测试。
MODBUS.rar - 详解MODBUS通讯协议,简明扼要,适合入门者阅读. - 这是一个用C++开发的 Modbus 简单读写程序 - stm8L15x系列单片机硬件资源完全可以移植 为什么要移植Freemodbus,modbus是一个非常好的应用层协议,它很简洁也相对完善,我们自己写的漏洞百出。已经测试读取保持寄存器 - ModScan64 is an expanded version of the popular 16-bit application ModScan. It is a Win64 application designed to operate as a MODBUS Master device for accessing data points in a connected PLC compatible slave device. Like it s 16-bit predecessor, ModScan64 is designed primarily as a testing device for verification of correct protocol operation in new or existing systems. Extensions have been built in to allow third-party data acquisition via Control Automation routines and/or the Microsoft Jet Database engine. ModScan64 allows multiple documents to be opened, each actively scanning a series of data points one or more connected MODBUS slaves. Coils and registers, may be read and/or written any open ModScan32 document using MODBUS Commands 01-06.
readtempertrue.rar - 能够读取温度数据,,使用Modbus协议,对串口通信的初学者有很好的借鉴意义
CareComModbus.rar - 一个封装好的C#写的Modbus接口读写程序,平台是:visual 2015
CsharpPortCode.rar - modbus 3功能 16功能读写数据的类
MODBUSReadICCard.rar - Modbus通信,通过串口,采用ModBus协议读取某个设备的IC信息信息,思路清晰,欢迎下载。
test---SimpleComm.rar - 简单的串口调试工具,根据Modbus-RTU通信协议读取。
Modbus.rar - 用C#实现ModBus读写功能,用作客户端读写ModBus-TCP server数据 - DA Test Client Application From OPC Foundation Training Site - 如何通过OPC Foundation提供的opc库实现客户端访问DA服务器
OPCClient.rar - 本OPC Client程序基于OPC DA 2.0开发制作。其操作方式和功能均按照OPC的测试工具OPC client模仿编写。 - Client OPC-DA de SIEMENS - Conveyor Graph for Client OPC-DA de SIEMENS - OPC DA Client SDK develop in C#
OPCClient.rar - 用于DA server数据读取的OPC client
OPCDA2.0.rar - opc da 客户端 C# OPC客户端