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addsub_cin.zip - Projects for Integer Dividers:,2018-10-15 11:46:22,下载0次
GLOAT (3).zip - Matlab package is at your sole risk. To the full extent permissible by applicable law, School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland disclaims all warranties, express or implied,,2018-10-15 11:44:42,下载0次
local_variability.zip - This package contains a MATLAB script of local spectral variability features cited above. The code has been completely written at School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland and should be self-contained. Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability this Matlab package and this site is provided by School of Computing, University of Eastern,2018-10-15 11:38:38,下载0次
phi-max-skeleton3d-matlab-v1.1-0-gc534cab.zip - This code calculates the 3D medial axis skeleton of an arbitrary 3d binary volume,2018-01-24 02:22:01,下载4次
motoDC_ExSep.zip - his file presents a circuit simulation of a Separately Excited DC motor speed,2018-01-24 01:53:22,下载2次
motoDC_Shunt.zip - This file presents the circuit of a DC Shunt Motor's speed,2018-01-24 01:49:50,下载1次
mux.zip - In electronics, a multiplexer or mux is a device that performs multiplexing; it selects one of many analog or digital input signals and forwards the selected input into a single line. A multiplexer of 2n inputs has n select lines, which are used to select which input line to send to the output. We will see VHDL code for a 2X1 multiplexer here,2017-07-18 19:28:40,下载1次
counter (2).zip - This tutorial introduce VHDL code for clock pulse and 4-bit counter. With four bits, the counter count from 0 to 15. The timing of the counter is controlled by a clock signal. There will be a clear signal which can reset the counter value.,2017-07-18 19:24:12,下载1次
HA_Dataflow_view.zip - A half-adder adds two 1-bit inputs and produces a sum bit and a carry bit as outputs.,2017-07-18 19:19:04,下载1次
qpskber.zip - Código para simulación BER para modulación QPSK,2017-01-06 15:10:36,下载1次
chu.zip - This is a program for creating sub images and binning,2017-01-06 15:09:47,下载3次
cYield.zip - This app enables to calculate both linear and curved yield loci lines as the best fitting of the σ-τ experimental yield loci points. It also provides a wide range of statistical results related to the quality of the outcomes obtained.,2017-01-06 15:08:44,下载1次
sag_final.zip - sag model dvr and statcom,2017-01-06 15:07:54,下载47次
IR000124.zip - Run with PCA algorithm,2017-01-06 15:06:13,下载1次
ndblocktry.zip - Performs a one step 4th order Runge-Kutta integration | Watch this File,2017-01-06 15:04:46,下载1次
rdiff.zip - Calculates the ratios of consecutive elements in an array,2016-09-17 15:39:01,下载1次
im_lowpoly.zip - his function aims to convert an image to low-poly style,2016-09-17 15:37:51,下载1次
CheckIsSingleNumber.zip - When you want to check if a variable is a single number instead of being a numeric matrix,2016-09-17 15:36:11,下载1次
CheckMatrixSize.zip - Checks if the input matrix has the desired dimensions,2016-09-17 15:35:14,下载1次
invert_ij.zip - LU Factorization to take the inverse,2016-09-17 15:34:19,下载1次
rsa_code.zip - his code asks for Two prime numbers and then computes Public and Private key. Then the message is encrypted using Public key and decrypted using Private key. An example is shown in figure.,2016-09-17 15:33:15,下载6次
PAM_MOD_DEMOD.zip - his model is a 8-ary modulator/demodulator based on Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM). You can change the Eb/N0 parameter in the AWGN channel ,2016-04-30 18:29:28,下载2次
PAM.zip - PAM modulation in time and frequency domain. For a detailed explanation have a,2016-04-30 18:28:26,下载3次
rotm.zip - For a given axis vector and an angle of rotation about the axis we get a rotation matrix,2016-04-30 18:27:34,下载1次
test.zip - test description leachsepwireless sensor network,2016-04-30 18:26:12,下载1次
UnmixingCode.zip - Demo of hyperspectral unmixing in the presence of mixed ,2016-04-30 18:24:56,下载14次
VideoRecorder.zip - ideo Recorder is an object dedicated to the recording of dynamic MATLAB figures in video files (formats: AVI, JPEG 2000 and MPEG-4). The object results the combination of timer and VideoWriter MATLAB objects and allows two recording modes: ,2016-03-22 20:57:03,下载1次
json_encode_decode.zip - json_decode parses a JSON string and returns a MATLAB object. JSON objects are converted to structures and JSON arrays are converted to cell arrays. NULL values are converted to empty logical. json_encode encodes a MATLAB object into a JSON string. Structures are converted to JSON objects and arrays are converted t,2016-03-22 20:55:39,下载3次
tic-tac-toe.zip - Tic Tac Toe game with AI,2016-03-22 20:53:41,下载2次
LoadDicomSeries.zip - Loads Siemens Time Series or single image stack (not only Siemens) automatically into 4D matrix. Old version LoadDicomSeries.m : Loads DICOM time series or single stacks single *.dcm files with directory dialog, progressbar etc... into global 4D matrix,2016-03-22 20:52:08,下载3次
Time_unwrap.zip - his function corrects the effect of time modulo or return to zero by adding the appropriate offsets, calculated by extrapolation the previous continuous segments. Time discontinuities are detected through the sign of time gradient.,2016-03-22 20:49:43,下载2次
ipf-(1).zip - Keyboard operated peak fitting function for time-series signals.,2015-10-26 16:36:23,下载1次
omeda.zip - Non-iterative optimal solution for Minimum Entropy Deconvolution (MED) and convolution fix,2015-10-26 16:32:43,下载10次
med2d.zip - Generates a 1D FIR filter to minimize the entropy of the filtered signal(s),2015-10-26 16:30:38,下载2次
fft_animation.zip - Time-progress animation of Fourier transform for varying input sign,2015-10-26 16:25:48,下载1次
tCIs.zip - Computes a set of t-distribution based confidence intervals for the estimated means of the columns of a matrix.,2015-10-26 16:18:20,下载1次
Assignment-3-ADSP.zip - it has question of digital signal processing for post graduates,2015-10-26 16:15:10,下载1次
GCD.zip - Computes the Greatest Common Divisor of the values in array N using the Euclidean algorithm,2015-07-10 13:45:28,下载1次
i3104-ArrayClass-d6ec9bf.zip - This class provides an example of how to use a MATLAB class to handle an array data.,2015-07-10 13:28:28,下载1次
IndexOfRrefractionOfSeawater.zip - Calculates the index of refraction of seawater as a function of Temperature, Salinity and Wavelength according to the empirical equation by: ,2015-07-10 13:27:32,下载2次
CoBlade.zip - clear all variables and close files/figures,2015-07-10 13:25:24,下载1次
scan-alpha-using-nilt-fitting.zip - Fitting real world data using the fractional order LTI model K/(tau*s^alpha+1)*exp(-Ls). The parameters for fitting are [K,tau,alpha,L]. The code is to automatically sweep the orders with a user specified step size. Error is uated by IAE(integral absolute error), ITAE, or ISE. User can the method for computing the fractional order model response the following options: NILT, FOTF, Noninteger, etc.,2015-07-10 13:23:54,下载5次
hex_creat.zip - OLED Display of 0.96inch compatible with Arduino, can display 128x64 image,2015-05-07 21:22:22,下载2次
boost_comverter_dc_to_dc.zip - boost converter with load resistance R and a switch with on to off state time ratio of 2,2015-05-07 21:19:36,下载2次
cgraumann-umeyama-matlab-21056be.zip - Point cloud registration using Least-Squares estimation ,2015-05-07 21:17:25,下载3次
K_cRows.zip - Concatene cell columns regardless of the different sizes,2015-05-07 21:12:36,下载1次
threshold222.zip - This program takes a color or monochrome image and lets the user interactively/manually threshold the monochrome image, or a single color band of a color image, via sliders to set the maximum and minimum thresholds. The thresholded image is a binary image that can be used as a mask image for other images. The pixels in the thresholded range are shown in the middle image as a binary image (black/white), and the original image pixels are shown masked in the left image (gray scale or color). Inputs are the low and high thresholds to start with and the image file name or image matrix. The program returns the threshold values and the last color band that was used to the threshold. The image can be of type integer (uint8, uint16, etc.) or floating point (single, double),2015-05-07 21:09:20,下载2次
Sankhya.zip - SANKHYA is an any base to any base convertor .,2014-12-22 16:19:25,下载1次
textureTransform.zip - Compute the SVD, Eigen, QR and LU texture transforms of an image.,2014-12-22 16:18:11,下载4次
num2words.zip - Convert a numeric scalar to a string giving the English name of the number value (GB/US). ,2014-12-22 16:14:28,下载1次
chaincode.zip - It computes the chaincode for a single object on one bw image. (image processing),2014-12-22 16:12:05,下载3次
round60063.zip - Round Numeric array element values to IEC 60063 (E-Series) component values.,2014-12-22 16:09:44,下载1次
Closed_Boost_Converter_Equation_Model.zip - Very fast buck converter model,2014-09-05 13:12:31,下载1次
kmeans_mt.zip - Efficient Kmeans using Multiple Threads,2014-09-05 13:10:42,下载2次
circle_hough.zip - A Hough transform function for detecting circles, optimised to allow search over radii.,2014-09-05 13:09:48,下载4次
comm-ZeoN-bka-a302d46.zip - Simple merge of two Simulink models, hilighting differences.,2014-09-05 13:08:56,下载2次
gaussfilt.zip - Gaussian smoothing filter,2014-09-05 13:07:16,下载2次
gmm_mt.zip - fficient GMM clustering using Multiple Threads,2014-09-05 13:06:16,下载2次
ImageEnhancement.zip - Image Enhancement uisng matlab,2014-09-02 13:22:56,下载3次
zolet.rar - A Fast Clustering-Based Feature Subset,2014-09-02 13:19:58,下载3次

vedic_multiplier.rar - 31bit vedic multiplier
dcpwm1.rar - dc motor pwm control in matlab
svpwm3b.rar - space vector pwm in matlab/ simulink
dcpwm1.rar - 通过pwm控制DC电动机的定子电压的Matlab仿真
zhil.rar - 基于matlab的直流电机pwm调速,通告simulink建立仿真模型进行仿真
dc_series_motor.zip - motor dc control whith matlab
DCmotorsx.zip - dc motor simulation in matlab
speed control dc motor drive.rar - speed control dc motor drive implement in sumilink envirenment
Boost_DCmotor.rar - DC-DC Boost Converter fed DC motor
tht727f.rar - MicroGrid systems, including wind, photovoltaic and micro-generator MicroGrid systems, including wind, photovoltaic and micro-generator MicroGrid systems, including wind, photovoltaic and micro-generator MicroGrid systems, including wind, photovoltaic and micro-generator MicroGrid systems, including wind, photovoltaic and micro-generator MicroGrid systems, including wind, photovoltaic and micro-generator
PV_pump.zip - 永磁同步电机光伏水泵的矢量控制研究,能实现功能
three_phase_current_loop2.rar - 三相光伏逆变之电流环+PI控制仿真simulink仿真
power_acdrive3.rar - Vector Control fed by a inductive motor on SOLAR CELL PHOTOVOLTAIC SIMULINK MATLAB
model33.rar - In recent years, the application of photovoltaic system has been increasingly popular, especially in remote areas, where power is not available or is too expensive to install. However, the PV generator’s cost is relatively high and has nonlinear dependent-irradiation volt-ampere characteristics which make it difficult to control if we need to obtain maximum power. In this paper, the operation of a PV system which comprises a PV generator, a buck converter and a DC motor-pump is thoroughly examined. The buck converter controls the solar array operating point in order to track maximum power point (MPP) by using a non linear control strategy based on feedback linearization. This technique is shown to be able to obtain a linear control of the PV system and can dramatically increase its dynamical performance
SVPWM.rar - 自己搭建的matlab电机仿真中的SVPWM模块,其中U_alpha,U_beta为电压输入,T为开关周期,U_dc为直流母线电压,PWM为六路脉冲信号,绝对好用
induction-motor-speed-control.rar - 3 phase squirrel cage induciton motor control via space vector concept. The hardware include a constant DC source, a 3 phase inverter and a 2 kw induction motor. Speed reference was proved to be tracked rapidly.
dqceshi.mdl.tar.gz - 变频器控制风力发电机,利用PID技术实现快速高效精准的将风力发电机转速控制到设定的范围内,并实现动态调整
IINVERT.rar - 逆变器控制系统,有PID控制,增广状态控制,还有各种参数计算方法,很实用的哦
matlab_simulnk_inverter_LCL_filter.zip - matlab/simulink_光伏逆变器单极性spwm调制_闭环pid控制_LCL型滤波
dpfc1.rar - simulation of distributed power flow controller...