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STM32F10x_StdPeriph_Lib_V3.5.0.rar - ADC examples 3 & 4 updated DEBUG example Example modified to support RIDE specific printf function implementation I2C example5 i2c_ee.c: add the following function prototypes: "void GPIO_Configuration(void)" add "void I2C_Configuration(void)" Add GPIO pin toggle example. BKP, CAN, DMA, NVIC and I2C examples readme files updated. Use decimal (instead of hexadecimal) values constants in TIM, TIM1 and IWDG examples. USART,2018-01-13 12:18:10,下载1次 - Google VR provides SDKs for many popular development environments. These SDKs provide native APIs for key VR features like user input, controller support, and rendering, which you can use to build new VR experiences on either Daydream or Cardboard.,2018-01-13 12:05:02,下载1次 - VirtualSensor is an Xposed module that aims at creating a virtual gyroscope in Android. It does so by using values from both the accelerometer and the compass thus deducing the angular rate on the 3 axis.,2018-01-13 11:56:16,下载1次 - This sample is a gallery of some GDK APIs usage: - Card and CardScrollView - GestureDetector - Theming with textAppearance - OpenGL in a LiveCard,2018-01-13 11:54:51,下载1次 - This project contains open-source firmware for an example USB HID Sensor implementation. Functionally equivalent source code is provided for two inexpensive USB microcontrollers:,2018-01-13 11:52:39,下载1次

UpdateADS848.rar - ARM ADS 1.2 的补丁包848,很多软件开发时需要这个补丁包