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fractional-order-PID.rar - 分数阶图形界面,用于解决一般分数阶问题.在命令窗口执行:guide ctrllab_foc.fig,此后,会打开GUDIE,然后再GUIDE中运行程序即可. - 陈阳泉教授以及其他学者的有关分数阶PID方面的 论文;经典值得学习,与大家共享;仿真以Matlab为主
pid_foc_funs.rar - 分数阶PID比一般PID多了2个可调参数,实现了常规PID所无法实现的控制功能,并且更精确有效
DE_FOPID.rar - 运用差分进化算法(DE)优化分数阶pid控制器
fractional-order-pid-controller.rar - 分数阶pid控制器、最新参考文献,工业上新型控制器,文献包含控制器的设计、性能分析、工业应用现状、控制器参数整定方法。是目前研究与应用的热点
1.rar - 各种分数阶PID控制器的设计与优化算法,都是matlab仿真的
pso_pid.rar - 基于粒子群算法分数阶PID参数整定,运行环境是matlab2007 - AGC CONTROL VIA PSO ALGORITHM
trial.rar - Pso bassed AGC of interconnected system
PID.rar - Load Frequency Control with PID for three Area test system, simulink. - In order to effectively manage the problem of load frequency control (LFC), preserve stability of frequency, tie-line power and area control error (ACE) for inter-connection hydro power system, the optimal problem between system parameters and controller parameters was constructed in this paper according to the relation between the maximum peak resonance and the maximum peak overshoot. The mathematic expression between the two kinds of parameter was obtained by deduced the optimal problem. Aimed at the non-minimum phase character of hydro generator - load frequency control with agc - 含再热和非再热机组,含模糊自适应PID控制器 - A hybrid Firefly Algorithm (FA) and Pattern Search (PS) optimized fuzzy PID controller is proposed for Load Frequency Control (LFC) of multi area power systems. Initially a two area thermal system with Governor Dead Band (GDB) nonlinearity is considered and the gains of the fuzzy PID controller are optimized employing a hybrid FA and PS (hFA–PS) optimization technique. The supremacy of proposed hFA–PS over FA is also demonstrated. The advantage of the proposed fuzzy PID controller has been shown by comparing the results with some recently published techniques, such as Differential Evolution (DE) and Craziness based Particle Swarm Optimization (CPSO). Further, sensitivity analysis is performed by varying the system parameters and operat
PSO_PID.rar - 使用Simulink环境建立的基于PSO的PID控制器的优化设计。 其中PID_Model为控制系统模型 PSO为PSO部分程序实现 PSO_PID为PSO优化PID的过程
PSO_Load-Frequency-Control.rar - PSO Based Load Frequency Control
程序.zip - 分数阶算法编程
FOPID参数整定.zip - 基于幅值裕量和相位裕量的FOPID参数整定
Load-frequency-control-of-power-system-under-dere - In this paper, a novel Firefl y Algorithm (FA) optimized hybrid fuzzy PID controller with derivative Filter (PIDF) is proposed for Load Frequency Control (LFC) of multi area multi source system under deregulated environment by considering the physical constraints such as Generation Rate Constraint (GRC) and Governor Dead Band (GDB) nonlinearity. As the effectiveness of FA depends on algorithm control param- eters such as randomization, attractiveness, absorption coeffi cient and number of fi refl ies are systemat- - PID Tunning with PSO