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上传列表 - Skydiving Simulation. Simulation can help predict position and velocity of a skydiver who jumps an airplane and opens a parachute. In this tutorial, we predict the position and velocity of a skydiver in two dimensions (horizontal and vertical) the time of the initial jump through the first 90 seconds.,2015-04-19 23:52:51,下载5次
Bradleyl.rar - Bradley local image thresholding The brief idea of the algorithm is that every image s pixel is set to black if its brightness is T percent lower than the average brightness of the surrounding pixels in the window of the specified size, otherwise it is set to white.,2015-04-19 23:51:07,下载4次
0903.1511.rar - MIMO Based Multimedia Communication System,2015-04-19 23:44:25,下载3次 - Analysis of Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) System with Transmit and Receive Diversity ,2015-04-19 23:26:59,下载3次
Cymbal_V.P._Teorija_informacii_i_kodirovanie.rar - Book theory of informatoin. It will be important for you.,2015-04-19 22:10:22,下载3次