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thesis-work-on-generation-of-different-types-of-r - this is report on radar wveforms and consists of matlab code for generation of matlab codes,2015-05-13 21:01:01,下载1次
modulation-of-barker.rar - this is sorce code for the modulation of phase codes that is barker codes in which barker codes are message signal and the carrier is the frequency modulated wave,2015-05-13 20:50:42,下载5次
fresh.rar - this source is for analsys of mainlobe redution in modulation of linear frequency modulated wave with barker code and non linear frequency modulated wave,2015-05-13 20:48:00,下载3次
performance-oscilloscope-using-microcontroller.ra - an report of an oscilloscope made using microcontroller the microcontroller used is arduino recquires hardware arduino,2015-05-13 20:41:13,下载2次
Monostatic-Airborne-Synthetic-Aperture-Radar-Usin - the above is the document that is report of my project which include the matlab simulation code,2015-05-13 20:23:37,下载1次
sar-simul.rar - this is a matlab code for synthetic aperture radar and its simulation its recquired functions are also included,2015-05-13 20:12:26,下载2次