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上传列表 - Matlab code for Book "Frank Gross-Smart Antennas with MATLAB-McGraw-Hill Professional (2015)",2018-03-13 08:46:54,下载5次
Beamforming.rar - Matlab for beamforming of ULA and Plannar array antenna,2015-10-07 15:05:54,下载11次
Directivity.rar - Matlab for directivity of antenna,2015-10-07 15:02:24,下载3次
lms_alg.rar - This ebook is for LMS based adaptive beamforming for ULA ,2015-09-14 16:13:36,下载2次

近期下载 - Quartus_II_15.0破解器_Windows版 - Millimeter wave wireless communications Mm-wave communications systems promise to alleviate the spectrum crunch and be a major part ... - Mm-wave communications systems promise to alleviate the spectrum crunch and be a major part ... Millimeter wave wireless communications
KCKF.rar - 快充快放程序,keil,BQ25895,单片机采用现代8208S
BQ25985.rar - 基于stm8的快充快放程序,电源管路芯片采用的是Ti的BQ25895! - bq25895M I2C 控制型单节电池 快速充电器, 采用 MaxChargeTM 技术, 支 持高输入电压 和可调电压 3.1A 升压工作模式
TheCodebookDesignforMIMOPrecodingInLTE.rar - paper for LTE codebook
Antenna_ComputerProject_3D.rar - Codebook is a known matrix, had been create and setup when initial design a system. Each column in codebook specifies a beamforming weight vector, or in other words, specifies a combination for the phase shifters and amplitude controllers to create a respect radiation pattern. All columns should span the entire space around the beamformer (the device that steers the beam), 360 degree with 1-D array antenna and sphere space with 2-D array. This requirement ensures wherever the beamformee (the target device of the steered beam) locates, there is a weight vector steers the beam to it and keep the channel in good condition. To reduce the complexity and electrical elements, in this paper we consider only the phase in 1-D array antenna by controlling the phase shifters, without examining the amplitude of the signal.
codebook.rar - a matlab program that deals with k-means algorithm to cluster the data points and build codebook.
Matlab-Codebook_training.rar - matlab source code for codebook training - beamforming codebook design for MIMO system - 根据IEEE标准中beamforming codebook画出的曲线
avr_charge.rar - avr官方充电器设计方案 资料很全 希望对大家有所帮助 呵呵 - STM8S103F3无线充电器充电管理程序
16F877-SOLAR-CHARGER.rar - 16F877A SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER SCHEMATIC AND CODE - Arduino PWM charge controller full code - Charger and Discharger based MCU PIC16F73, with keyboard and text LCD 16x2. Initialisation HW and wrk with LCD 44078 16x2 (LCD with auto recode table from Russian CP1251 codepage) Basic code for work with Keyboard and LCD. - ATMega 88 battery Charger for fast and trickle charge - 在空时调制下的协作通信,以及对该系统的性能分析
Linking MATLAB and CST STUDIO SUITE.rar - un fichier illustre comment lier Matlab et CST