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resource_planning.rar - This paper presents an integrated resources planning model considering the impact of interruptible loads (IL) and shiftable loads (SL) in microgrids, which simultaneously deals with supply side and demand side resources and minimizes the overall planning cost of the microgrid.,2018-07-08 05:23:59,下载0次
A Multiobjective Approach to Multimicrogrid.rar - Multiobjective Approach to Multimicrogrid System Design by Wei-Yu Chiu, Member, IEEE, Hongjian Sun, Member, IEEE, and H. Vincent Poor, Fellow, IEEE,2018-07-08 05:02:40,下载0次
sustainability-09-0131.rar - A photovoltaic wind turbine fuel cell solar thermal collector system is designed and an economic model is introduced for supplying the residential thermal and electrical loads via the grid-connected hybrid system.,2018-02-22 11:46:46,下载1次
ADHDP.rar - Action dependent heuristic dynamic programming for home energy resource scheduling.,2018-01-18 15:18:39,下载7次
Books.rar - This book studies the distributed control of microgrids. Microgrids are small-scale power networks that are exploited to supply local loads in small geographical spans. Microgrids have various applications such as remote villages, hospitals, universities and educational institutes, police stations, business and residential buildings, shipboard power systems, military bases, ships. The microgrid concept, with its local control and power quality support, potentially allows for reliable and pre- dictable operation of renewable energy generators and for scalable addition of new generation and loads.,2017-11-26 18:50:23,下载3次
LPC_control_using_ADRC.rar - Improved Load Frequency Control Using a Fast Acting Active Disturbance Rejection Controller,2017-11-10 06:48:42,下载1次
energies-10-01300.rar - Overview of AC Microgrid Controls with Inverter-Interfaced Generations. The most recent journal paper.,2017-09-13 12:44:25,下载1次
microgrids.rar - Off-grid systems for rural electrification in developing countries: Definitions, classification and a comprehensive literature review,2017-07-12 06:18:25,下载1次
DG.rar - Distributed generation: A review o f factors that can contribute most to achieve a scenario of DG units embedded in the new distribution network s,2017-07-05 07:53:29,下载1次
DG technology.rar - Microgrid technologies have been implemented in this paper.,2017-06-29 10:01:38,下载1次
microgrid_challengesandopportunity.rar - This file contains very recent paper on microgrid challenges and opportunities.,2017-06-20 05:53:05,下载1次
2015_Microgrid_Barrier.rar - Distributed resources are important because they change the location of control for power reliability and quality moving it near the end user, thus bringing the customers into the energy market. Distributed resources have the potential to change the scale, ownership and location of electric power production,2017-06-05 08:13:13,下载1次
2015_Microgrid_Barrier.rar - Rapidly increasing energy demand and growing concern about economic and environmental conse-quences call for renewable/sustainable energy technologies adoption in India. Renewable/sustainable energy technologies have faced a number of constraints that have affected their rate of adoption. In this paper an attempt has been made to identify and rank the major barriers in the adoption of‘ renewable and green ’ energy technologies in the Indian context. Twenty-eight barriers have been identi fi ed an extensive literature review. These identi fi ed barriers have been categorized into seven dimensions of barriers, i.e. Economical & Financial Market Awareness & Information Technical Ecological and Geographical Cultural & Behavioral and Political & Government Issues. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) technique has been utilized for ranking of barriers to adopt renewable/sustainable technologies in the Indian context. All pair comparisons in AHP have been made based on experts ’ opinions ,2017-05-26 10:07:40,下载1次
Rural-microgrid-and-indian-microgrid-review.rar - Microgrids review paper for rural area and indian microgrids,2017-05-23 09:30:33,下载3次
Microgrid-papers-on-medeling-uncertainty-energy-m - This is microgrid papers that are very helpful for modeling uncertainties, energy managements, and IEEE 30 node reference paper,2017-05-23 09:25:55,下载1次

近期下载 - 生成给定任意概率密度分布的一元随机数产生器 - Cplex软件的matlab接口;来自CPLEX_Studio1261版本 - 基于CPLEX和yalmip的PMU优化配置 - GAMS _ Economic_Dispatch
blend.rar - cplex混合整数规划matlab实现 cplex混合整数规划matlab cplex混合整数规划matlab cplex混合整数规划matlab - this file is sutable for facts placement in power system in lingo language programming - 私家车充电模型,私家车日行驶距离概率密度及累加函数,电动汽车出发时间(或者称开始充电的时间)概率
the-effect-of--EV-on-the-grid.rar - 关于电动汽车充电桩对电网的影响,电动汽车的接入电网时间分配和优化。 - 用matlab实现雨流法统计,对疲劳统计,寿命统计很有用
遗传算法.rar - 采用遗传算法分配微电网微源的潮流调度,从而实现微电网能量优化
EV-charging-load-forecast.rar - 基于蒙特卡洛方法,模拟电动汽车一天随机出行情况,并预测电动汽车一天的充电负荷及曲线。可自行调整车辆数、充电频率、充电功率、起始充电时间、行驶里程等信息。
xiugaibuquedingkongzhicelue.rar - 考虑分时电价的电动汽车充放电概率建模及控制策略研究
TOUprice.rar - 利用MATLAB语言,实现分时电价的功能,程序里面有清晰的注释
83390087DFIG_modificado_50Hz5.rar - 本程序可以实现的功能是:建立直接驱动风力发电机、单级光伏发电系统和储能电池的风力发电和光伏混合微电网模型。通过平滑蓄电池的输出功率平滑风能和光伏功率来维持PCC的电压。 - Modeling of electric vehicle with solar and wind energy system
ln-game-theory-master.rar - Game theory algorithm
GT.rar - 利用博弈论进行功率控制分析,利用迭代实现纳什均衡 - 使用粒子群算法、遗传算法优化RBF径向基神经网络的matlab程序
GM11.rar - 基于灰色GM(1,1)理论的电力系统负荷预测程序 - 采用小波神经网络进行电力负荷预测,其中wnne为主程序,其他为调用的函数