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распознание.zip - optical character recognition written on delphi,2018-02-07 19:13:53,下载1次
Змейка.zip - nice snake game on delphi,2018-02-07 19:09:38,下载1次 - ado DATABASE MANAGEMENT written on delphi,2018-02-07 19:08:06,下载1次 - simple email client written on delphi,2018-02-07 19:05:44,下载1次 - TotalCommander clone,2018-02-07 19:04:46,下载4次 - Artifactal intellect (AI) simple program,2016-10-17 13:28:02,下载1次 - CryptoAPI crypt-decrypt sample,2016-10-17 13:26:54,下载2次 - small utils to kill viruses,2016-10-17 13:25:02,下载6次 - Address book, store records, phones in ,2016-10-17 13:20:00,下载1次 - Simple mp3 player, plays files folder,2016-10-17 13:17:17,下载1次 - Phonebook with photos. Developed with custom component MyWebBrowser (included) and ADO . I use this program everyday,2016-02-20 16:08:50,下载1次 - Nice chess game. Many settings and pretty graphics. For best understand math in delphi,2016-02-20 16:02:54,下载1次 - SIP client for calls in office. may connect to the Asterisk server thru Internet,2016-02-20 15:57:58,下载2次 - Recovery lost files on NTFS partition. Simple use program / easy listing source code,2016-02-20 15:50:27,下载3次 - Screen mate - fly. It is funny mate for jokes :),2016-02-20 15:43:30,下载1次

aclib.part01.rar - Protect your software with Ace Lib PWD : pudn
SecureBlackbox_11.0.250.rar - SecureBlackBox Professional v11.0.250 - Cryptographic Library
cryptobboxvcl-(1).zip - By EldoS Corporation. CryptoBlackbox package of SecureBlackbox is a free collection of components and classes that offer wide range of both basic and sophisticated cryptography functions. This includes: symmetric and asymmetric (PKI-based) cryptography one-time password generation, cryptographic hashes and key derivation functions X.509 certificate management and validation certificate-based data encryption/decryption, signing and signature validation, timestamping TSP and OCSP clients. - 一牛人写的gis程序。实现了shapefile文件添加、删除、保存、放大缩小,属性查询等等! 有好几个版本包括:vb 、vc、dephel、c++builder等,自己看着下吧。如果我在吹牛,您来找我! - MSICS控件支持D7和XE4,控件已经出去限制。 - MMTools控件,版本v2.5,适用Delphi7
MMTools最新版及其使用详细破解方法.rar - 使用MMTOOLS的指导文章 - 全源码。FS 报表控件,比较好使用的,欢迎大家下载测试使用,估计可以帮到大家,谢谢。 - CAPICOM is a discontinued ActiveX control created by Microsoft to help expose a select set of Microsoft Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CryptoAPI) functions through Microsoft Component Object Model (COM). It was intended to enable every environment that supports ActiveX to use Microsoft Cryptographic technologies, including web pages that are opened with Microsoft Internet Explorer or any other web browser that supports ActiveX.
Clever_Internet_Suite_6[1].2_Source.rar - Clever_Internet_Suite_6.2的代码 Clever_Internet_Suite_6.2的代码 Clever_Internet_Suite_6.2的代码 - Compent CAPICOM Delphi
GPAssina.rar - capicom library for i help a nothing
CAPICOM.rar - 包函了CAPICOM_TLB.pas文件及capicom.dll
CapiCom.rar - 这是一个delphi程序,演示的是读取数字证书公钥。需要安装用微软件的CSP。