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3_le_grafcet.rar - Lessons for beginner about Grafcet and PLC
Exercice corrigé du Grafcet linéaire.rar - Exercise Fixed programmable automatism
active - In this paper, an efficient active power filter (APF) scheme is developed to estimate and compensate for harmonic distortion in an electrical power network. The developed APF control scheme is based on a double proportional feedback controller and a single-phase voltage-source half-wave bridge inverter. The proposed filter uses a Multi-layer Artificial Neural Network (MLANN) with a shift method for estimating system harmonic currents and voltages at a dedicated point. The proposed scheme is tested on a 13 bus industrial distribution system. The obtained results ensure the effectiveness of the proposed filter. The system is simulated in MATLAB-Simulink and simulation results prove that the polluting harmonics have been greatly reduced.
nnpidcontroll.rar - Matlab 神经网络离散PID控制实例,在Simulink环境中搭载仿真模块即可实现,结果图效果不错
jtu.rar - 仿真MATLAB,史密斯,模糊,神经网络都有 SIMULINK搭建
RBF_matlab.rar - rbf神经网络的建模与matlab程序与simulink的仿真
controlhys_1.rar - 针对一种迟滞现象进行的神经网络控制,在控制器的设计中采用了伪控制技术
matlabsimulink.rar - 《MATLAB控制系统仿真与实例详解》一书的光盘源码。图书简介:本书详细地讲解了MATLAB 7.x的功能与相关操作以及MATLAB在控制系统中的仿真应用。本书内容包括控制系统仿真基础、MATLAB程序设计语言基础、控制系统理论基础、Simulink交互式仿真环境、控制系统建模、线性控制系统的分析与仿真、PID控制系统设计及仿真、最优控制系统设计、鲁棒控制系统设计、神经网络系统设计及其MATLAB实现、模糊控制系统设计和系统辨识。
bppid.rar - S函数的BP神经网络PID控制器Simulink仿真
PSO_PID.rar - 使用Simulink环境建立的基于PSO的PID控制器的优化设计。 其中PID_Model为控制系统模型 PSO为PSO部分程序实现 PSO_PID为PSO优化PID的过程
BPPID.rar - BP神经网络PID控制代码,可以在matlab中直接运行
nnbp_pid.rar - BP神经网络PID S函数,可用于Simulink仿真。
SPID.rar - 神经元PID控制Simulink程序。可以自行调整PID参数。可运行 - This the simulink model for upqc in power system
upqcmodelmpc_1.rar - upqc with model predictive control
upqcfuzzy1.rar - fuzzy logic controller for upqc
single-ph-UPFC.rar - A conventional UPQC topology comprises of integration of two active power filters connected to a common DC link bus [45]. A simple block diagram of a typical UPQC is as shown in fig.2.8 - Implementation of DQ theory based PLL
5_107-1.rar - To provide high power quality at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) of power distribution systems, elimination of the harmonic is indispensably necessary. Most have defined the power quality and given some harmonic limits. Different methods are proposed in literature for solving the harmonic problems. One of these methods, the Active Power Filters (APFs) technique has been studied and developed in the recent years to solve the harmonic problems. The main objective of this paper is to model a new
activefilter.rar - shunt active power filters are used for harmonic compensation in current and reactive power compensation in power system networks. sliding mode control is one of the control strategy used for this.