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上传列表 - Channel coding, modulation, channel estimation, Particle image segmentation and matching subroutines themselves are prepared, By matlab code.,2017-09-22,下载0次 - This is the second energy entropy matlab code, Clustering analysis based on Euclidean distance, Mutual information is useful to calculate a set of procedures.,2017-09-22,下载0次 - Clustering analysis based on Euclidean distance, Graduation useful Calculation of the Euclidean distance between the two matrices.,2017-09-22,下载0次 - It contains CV, CA, Single, current, constant turn rate, turning model, cordic matlab simulation algorithm, To achieve the recognition of 10 digital sound.,2017-09-22,下载0次 - PSS primary synchronization signal in the time domain simulation related, Multirate signal processing, Arrival process is a Poisson process.,2017-09-22,下载0次 - wolf calculated Lyapunov exponent, Space target recognition algorithm using PM, Automatic identification in the matlab environment the size of the connected area.,2017-09-22,下载0次 - The title of the commercial is undergraduate course you Various kalman filter design, FIG simulation speed, distance, amplitude three-dimensional image.,2017-09-12,下载0次 - A one-dimensional transfer matrix method to calculate the phonon crystal structure, Course designed to prepare the matlab program code, Car class-based truck driver trying to Matlab program.,2017-09-12,下载0次 - Suppressed carrier type differential phase modulation, Independent component analysis algorithm reduces the raw data noise, For feature reduction, feature fusion, correlation analysis.,2017-09-12,下载0次 - Calculation multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis matlab program, Iterative self-organizing data analysis, Convolution operation is intended to signal and image rendering.,2017-09-12,下载0次 - Classic GLCM texture calculation method, gmcalab fast generalized form component analysis, In the MATLAB image texture feature.,2017-09-12,下载0次 - A window function design FIR digital band-pass filter, Multi-target tracking particle filter, The performance of the program has reached a high level.,2017-09-12,下载0次 - Energy spectrum analysis and calculation, Based chebyshev underwater acoustic signal analysis, Is a two hidden layer back propagation neural network.,2017-09-04,下载0次 - x, For feature extraction, signal de-noising, Is the basis of the signal processing.PLS PLS toolbox, For feature extraction, signal de-noising, Is the basis of the signal processing.,2017-09-04,下载0次 - Machine learning routines, Nonlinear discrete system identification, LCMV optimization design array signal processing.,2017-09-04,下载0次 - Contains two clients receive link-level communications program, Calculate the multifractal trend fluctuation analysis, On neural network control.,2017-09-04,下载0次 - Matlab to achieve user-friendly, Code, there are very complete notes and explanations Is the basis of the signal processing.,2017-09-04,下载0次 - Dimensional phononic crystals FDTD method calculation examples band gap, Automatic identification in the matlab environment the size of the connected area, Matlab wavelet analysis on complex.,2017-09-04,下载0次 - Multivariate least squares fitting method of nonlinear equations, GPS and INS navigation program, Using a large number of finite element method to solve partial differential equations.,2017-08-26,下载0次 - Nonlinear discrete system identification, Thermonuclear using weighting factors There CDF trigonometric curve / 3D graphs.,2017-08-26,下载0次 - Is a practical method of path planning, music higher order spectral analysis algorithm, Stepwise linear regression.,2017-08-26,下载0次 - You can get a very accurate amplitude, frequency, phase estimation, MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory identification of the target source, Build a framework OFDM communication system.,2017-08-26,下载0次 - Principal component analysis of multivariate data analysis projection, Three-phase photovoltaic inverter and network simulation, Complete class-based image processing, contains all of the source code, auto image.,2017-08-26,下载0次 - wolf calculated Lyapunov exponent, Complete codec LDPC code, Classic GLCM texture calculation method.,2017-08-26,下载0次 - DC-DC power single-part set-loop control, Signal dimension estimates, Calculated transmission characteristics and reflection characteristics of the one-dimensional photonic crystals.,2017-08-13,下载0次 - NRZ type differential phase modulation signal modeling and simulation analysis, GSM is GMSK modulation signal generation, A window function design FIR digital band-pass filter.,2017-08-13,下载0次

Wavelet_OMP.rar - 用小波变换和OMP重构的压缩感知算法来重构lena图像。 - this is diode clamped multilevel inverter matlab files
single_scale_self_quotient_image.rar - 该功能适用于单尺度自商图像算法的图像的MATLAB程序
GAF.rar - 自己编写的,用于实现分簇的WSN网络中病毒传播的研究
GPS.rar - GPS解算程序,通过GPS采集的原始数据能够解算出来当地的经纬度
biansheng.rar - 1)语音信号的采集 2)语音信号的频谱分析 3)设计高通、低通数字滤波器和画出其频率响应 4)用滤波器对信号进行滤波 5)比较滤波前后语音信号的波形及频谱 6)播放原始语音信号 7)实现快放、慢放功能 8)实现回音音效效果 9)实现变高音、低音效果 10)设计GUI系统界面
TenLecturesonWavelets.rar - 比利时著名女数学家编写的小波十讲,小波分析经典教材。
CVPR08-SR.rar - 图像超分辨率重构 Image Super-Resolution as Sparse Representation of Raw Image Patches
sc_algorithms_simulation.rar - 对OFDM系统中的时频同步算法进行了仿真,采用的是SC算法!
solarpanel.rar - modeling and simulation of photovoltaic systems with matlab simulink - zero current sswitching a matlab (simlink model)
delayed-chaos-neural-networks.rar - 本程序画有时滞的混沌神经网络,本程序简单而且运算速度很快.
fiber_mode_distribution.rar - 多模光纤模式能量分布图形,彩色强度图,十分漂亮
Apriori.rar - apriori matlab FOR AN EXAMPLE
Compressive-Sensing.rar - 压缩感知简介,包括压缩感知具体实现过程,最基本的原理说明
retinex.rar - 关于retinex的一些经典雾天图像的处理。
matlab.rar - 精度颇高的转子临界转速及不平和响应算法,主要采用了传递矩阵法 - 数字水印图像的攻击测试 包括滤波、剪切、添加噪声、jepg压缩攻击等等
markov.rar - MRF classification for remote sensing images
infomax.rar - 信号盲分离算法中的一种:最大信息化算法,该算法是基本算法,在此改进的基础上可以得到很多改进算法