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12_1.zip - 输出一段话并分割 源码 ,非常实用 windows,2018-09-30 00:00:22,下载0次
Hollo-Bolt_3D_IGS_1074.zip - In this paper, an anisotropic formulation of the Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman (GTN) damage model is used for simulating the deep-drawing of a rectangular box made from an AA6016-T4 metallic sheet. The model is implemented as a VUMAT routine in the ABAQUS/Explicit finite-element code. The material parameters involved in the constitutive relationships are determined by means of an identification procedure that combines the response surface methodology (RSM) and the simulation of a uniaxial tensile test. In order to assess the predictive performances of the GTN model, different levels of the blank-holding force are assumed in the finite-element analysis of the deep,2018-09-27 17:03:44,下载10次
迭代学习.zip - 迭代学习程序仿真,适合初学者,基于matlab程序,2018-09-18 21:49:17,下载0次
ES9028PRO-Datasheet-v2.0-160707-.rar - es9028芯片手册-用来实现音频麦克风..,2018-09-10 14:49:09,下载9次
picmatlab.rar - matlab图像处理信息,要求得知位置和信息处理的问题,得到精确位置,2018-08-10 21:23:19,下载1次
一个功能较强且界面漂亮的串口监视软件.rar - VC++编写的,界面漂亮的串口监视源代码,基于MFC界面和网络通讯编程,2018-07-19 22:51:36,下载0次
scma-simulation.rar - SCMA的代码 matlab 简单易懂 我就是为了下载其他文件 各位,2018-07-13 09:48:55,下载27次
airplan 仪表高度.rar - 显示飞机仪表系统参数,an Airplane instument,2018-07-11 15:29:43,下载0次
扩展实验5 ATK-RM04 WIFI模块测试实验.rar - 扩展实验5 ATK-RM04 WIFI模块测试实验.,2018-07-05 15:56:16,下载1次
pageinfo.rar - ssm分页查询显示员工数据,spring+springmvc +mybatis,2018-07-01 10:07:00,下载1次
EasyMesh.zip - EasyMesh - A Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator,2018-06-27 20:11:10,下载0次
RAP-0.14.1.rar - RAP会自动根据接口文档生成Mock接口,这些接口会自动生成模拟数据,支持复杂的生成逻辑。 实力的保障 覆盖阿里几乎所有部门,2018-06-14 10:54:52,下载0次
cocos2d-x 游戏源码横版游戏源码仙落凡尘.rar - cocos2d-x 游戏源码横版游戏源码仙落凡尘.rar,2018-05-15 09:29:28,下载2次
87276403ga.zip - 运用matlab求解基本的带容量的车辆路径问题,2018-04-13 18:43:31,下载2次
MIMO.zip - 基础介绍MIMIO技术和原理应用////,2018-04-12 14:02:17,下载2次
MATLAB图像处理典例.zip - 《数字图像处理》中图像处理经典典例,很适合初学者用来学习,2018-03-18 13:30:17,下载5次
背包辅助1.60.zip - 问道一键清理背包的工具,易语言制作,无病毒后门,2018-02-25 10:33:28,下载20次
ksqqw.zip - matlab implements five gray correlation degree computing model, Signal dimension estimates, DC-DC power single-part set-loop control.,2017-11-01 10:56:46,下载1次
cp733.zip - Principal component analysis of multivariate data analysis projection, Extract important parameters, Codec ldpc code implementatio.,2017-11-01 10:56:25,下载1次
jrctm.zip - Six degrees of freedom to achieve inverse kinematics algorithm, Is the basis of the signal processing, This program has exceeded the performance of other algorithms.,2017-11-01 10:56:03,下载1次
ging_uv87.zip - Use of natural gradient algorithm, A fluid manifold learning algorithm (good use), It contains positional PID algorithm, integral separate PID.,2017-11-01 10:55:53,下载1次
kinggiu-V7.6.zip - Target can be extracted in a picture you want, Calculation multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis matlab program, The true extent of the value of the intermediary measure, measure the true extent of the agency based on the value of image segmentatio.,2017-11-01 10:55:42,下载1次
djvcb.zip - Optimization class contains several simple sample programs, On neural network control, Noisy pulse correlation detection signal.,2017-11-01 10:55:18,下载2次
1770.zip - For time-frequency analysis algorithm, Using a large number of finite element method to solve partial differential equations, Space target recognition algorithm using PM.,2017-11-01 10:54:46,下载1次
dw702.zip - Includes the modulation, demodulation, signal to noise ratio calculation, The received signal is given eye and BER simulation systems, Is the basis of the signal processing.,2017-11-01 10:54:34,下载1次
fangsangan.zip - ML estimation method can be a good signal to noise ratio, Clustering analysis based on Euclidean distance, Car class-based truck driver trying to Matlab program.,2017-09-15 22:11:51,下载1次
trqcp.zip - Linear array using cut than learning laid upon the right control of the main sidelobe ratio, There are good reference value, Maximum Likelihood (ML) criteria and maximum a posteriori (MAP) criterion.,2017-09-15 22:11:36,下载2次
vk578.zip - Automatic identification in the matlab environment the size of the connected area, Mainly for data analysis and statistics, LZ complexity is reflected in a time sequence.,2017-09-15 22:11:22,下载1次
kang_jx06.zip - IDW inverse distance weighting method, Join repetitive control, Robustness, superior performance.,2017-09-15 22:10:51,下载1次
drjpv.zip - Use of natural gradient algorithm, Join repetitive control, Realize image watermarking, de-noising, plus noise and other functions.,2017-09-15 22:10:30,下载1次
7648.zip - Iterative self-organizing data analysis, Phased array antenna pattern (Chebyshev weights), For lack of EMD.,2017-09-15 22:08:49,下载1次
pg680.zip - Verify recognition algorithm based on palmprint recognition undergraduate complete set of online identity, There is a well attenuation curve as input to calculate its seismic waves, HARQ throughput analysis of the system.,2017-09-07 09:41:58,下载1次
6137.zip - matlab prepared cellular automata, Can be widely used in data analysis and forecast data, Pattern Recognition bayes discriminant analysis algorithm.,2017-09-07 09:41:46,下载1次
5227.zip - Based on matlab GUI interface design, Particle image segmentation and matching subroutines themselves are prepared, The method of cumulative contribution rat.,2017-09-07 09:41:32,下载1次
3628.zip - FIG simulation speed, distance, amplitude three-dimensional image, music higher order spectral analysis algorithm, Welcome to download the study.,2017-09-07 09:41:13,下载1次
xnnfa.zip - Relief computing classification weight, Including regression analysis and probability and statistics, Independent component analysis algorithm reduces the raw data noise.,2017-09-07 09:40:59,下载1次
ej227.zip - matlab prepared cellular automata, esprit algorithm signal frequency interference can be assessed The signal spectral analysis and filtering.,2017-09-07 09:40:28,下载1次
uwraq.zip - Achieve canonical correlation analysis, Includes the modulation, demodulation, signal to noise ratio calculation, It uses a pulse of consumer law.,2017-08-29 09:39:11,下载1次
yd636.zip - Example tracking mean cheap, Contains a common array signal processing algorithm, Clustering analysis based on Euclidean distance.,2017-08-29 09:38:56,下载1次
xb842.zip - Data analysis, plotting, etc., Conducted through virtual array DOA estimation, PV modules contain, MPPT module, BOOST module, inverter module.,2017-08-29 09:38:44,下载1次
jbqyt.zip - The performance of the program has reached a high level, Including Deng's correlation, absolute correlation, correlation of slope, improved absolute correlation, Including the least squares method, the SVM, neural networks, 1 _k neighbor method.,2017-08-29 09:38:33,下载1次
wq425.zip - Mathematics is part of the subspace, The performance of the program has reached a high level, Based on matlab platform.,2017-08-29 09:38:22,下载1次
ns207.zip - Independent component analysis for image processing, Of spherical harmonics graphic simulation, Using common plane wave expansion method.,2017-08-29 09:38:07,下载1次
nd052.zip - Chaos indicator for Lyapunov index calculation, Correlation diagram shown in detail the time domain and frequency domain, Modern signal processing used in the spectral estimation in matlab.,2017-08-15 20:48:13,下载1次
mie_v71.zip - Of spherical harmonics graphic simulation, Import data files as input parameters matlab program is running, Maximum Likelihood (ML) criteria and maximum a posteriori (MAP) criterion.,2017-08-15 20:47:50,下载1次

home.rar - 解包上传到服务器,更改IPTV认证地址为AuthenticationURL.html 文件地址,可自定义源
265_AB.rar - 集成电路设计中synopsys的重要工具VCS的入门书籍,是学习verilog的很好手段
200652813103425538.rar - 一个ATM系统。 一个ATM系统。 一个ATM系统。
逍遥简单的网页注册上线GM送元宝999999.zip - 逍遥简单的网页注册上线GM送元宝999999,是一个台湾逍遥问道的PHP在线注册程序,功能很好用哦!!
Elliot-oscillator---waves-1.02.rar - 艾略特波浪MT4平台数浪指标,能准确判断当前和历史的波浪形态
Top-bottmt4.rar - 自创MT4原码,周期不限。判断顶底,震荡市极准,单边请顺势而为。
banzhidouxitong.zip - 淘宝上400元买的炒黄金外汇白银mt4指标交易系统软件模板半自动智能交易系统
MT4autoEditor.rar - 给出条件,自动编写出MT4平台的策略,指标代码
http_client.rar - 本程序实现轻量级http协议客户端,用C++编写,通过扩充,可以支持http报文分段续传,utf-8,gb2312码制转换
news.zip - 一款可以将新闻显示到MT4交易软件中的指标,看新闻比较方便!
BBAA.zip - 在MT4软件上实现把技术指标转化为EA,实现自动交易
FXunion.com_Forex_Gold_Trader.rar - 外汇黄金交易员(金银版),这算是比较有历史的MT4上用的EA了,再之前,还是MT3流行于市场的阶段。 2011年,黄金白银的交易,也渐渐在市场中成为热点,连续数年的大牛市,正是如日中天。这个EA也应运而生
MT4-TRADER.rar - 外汇模板!绝对实用!云图多空指标,MT4版本适用
1939577081.rar - 据说90 的胜率!mt4程序属于什么语言C
Profit.rar - 超短线_剥头皮_高杠杆EA智能交易系统,有源码,可下载自行研究。
暴力fould fxea.rar - 这事一款修改过的MT4 破解ea源码,效果非常不错,可自行下载测试
HSE_1.01.rar - HSE指标文件,可以下载使用。运用于外汇MT4软件里面,辅助于行情分析
指标.rar - MT4指标,准确率很高的,反转位置提示,适用于任何周期任何品种
伦敦量子.ZIP - This ea use for mt4, 24hour running
螺纹10分钟1.zip - 程序化交易,螺纹10分钟,实现稳定盈利要分品种进行交易