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上传列表 - Codec ldpc code implementation LZ complexity is reflected in a time sequence, Spectral methods of computational fluid dynamics flow of some of the overall stability of the phenomenon.,2017-11-05,下载1次 - ICA (Principal Component Analysis) algorithm and procedures, Use serial programming examples matlab GUI implementation, Can realize the two-dimensional data clustering.,2017-11-05,下载1次 - v Using weighted model nodes in the network strength and weight are power law distribution, Use Chaos and fractal analysis routines, ICA (Principal Component Analysis) algorithm and procedures.,2017-11-05,下载1次 - Can be widely used in data analysis and forecast data, Since writing the curvature calculation function, matlab prepared cellular automata.,2017-11-05,下载1次 - Including single sideband, double sideband, suppressed carrier and quadruple, Since writing the curvature calculation function, For time-frequency analysis algorithm.,2017-11-05,下载1次 - Use of natural gradient algorithm, Between two images showing the relative circumstances of each pixel, Including script files and function files in the form.,2017-11-05,下载1次 - Complete HMM-based speech recognition system, Analysis of the signal time domain, frequency domain, cepstrum, cyclic spectrum, etc. Calculate the maximum eigenvalue judgment matrix of AHP.,2017-11-05,下载1次 - Own five modulation signal, Least-squares regression analysis algorithm, Import data files as input parameters matlab program is running.,2017-09-20,下载1次 - Suppressed carrier type differential phase modulation, Using MATLAB compressed sensing, On neural network control.,2017-09-20,下载1次 - Correlation diagram shown in detail the time domain and frequency domain, Complete HMM-based speech recognition system, Including quaternion various calculations.,2017-09-20,下载1次 - A very useful program, The true extent of the value of the intermediary measure, measure the true extent of the agency based on the value of image segmentation There ULA CRB curve.,2017-09-20,下载1次 - A one-dimensional transfer matrix method to calculate the phonon crystal structure, There Wavelet Analysis Blind Signal Processing, Fiber Transmission wireless communication system performance.,2017-09-20,下载1次 - Using common plane wave expansion method, Dimensional phononic crystals FDTD method calculation examples band gap, Prediction Error Method for Parameter Identification - the idea of relaxation.,2017-09-20,下载1次 - Foreign materials inside the source code, Pisarenko harmonic decomposition algorithm, Including single sideband, double sideband, suppressed carrier and quadruple.,2017-09-10,下载1次 - Normalized data model, modal vibration, Consider shadow rain attenuation and multipath effects Convolution operation is intended to signal and image rendering.,2017-09-10,下载1次 - GSM is GMSK modulation signal generation, LFM pulse compression of the Matlab program, Using matlab written narrowband noise occurs.,2017-09-10,下载1次 - Correlation diagram shown in detail the time domain and frequency domain, The Chinese have a comment, understand it, Correlation analysis process matlab method.,2017-09-10,下载1次 - Including the MUSIC algorithm, ESPRIT algorithm ROOT-MUSIC algorithm, Gabor wavelet transform and PCA face recognition code, Can dynamically adjust the parameters of the operating environment.,2017-09-10,下载1次 - Complex of three-point Gauss-lengend the Formula pi, Calculation crosshairs diffraction image at different distances, music higher order spectral analysis algorithm.,2017-09-10,下载1次 - Thermonuclear using weighting factors Join repetitive control, K-means clustering algorithm based on the PSO.,2017-09-02,下载1次 - matlab implements five gray correlation degree computing model, Is the basis of the signal processing, Simulation of doubly fed induction generator system.,2017-09-02,下载1次 - Mutual information is useful to calculate a set of procedures, Combined with PCA scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm, LCMV optimization design array signal processing.,2017-09-02,下载1次 - Very suitable for the study using computer vision, Analysis of the signal time domain, frequency domain, cepstrum, cyclic spectrum, etc. The performance of the program has reached a high level.,2017-09-02,下载7次 - It contains CV, CA, Single, current, constant turn rate, turning model, By applying the beam forming technology of BER Combined with PCA scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm.,2017-09-02,下载1次 - Use Chaos and fractal analysis routines, When processing a signal frequency analysis, Thermonuclear using weighting factor.,2017-09-02,下载1次 - Weighted acceleration, Acquisition and Processing of the speech signal, digital signal processing class-based, Pattern Recognition bayes discriminant analysis algorithm.,2017-08-22,下载1次 - Code, there are very complete notes and explanations Including Deng's correlation, absolute correlation, correlation of slope, improved absolute correlation, Conducted through virtual array DOA estimation.,2017-08-22,下载1次

(汇博机器人)机器人专业建设整体方案20170926.rar - 机器人实验室建设,机器人实训方案,机器人的学习编程控制
jieou.rar - 解耦PID控制器,常用于工业过程控制 ,与各位分享,谢谢大家。 - 使用m文件写的电机控制程序,永磁无刷电机控制,动态过程 - 有关于过程控制RBF网络高级控制的MATLAB程序 - MSPC分析,多变量过程统计控制,实验过程样本中的异常值检测
GUOCHENKONGZHI-Simulink.rar - 本书以仿真应用为中心,系统、详细地讲述了过程控制系统的仿真,并结合MATLAB/Simulink仿真工具的应用,通过大量经典的仿真实例,全面讲述过程控制系统的结构、原理、设计和参数整定等知识。包括过程控制及仿真概述、Simulink仿真基础、Simulink高级仿真技术,以及过程控制系统建模;实战篇包括PID控制、串级控制、比值控制、前馈控制、纯滞后和解耦控制系统;综合篇包括典型过程控制系统及仿真。 - 动态DMC算法的高级过程控制MATLAB实例,与PID结合的过程控制程序 - 国内见不到的,英文原版。计算流体力学高端书籍。涉及航空、汽车、化工、生物等行业的软件开发、应用。
MATLAB.rar - MATLAB在化学化工中的应用.pdf-许国银编写 所有网站上唯一的pdf文档,首次上传 - 化学工程与技术专业研究生课程教材 化工流体力学 ,由华东理工大学出版。
ChemHeatPump.rar - 化学热泵的matlab源程序,化工应用实例,供大家学习参考。
SemiBatchReactor.rar - 半间歇反应器的matlab源程序,化工应用实例,供大家学习参考。
BatchReactor.rar - 间歇反应器的matlab源程序,化工应用实例,供大家参考学习。
BatchDistill.rar - 间歇精馏计算的matlab源程序,化工应用实例,可用于参考学习 - 化工闪蒸过程,从英文开源代码网站下载的,对于初学者应该有用
simulation-of-chemical-process.rar - 实用化工计算机模拟 matlab在化学工程中的应用
moni.rar - 化工实用计算,matlab模拟,很好很强大,建议大家看看
Examples.rar - 实用化工计算机模拟书上对应例题的源程序代码
Chemistrycode.rar - 化学化工中的数学方法及MATLAB实现代码 - matlab在化工过程的应用,涉及matlab基础编程及化工实例计算方法