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5.rar - SSR Mitigation Using Gate-Controlled Series Capacitors,2017-09-13,下载0次
4.rar - Analysis of SSR Mitigation Using Gate-Controlled Series Capacitors,2017-09-13,下载0次
3.rar - Thyristor and Gate Controlled Series Capacitors: Comparison of Components Rating,2017-09-13,下载0次
2.rar - GCSC - Gate Controlled Series Capacitor: a New Facts Device for Series Compensation of 'lransmissionLines,2017-09-13,下载0次
1.rar - GTO Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor Switch Performance,2017-09-13,下载0次
8.rar - Comparative Study of Proportional and TS Fuzzy Controlled GCSC for SSR Mitigation,2017-09-13,下载0次

dampingofssrusingnonlinearresistor.rar - This is the damping method to damp out ssr.
[1996]Analysis-and-Controller-Design-of-Static.zi - Analysis and Controller Design of Static VAR Compensator Using Three-Level GTO Inverter - 关于晶闸管控制串联电容器对系统暂态稳定性影响的matlab仿真。
tcsc.rar - 该SIMULINK模型为可控串联补偿模型。采用晶闸管控制投入电抗器导通角,和电容器并联投入。
TCSC.rar - Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor
series_comp_line_400kV.rar - 基于PSCAD的400kV输电线路串补电容模型,喜旺对大家有帮助
capbank-standard.rar - IEEE STD for series capacitor bank in power systems - Introduction • The micro-grid will be an important part of a future power system • The micro-grid contains the typical elements in present and future power systems • The micro-grid also contains some renewable energy sources, e.g., wind power,photovoltaic energy, and energy storage • Power electronic devices/converters as interface between the renewable energy sources and the power grid • An intelligent controller will be designed to ensure the stability of the micro-grid - Frequency control as a major function of automatic generation control is one of the important control problems in electric power system design and operation, and is becoming more significant today because of the increasing size, changing structure, emerging new uncertainties, environmental constraints and the complexity of power systems. In the last two decades, many studies have focused on damping control and voltage stability and the related issues, but there has been much less work on the power system frequency control analysis and synthesis. While some aspects of frequency control have been illustrated along with individual chapters, many conferences and technical papers, a comprehensive and sensible practical explanation of robust frequency control in a book form is necessary
yucekongzhi.rar.rar - 预测控制的程序,主要是关于预测控制的应用的小例子
yucekongzi.rar.rar - 动态矩阵的预测控制源程序,可以实现预测控制中的模型预测和优化算法。
yuce.rar - 动态矩阵的预测控制源程序,可以实现预测控制中的模型预测和优化算法。 - 连续潮流及其在电力系统静态稳定分析中的应用
alberto.rar - Different control aspects related to the use of TCSC for stability improvement of power systems are addressed in this paper. - Power system stabilizing control plays an important role to remain in synchronism during major disturbances resulting from sudden or sustained load changes, either the loss of generating or transmission facilities. Nowadays, controllers using power electronics devices are researched and developed for damping power oscillation and improving transient stability. Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) have already operated in the real power systems[1]. Thyristor controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) is an important device in the FACTS family.
85375574psat.rar - good things to power flow - 用于电力系统的一个很好的分析软件,可以进行潮流分析,动态分析,pmu分析
Powersystemcomputing.rar - 电力系统分析计算程序,可以自己根据需要修改源码。 - 基于PSAT 软件的多目标最优潮流计算用于中小型电力系统的分析和管理
psat-2.0.0-b2.rar - 本程序非常值得借鉴的一点就是,把Matlab做成了极其具有直观化的具有交互界面,类似于VB的应用程序,希望我们也能多多学习学习