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上传列表 - (Essential Series) John Cowell BSc(Hons), MPhil, PhD (auth.)-Essential Delphi 2.0 Fast _ How to Develop Applications in Delphi 2.0-Springer-Verlag London (1996),2017-11-13,下载1次 - (Essential Series) John Cowell BSc (Hons), MPhil, PhD (auth.)-Essential Delphi 3 fast _ Includes ActiveX Development-Springer-Verlag London (1998),2017-11-13,下载1次 - (Cambridge computer science texts 19) Rohl-Recursion via Pascal-Cambridge University Press (1984),2017-11-13,下载1次

近期下载 - input a picture, the code will detect all faces in it, and then detect 68 eigen points of every face and mark then out - Python implementation of PCA by utilizing Eigen value decomposition technique. - Simple eigen face algorithm
Feature-based-human-face-detection.rar - 这是一篇关于在静态灰度图像中的人脸检测的英文文献,可作为设计人脸检测系统的参考。
A-Feature-Based-Approach-to-Face-Recognition.rar - Feature extraction for face recognition
Feature-based_face_detection_system.rar - 基于特征的人脸检测系统的设计与实现,是用opencv的haartraining库
face_recognition_video.rar - code for recognition of faces real time video using pca - A full implementation of ICA,PCA,LDA,SVM,in both orginal and incremental in model of real time learnign for face recognition. - In this paper, we address the problem of face detection in still images. We propose a fast algorithm for detecting human faces in color images. The algorithm uses color histogram for skin (in the HSV space) in conjunction with edge information to quickly locate faces in a given image. The proposed algorithm has been tested on various real images and its performance is found to be quite satisfactory. - 肤色的HSV颜色模型下的人脸检测 基于matlab的代码
PCA_EigenFace_algorithm.rar - 基于PCA的人脸检测和识别算法,希望对大家有帮助。
HSV_Face_Detection.rar - 基于hsv的人脸检测源码,可运行,并有论文.供大家一起分享
Experiment - calculate mfcc and compare features