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近期下载 - Multi Dimension K Mean Clustering Methodology
PatternRecognition.rar - The file PatternRecognition.rar contains 5 projects and the corresponding source code implementing the algorithms used for pattern recognition in still images, audio and video files. It contains: i) Discrete Cosine Transform in c# ii) face detection algorithm in c++ iii) speech recognition algorithm in c++ iv) algorithm to identify similar images in c++ v) Video playing and processing algorithms in c#. These projects were compiled from the CodeProject websites. The detailed description can be found in the Readme.txt file. - Face recognition code ... face detection
FaceDetectionMain.rar - Face Detection in c#
MotionDetectionUsingWebCam.rar - 利用网络寄存器的运动检测
Detection.rar - face detection using web cam
simple_face_detection.rar - 一個基於色彩與形狀之簡易的人臉偵測演算法, 開發環境為C++ Builder 6.0, 附上pdf說明檔 - Face Recognition, Face Detection, Lausanne Protocol, 3D Face Reconstruction, Principal Component Analysis, Fisher Linear Discriminant Analysis, Locality Preserving Projections, Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis
105230341facedetector.rar - 人脸识别源程序,可以直接使用,谢谢爱好人工智能的朋友使用
face_and_eye_detection_concept.rar - face detection by eye graduation project - 人脸归一化代码人脸归一化代码人脸归一化代码人脸归一化代码
face_detection.rar - face detection algorithm .
python-face-detection.rar - face detection on Python
MIMdelphi.rar - delphi 显微图像诊断和管理,里面有样本数据和图像,是学习图像识别技术的好例子。由于太大,删掉了部分样本数据和文件。
NewFaceDetector(1).rar - 一个Delphi做的,基于肤色和神经网络做的人脸检测系统.做得非常好,请大家下载
PCA_faceRec_V2.rar - 用Vc++实现的人脸识别Demo程序。Adaboost实现人脸检测,PCA特征提取。
FaceRec.rar - Face recognition is a popular industry video surveillance technology, the use of biometric identification information and thus achieve the purpose of identity
FaceRecV1.ZIP - FaceRec 简单易懂的神经网络面部特征识别例子 [VB源码] - input a picture, the code will detect all faces in it, and then detect 68 eigen points of every face and mark then out - Python implementation of PCA by utilizing Eigen value decomposition technique.