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8032515.rar - 一个不错的真彩工具条类,在您美化您的VC程序的时候会被使用到,2018-02-14,下载1次
6015416.rar - 一个不错的抓图程序 A nice catcher,2018-02-14,下载1次

ber_qpsk_rician.rar - Ber analyisis of QPSK in rician fading channel
rice_fading.rar - 平坦衰弱下的rician衰弱matlab仿真
Rayleighfadingchannel.rar - 瑞利信道仿真Script for computing the BER for BPSK modulation in a Rayleigh fading channel clear - The Code provide comparison of Bit error rate for BPSK for Rayleigh fading in Matlab - BPSK in reileigh fading channel
BPSK.rar - To calculation the BER of BPSK over AWGN ang Rayleigh Fading channel. - This is a outage propability for femto cell mobile communication - Get outage probability where a single instant AF relaying protocol - MATLAB code for outage probability in cooperative cooperation - calculation of outage probability
Outage-Probability.rar - Outage probability is a crude measure of performance. It is defined as the probability when mutual information is less than the given threshold. The importance of outage probability is that when outage occurs, there is more likely to have decoding failure. In other words, it is a typical error. In fading channels, the received signal has no constant power which be depending on the channel, can be described by probability models. Thus, signal to noise ratio will also becomes a random variable. and Thus the maximum capacity of the channel becomes a random variable. Outage probability says according to the variable signal to noise ratio at the received end, what is the probability that a rate is not supported due to variable signal to noise raito.
Outage.rar - Outage probability in rician fading channel
outage_good.rar - MATLAB code for outage probability.
mrc_OutageProb.rar - Outage Probability of MRC in Rayleigh fading
MRC.rar - 在MIMO系统或中继系统中,接收方采用MRC接收时的系统误码率,调试通过
selectivecombining.rar - diversity combining(SC.MRC.EGC.DC)
GenGamV1_2.rar - Toolbox for MMSE estimators of DFT coefficients under the generalized Gamma density The toolbox can also be downloaded from: - 独家奉献!FSO通信性能分析中,Gamama-Gamma 分布的随机数的产生方法,并通过理论PDF和CDF得到了验证;同时还包含point error 的随机数
FSO_Analysis.rar - 自由空间光通信系统在大气湍流信道下的3个主要性能指标分析,即平均误码率、中断概率和平均信道容量。其中大气湍流采用gamma-gamma湍流信道衰退模型。3个M文件为平均误码率与平均信噪比之间的关系(BER_SNR.m),中断概率(OutageP.m),以及平均信道容量与平均信噪比之间的关系(C_SNR.m)。程序可直接运行。
script_ber_bpsk_rayleigh_channel_selection_divers - Script for computing the BER for BPSK modulation in a Rayleigh fading channel with selection diversity