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report-hardware-Scrambler - study of scramblers and descramblers with the help of its practical implementation in lab. This report also encloses the net results by the scramblers and descrambles implemented using D-Flip Flop,2018-03-13 14:25:21,下载1次 - To study the V-I characteristics of Gunn diode (MT-9001),2018-03-13 14:22:43,下载1次
Digital - Design and Simulation of PCM and DPCM in Matlab,2018-03-13 14:16:58,下载3次
LOW POWER VLSI REPORT - SHORT CIRCUIT - short circuit power analysis of inverter for different rise time, fall time and capacitor value as simulated in Tanner tool.,2018-03-13 14:15:33,下载1次

Outage-Probability.rar - Outage probability is a crude measure of performance. It is defined as the probability when mutual information is less than the given threshold. The importance of outage probability is that when outage occurs, there is more likely to have decoding failure. In other words, it is a typical error. In fading channels, the received signal has no constant power which be depending on the channel, can be described by probability models. Thus, signal to noise ratio will also becomes a random variable. and Thus the maximum capacity of the channel becomes a random variable. Outage probability says according to the variable signal to noise ratio at the received end, what is the probability that a rate is not supported due to variable signal to noise raito.
outagewe---Copy.rar - Cooperative Communication in 3 relay path is implemented.The outage probability vs snr is plotted - Get outage probability where a single instant AF relaying protocol - Get outage probability where a single instant AF cooperative relay - Get outage probability where a single instant DF relaying protocol
outage.rar - The outage probability calculation for awgn channel
mrc_OutageProb.rar - Outage Probability of MRC in Rayleigh fading - MATLAB code for outage probability in cooperative cooperation
outage-probability.rar - this calculates the outage probability of wireless communicTION SYSTEM
outrage_probabilty.rar - 基于协作的认知无线电中,AF,DF协议及未采用协作分集技术的中断概率的实验仿真程序
AF.rar - 关于中继选择性能的仿真,实现对中断概率,信噪比,碰撞概率的测量
Cooperation-diversity-DF.rar - 协作通信系统中DF协议下的系统仿真,可以实现中断概率的分析。