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archive.zip - # Script to generate <abi-versions.h> header file from Versions.all list. # See include/shlib-compat.h comments for explanation.,2018-04-26 13:28:50,下载1次
archive.zip - When working with Linux kernels, this version of the GNU C Library requires Linux kernel version 2.6.32 or later. Also note that the shared version of the libgcc_s library must be installed for the pthread library to work correctly.,2018-04-26 13:26:25,下载1次
archive.zip - The GNU C Library is (almost) completely documented by the Texinfo manual found in the `manual/' subdirectory. The manual is still being updated and contains some known errors and omissions; we regret that we do not have the resources to work on the manual as much as we would like. For corrections to the manual, please file a bug in the `manual' component, following the bug-reporting instructions below. Please be sure to check the manual in the current development sources to see if your problem has already been corrected.,2018-04-26 13:24:23,下载1次
archive.zip - The GNU C Library supports these configurations for using Linux kernels: aarch64*-*-linux-gnu alpha*-*-linux-gnu arm-*-linux-gnueabi hppa-*-linux-gnu Not currently functional without patches. i[4567]86-*-linux-gnu x86_64-*-linux-gnu Can build either x86_64 or x32 ia64-*-linux-gnu m68k-*-linux-gnu microblaze*-*-linux-gnu mips-*-linux-gnu mips64-*-linux-gnu powerpc-*-linux-gnu Hardware or software floating point, BE only. powerpc64*-*-linux-gnu Big-endian and little-endian. s390-*-linux-gnu s390x-*-linux-gnu sh[34]-*-linux-gnu sparc*-*-linux-gnu sparc64*-*-linux-gnu tilegx-*-linux-gnu tilepro-*-linux-gnu,2018-04-26 13:18:23,下载1次
archive.zip - The GNU C Library is the standard system C library for all GNU systems, and is an important part of what makes up a GNU system. It provides the system API for all programs written in C and C-compatible languages such as C++ and Objective C; the runtime facilities of other programming languages use the C library to access the underlying operating system.,2018-04-26 13:16:57,下载1次