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conjugate_gradient_method.rar - matlab编写的共轭梯度法,用来解决非线性优化问题
painless-conjugate-gradient.rar - 这是一篇外国人写的关于最优化方法中共轭梯度法的通俗易懂的介绍,文中用了大量的图形来解释相关概念和公式的几何意义。不过,需要一定的英语阅读能力。
conjugate_gradient.rar - 最优化方法中共轭梯度法的matlab程序
cooperative-communication.rar - 协作通信中的基础仿真,含有pdf格式文章
COPERATIVE-COMMUNICATIONS.rar - The channel is modeled by adding the Gaussian noise and Rayleigh Fading. Different combining methods and relaying protocols are studied and compared in this project. We analyzed performance characterizations in terms of The Bit Error Rate and the Throughput. The relaying protocols considered are Amplify & Forward and Detect & forward out of which the Amplify and Forward showed better performance. Among the combining schemes, the Maximal Ratio Combining scheme showed better Bit Error Rate and Throughput curves. The network was also extended to a four node communication system with two relays which act as the distributed antennas. Thus using the distributed antennas we can provide the space diversity without need for physical arrays. Index Terms: Cooperative Diversity, Fading channels, combining techniques, transmission protocols, Relay channel, Bit error rate, Throughput, Amplify and forward, Detect and Forward. - This program describe a stimulation which is in Part 1: No-Relay Transmitted power. In part 2 Relay Transmitted Power (Two-hop transmission) and in Part 3: Plot the graph Simple Relay , No Relay , Optimum Power level
Error.rar - tError Con trol Approach of Random L inear Network Coding.A im ing at random linear netwo rk coding, th is paper p ropo ses an er ro r cont ro l method w h ich combines po int2 po int check ing er ro r and end2 end ret ransm ission . By vir tue of the robustness of random linear netwo rk coding, th is method adop ts th ree dimensional par ity check ing code to imp lement po int2 po int check ing er ro r, and let er roneous packets no t take par t in cod2 ing . W hen a sink node can no t decode the info rmat ion com ing f rom source node, it t ransm its feedback info rmat ion to source node to request ret ransm ission . Theo ret ical analysis and simulat ion results show that, by using larger Galo is f ield and larger packet, the p ropo sed method has h igh p robability to elim inate t ransm ission er ro r including global netwo rk coding ver texes er2 ro r, and make sink nodes integrally receive info rmat ion f rom source node at low er ret ransm ission rate .
simple.rar - this script simulate the cooperative communication in order to get the number of packets suuccessfully transmitted by direct link and relay link
Main_Start.rar - 中继协作通信系统中不同SNR下,画出三种传输方式的 BER 曲线主函数 - 译码协同通信的蒙特卡洛仿真 基于最大比合并接收方法 - 关于协作通信方面的放大转发、译码转发、编码协作的介绍,对学习协作通信非常有帮助。
The-BER-comparison--of-AF-and-DF.rar - 协作通信AF和DF性能比较,通过比较他们的误码率来比较他们的性能差异
cooperativeAF.rar - This a program for Cooperative Communication using Amplify and Forward protocol
LCD_Print.rar - AVR Atmeg169 LCD笔段驱动 三洋打印头驱动 C语言
AAF.rar - 协作通信下AF协作模式的MATLAB仿真代码
AF.rar - 协作通信下AF协作模式的MATLAB仿真代码
rlc.rar - Random Linear Coding Matlab Program
Cooperative-communication.rar - 本书是“移动通信前沿技术系列”之一,全书共分18个章节,主要对协作通信及网络知识作了介绍,具体内容包括空时分集和编码、空时频分集与空时频编码、中继信道及协议、单中继协作通信、多节点协作通信等。全书内容分为三部分,第一部分回顾传统的MIMO系统,介绍空间、时间、频率分集的概念。第二部分主要考虑协作通信物理层的关键问题,并对其提出了行之有效的解决方案,比如针对协作通信的分布式特点,提出分布式空时(频)码;针对协作通信的频谱效率问题,提出了新颖和有效的协作方案。第三部分介绍协作通信对物理层之上的MAC层、网络层及应用层产生的影响,内容涉及如何协作路由,如何通过协作使网络覆盖范围增大,如何延长网络寿命等。
cooperative-communication-sources.rar - cooperative communication sources.
ABEP.rar - Average Bit Error Probability