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Z3X LG.zip - this is source code of Z3X LG for repairing LG mobile phone,2018-05-15 15:38:21,下载2次
AndroidLib-Samples-VB-master.zip - Using for connect android phone to windows by adb debuging,2018-05-15 15:32:01,下载0次

FLash Tool & Driver.rar - Flash tools for SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1428.00.rar
flashtool.rar - MTK flash TOOL源程序代码 ========== FlashTool v3.1.05 (2007/05/15) ======= Bug fixes: 1. [DA] Fix that DA cannot be loaded on MT6225 for exceeding internal SRAM size. 2. [DA] Fix that NAND download/read-back issue on MT6225 because buffer is linked on TCM. New features: 1. [DA] Supports new NOR Flash device [SPANSION] S29WS128P [SPANSION] S29WS256P [TOSHIBA] TV00560002DDGB 2. [DA] Supports OTP driver for below NOR Flash device [SPANSION] S29WS128P [SPANSION] S29WS256P Enhancements: 1. [DA] Provide Customized FlashTest_AllInOne_DA.bin. 2. [DA] NFB can auto format after first download. 3. [DA] Improve DA download algorithm: next sector will be erased only when a sector is fully programmed. 4. [DA] Improve DA download algorithm: enable recovery mechanism when press STOP button. 5. [DA] Improve MT6223 Download Speed.