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Signal-Processing-for-Mobile-communications.rar - 本书不仅回顾了通信信号处理的经典研究领域,如自适应均衡、信道建模和识别、多用户检测和阵列处理,而且分析研究了一些新领域,如自适应编码调制、多输入多输出(MIMO)系统、分集合并和时频分析。此外,本书还探讨了神经网络、蒙特卡洛马尔可夫链和混沌等新兴技术,并对未来移动通信具有发展前途的方法进行了很好的概括性阐述。
Satellite-FDM-examples.rar - 卫星FDM例子的MATLAB代码,运行结果为BER和信号星座图
coding.rar - (1999)Distributed Source coding for satellite communications
MPSK.rar - This m-file simulates MPSK (BPSK,QPSK,8PSK)with theoretical and simulated results using Gray coding. Numerical examples of a satellite link design are shown using QPSK and/or 8PSK when the bit rate(Rb)is greater than the channel bandwidth Wc (Band-limited channel).
DCSK (1).zip - matlab实现混沌扩频DCSK的仿真,其中包括调制解调、噪声信道模拟,以及误码率分析。
DCSK.rar - IEEE 数据库关于DCSK的论文,很难得下到的
Spread1.rar - 对输入的数据采用BPSK 调制方式后转为ASCII格式,采用混沌方法去传输二进制序列。
dsss_chaotic.rar - 1. BPSK modulation of data which ever you input (default data is “MANIPAL REDDY”). 2. MANIPAL REDDY is changed into ASCII Format and into two-bit format for BPSK Modulation. 3. Chaos is used for spreading the binary bit sequence. 4. Uniformly distributed Noise is added to Spread signal. 5. After reception Chaotic Chip sequence is used to recover message . 6. Filter is used for removing spikes and noise. 7. Note the filter is used is just for showing a little realisitic picture. 8. Appropriate filter should be used. 9. The original data in binary and recovered data in binary format are compared
Channel_MIMO-OFDM_system.rar - CDMA (OFDM-CDMA), offers several key advantages such as immunity against narrowband interference and robustness in frequency-selective fading channels[2]. Such desirable properties make MC-CDMA an attractive choice for the present and future radio-communication systems among these, we have satellite communications
QPSK.zip - Direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) communication systems has been widely used in these years for its advantage of wide spectrum, low working Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR), anti-interference, anti-multipath effect and capability of LPI and LPD. They are increasingly replacing conventional communication forms and obtaining extensively applications in modern military and commercial communication systems, for example, CDMA communication system, GPS , measuring and control system, satellite chain, identification of friend or foe and etc. Therefore, corresponding DSSS electronic counter technique becomes a big problem to solve in electronic warfare domain. DSSS electronic counter technique including blind detection, blind parameter estimation and spreading sequences estimation. For the issue of DSSS electronic counter technique of DSSS/QPSK signal damaged by strong additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN), the main research content in this dissertation as follow.
SatelliteCommunication.rar - Satellite Communication Engineering The aim of this book is to present in a simple and concise manner the fundamental principles common to the majority of information communications systems. Mastering the basic principles permits moving on to concrete realizations without great difficulty. Throughout, concepts are developed mostly on an intuitive, physical basis, with further insight provided by means of a combination of applications and performance curves. Problem sets are provided for those seeking additional training. Starred sections containing basic mathematical development may be skipped with no loss of continuity by those seeking only a qualitative understanding. The book is intended for electrical, electronics, and communication engineering students, as well as practicing engineers wishing to familiarize themselves with the broad field of information transmission, particularly satellite communications.
CPPM.zip - 该文章是介绍混沌位置调制,该调制方法在遥测系统中比较简单的方法,是脉冲调制的另一种体制。
hundun.zip - 本代码演示了将一个由非线性映射所产生的混沌序列作为载波,将待发送的有用信号(数字信号)作为调制信号,对非线性映射的某一参数在其混沌区域内进行调制的过程。另外,还有logistic相关代码
Performance-analysis-of-Chaotic-modulation-system - chaos modulation using simulink
gonglupu_FM.rar - 用Matlab实现四种混沌调频信号并画出其功率谱图
~5Book_MATLAB+simulink.rar - 电子通信系统的建模与仿真 第5章 数字通信系统的仿真 5.1 概述 5.2 信源 5.3 信源编码 5.4 调制技术(模拟调制) 5.5 调制技术(数字调制) 5.6 多元调制仿真 5.7 差错控制 5.8 交织与置乱 5.9 频率合成 5.10 多址技术 5.11 信道仿真
Chaotic-parameter-modulation.zip - 基于混沌参数调制技术,研究混沌反同步在密保通信的应用
cppm_ieee.rar - Digital Communication Using Chaotic-Pulse-Position Modulation
DCSK.zip - 利用TENT混沌信号进行调制的混沌通信DCSK,调制与解调系统
csk_coherent.rar - 混沌键控中的CSK:ccoherent_csk simulink搭建模型